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Published on March 5, 2008

Author: Rina


Office Ergonomics: Making Yourself Comfortable:  Office Ergonomics: Making Yourself Comfortable Developed By EORM Objectives :  Objectives Demonstrate “ideal” sitting position for computer work Increase awareness about RMIs Identify common office ergonomic problems Apply ergonomic principles to your workstation List ways to reduce the risk of injury What is Ergonomics?:  What is Ergonomics? Ergonomics is the study of the interaction between humans and their work environment (i.e. fitting work to people). Goal is to improve quality and productivity and maximize worker safety, health and well-being. What is Ergonomics?:  Job Demands Human Capabilities Fitting Work to People Capabilities and Limitations Demands of Work Match/mismatch between the Two What is Ergonomics? Office Ergonomics:  Office Ergonomics Matching the work and workstation to the individual’s needs. What Happens When Work Does Not Match the Person? :  What Happens When Work Does Not Match the Person? Muscle Fatigue Pain and Discomfort Possible Injury Decrease Performance Poor Quality Decreased Morale Office Ergonomic Solutions:  Office Ergonomic Solutions Office Ergonomic Solutions:  Office Ergonomic Solutions Proper set up and use of equipment is key! When making changes, start with the chair and then work up to the keyboard, mouse and then monitor Try changes for at least a week Vary your tasks and positions throughout the day Remember, “the next position is the best position” Ergonomic Chairs:  Know what all of the levers can do Seat height Thighs parallel to the floor, feet flat on the ground or footrest Seat pan tilt Neutral is best for most Seat pan depth 2-3 fingers between knee & seat pan Back rest height and Angle Match the curve of the back rest with the curve of your lower back Backrest between 90-105 degrees Arm Rest Height Elbow height Ergonomic Chairs How Should You Sit At Your Computer? :  How Should You Sit At Your Computer? “Ideal” sitting posture for computer work Laptop Suggestions:  Laptop Suggestions Use a docking station Use a regular monitor Use a regular mouse and keyboard Use an ergonomic chair Set up your workstation just as you would for a regular computer Do Not Do This! Laptop Traveling Tips :  Laptop Traveling Tips Ask hotels if they have docking stations Use a rolled up towel as back support on the chair Use shoulder straps or wheeled bags to carry the computer Bring an extra mouse & keyboard Prop up the laptop and use as monitor only Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Injury:  Ergo Equip is only ergonomic if used correctly Learn how to use your equipment! Be conscious of your body positions Change your posture frequently Best position is the next position! Stand up every hour to relieve back fatigue Keep everything within easy reach Arm and forearm sweep Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Injury Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Injury:  Avoid shoulder shrugging Avoid forward leaning seated postures Sit back in your chair! Balance work on both sides of the body Avoid using heavy muscular force for easy tasks If you decide to perform stretching exercises Stretch the opposing muscles and in opposite direction Stay active and healthy Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Injury

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