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Published on March 28, 2008

Author: Lilly


Slide1:  ASTAP and Japanese Activities on DSRC April 2002 Long Beach, CA S. Oyama Hitachi, Japan Rapporteur, ITS Expert Group Asia-Pacific Telecommunity Standardization Program (ASTAP) & Expert, ISO/TC204/WG15 Japan Slide2:  Mobile communications network Base station (antenna) On-board network (ITS data bus), sensors, collision avoidance radar, etc. Roadside network (Optical fiber, etc.) Pedestrian Portable phone, Satellite portable phone, MCA, Radio pager, etc. Broadcasting Existing network ITS information communications platform ITS information Truck (Transport company) Bus, Taxi (Public transportation) Passenger vehicle GPS ITS information ITS information Roadside network (Optical fiber, etc.) ITS info FM multiplex broadcasting, Terrestrial digital broadcasting, Satellite digital broadcasting, etc. Reference: DSRC System Applications, Interim Report on the Status of the Study, Telecommunications Technology Council, Japan (April 2000) Image of ITS Information Communications System Road-vehicle communications DSRC Base station (antenna) Inter-vehicle communications What is DSRC?:  What is DSRC? Short distance(about up to 30m) vehicle to roadside communications. - Japan ITU-R: One or two-way communications USA and Japan: Road to vehicle, vehicle to vehicle and road/vehicle to pedestrian communications Slide4:  International DSRC Standardization Japan North America Europe Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 7 ITS Applications CEN ARIB ITU-R/SG8/WP8A ISO/TC204/WG15 Resource Manager ISO/TC204/WG15 ARIB ASTM/IEEE CEN ISO/TC204 Slide5:  Worldwide ITS Spectrum Allocations                                        5.8               5.9 (GHz)    ITU-R 5.725                     5.875      ISM Band    EUROPE                   5.795    5.815               0.902     0.928                  5.85        5.925    North America      JAPAN      5.79- 5.81 5.83-5.85 Frequency First Second(Additional) 5.77 DSRC Generation: Convergence of DSRC for Multiple Applications:  Convergence of DSRC for Multiple Applications 5.8GHz Backscatter 915MHz Backscatter or Active 5.8GHz Active 5.9GHz Active Japan North America Europe 5.8/5.9GHz Slide7:  Standardization Process Asia-Pacific Region to ITU Korea ASTAP WP8A SG8 RA Recommendation ITU-R ASTAP: Asia-Pacific Telecommunity Standardization Organization ITU-R: WP:Working Party SG:Study Group RA:Radiocommunications Assembly Japan ● ● ● In Asia-Pacific ASTAP Organization :  ASTAP Organization ASTAP Forum Advisory Board APT Secretariat Vice Chairman Expert Group Network Service Management for IP World Fixed Wireless Access (WLL) IMT-2000 Interoperability/Asia-Pacific AII Backbone ATM/xDSL Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Regulatory Liaison Group As of April 2002 Slide9:  ITU-R Recommendation: M.1453 DSRC at 5.8GHz Characteristics of active (transceiver) method Item Technical characteristics Carrier frequencies 5.8 GHz band for downlink and uplink RF carrier spacing (channel separation) 5 MHz 10 MHz Allowable occupied bandwidth Less than 4.4 MHz Less than 8 MHz Modulation method ASK, QPSK ASK Data transmission speed (bit rate) 1 024 kbit/s/ASK, 4 096 kbit/s/QPSK 1 024 kbit/s Data coding Manchester coding/ASK, NRZ/QPSK Manchester coding Duplex separation 40 MHz in case of FDD Communication type Transceiver type £ +30 dBm (downlink) (For a transmission distance of 10 m or less, Power supplied to antenna £ 10 dBm) £ +44.7 dBm (downlink) (For a transmission distance of more than 10 m, Power supplied to antenna £ 24.77 dBm) Maximum e.i.r.p. (1) £ +20 dBm (uplink) (Power supplied to antenna £ 10 dBm) (1) European Radiocommunications Committee (ERC) Recommendation 70-03 specifies values of 2 W e.i.r.p. for active and 8 W e.i.r.p. for passive systems. Japan DSRC Applications Development :  Japan DSRC Applications Development VICS 1996 2001 Others 2002~ ARIB STD-T55 ARIB STD-T75 Japan Expected DSRC Applications :  Japan Expected DSRC Applications (1)Parking lot management (2)Gas filing station (3)Convenience store (4)Driving-through (5)Logistics management (6)Pedestrian support (7)Specific region entry charging (Road Pricing System) (8)Information supply:semi-stationary state (9)Information supply:high speed Slide12:  Entry control Exit control & charging Providing information and Internet connection Vehicle guidance On-board equipment IC card DSRC compatible vehicle Japan DSRC: Expected Applications Parking Lot Management Slide13:  Information service for taxi companies and passengers For taxi companies Location management Travel record management Road congestion and rainfall condition For passengers Time and location Tourist information with advertisement (Loaded by DSRC) Prove information by Internet Field test has been done by the end of March 2002 1,570 taxies, in Nagoya, Japan Japan DSRC Applications Project Internet ITS Keio Univ., TOYOTA, DENSO, NEC Slide14:  ITS Research Institute AUTOBACS SEVEN, Tsubasa Sytems, OMRON, Panasonic…. Description of Business: 1. Research and development of the multi-purpose type ETC terminals on vehicles using DSRC 2. Research and development of the information delivery service using DSRC, and achieving such service into operation 3. Research and development of anti-theft devices using telecommunications 4. Research and development of IC cards corresponding to the multi- purpose type ETC terminals on vehicles using DSRC 5. Planning, producing, and sale of information in the form of text, image, or music corresponding to DSRC 6. In the conduct of planning, producing, and sale above, license sale business with the acquisition of patent of the technology, etc. which is developed through research. Japan DSRC Applications Project DSRC Multiple Applications Japan ITS Info-communications Forum :  Japan ITS Info-communications Forum General Assembly R&D Committee Survey Committee ITS Info-communications Platform EG Roadside Comm. System EG Inter-vehicle Communications EG ITS Mobil Communications System EG ITS Broadcasting System EG Planning and Survey EG Public Relations EG DSRC International Task Force DSRC On Board Equipment WG DSRC Standards Drafting TF Settlement WG Japan ITS Info-communications Forum :  Japan ITS Info-communications Forum Roadside Comm.System EG OBE WG Settlement WG DSRC International TF DSRC Standards Drafting TF Conclusion: In Asia-Pacific region, ASTAP has been successfully functioned for DSRC standards. In Japan, DSRC is in applications development stage. :  Conclusion: In Asia-Pacific region, ASTAP has been successfully functioned for DSRC standards. In Japan, DSRC is in applications development stage. Contact: Sam Oyama, Rapporteur

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