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Published on April 27, 2014

Author: salveoorganix


w w w . s a l v e o c o r p . c o m

Our President and CEO For the past years, I’ve been spending my life thinking of different remedies and solutions that will greatly benefit our current generation. I have been to different places and have encountered different diseases from all walks of life. With the collected knowledge and years of experience, I have decided to create a company that believes in the great power of natural medicine, the Salveo Company. Salveo believes in the capability of Mother Nature as a way to obtaining good health. I, together with my team, developed an innovative way of remedy-- a remedy that I know will soon be appreciated by many because of its unique capability of healing. Health is wealth, a true saying and, my prayer is our products be an instrument of good health, we must focus on this concept of helping people with integrity and honesty and believing that by doing this, our Creator is not shorthand to reward us with infinite wealth as promised. Rene M. Bautista M.D.

Today’s RealiTy Financial Problems - Most Filipinos have no savings and in deep debt - Common marital problems are money related - Large percentage of Filipinos are living below the poverty line - Most people can’t find a regular job - Continuous price hike on our basic needs like food, clothing, gasoline, electricity, etc. Health Problems - All people are prone to cancer - The common food we eat today is no longer healthy - Pollution is a big problem anywhere - Stress is a common cause of health issues - Lifestyle and eating habits leads us to health problems

Global Health Issues WHO estimates that more than 180 million people worldwide have diabetes. Globally more than 500 million individuals have some form of chronic kidney disease. Globally, there are more than 1 billion overweight adults, at least 300 million of them obese.- WHO Reference: Medical Observer’s – The Waiting Room (March-April 2006 Issue) Lifestyle Diseases To Kill 270 Million Asians (2005-2015) “By the Year 2025, one third of a billion people will be afflicted with diabetes if no preventive measures are taken.”- WHO

Junk Foods Air Pollution Water Pollution

Our Products

Our Products THE MINERALS Bear in mind, that minerals are vital to human metabolism and health, and no plant or animal can appropriate to itself any mineral which is not present in the soil upon which it feeds, “ we know that vitamins are complex chemical substances which are indispensable to nutrition and that each of them is of importance for the normal function of some special structure of the human body. Disorders and disease result from vitamin deficiency “ “It is not commonly realized that vitamins control the body’s appropriation of minerals, and in the absence of minerals they have no function to perform. Lacking vitamins, the system can make some use of minerals, but lacking minerals, vitamins are useless. The power of Minerals The only thing that will activate an enzyme is a mineral, it is like a catalyst. While very difficult to measure within each cell (in fact this capability still eludes our present scientific measurement technology) it can be assumed that most cells require a full complement of all minerals to function correctly. We do know that some organs require higher concentrations of certain minerals.

Our Products The Reality It is clear, you can have all the air, water, protein, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins you want, but you won’t be a fully functioning organism without a complete balance of minerals. Without minerals the fuel that will spark each and every defense mechanism of our body to fight viruses, bacteria, pathogens, and others will be crippled. THE SUPERMIN SILICON, CALCIUM, SULFUR, MAGNESIUM, SODIUM, POTASSIUM, PHOSPHOROUS, IRON, ZINC, MANGANESE, COPPER , BORON, MOLYBDENUM, CHLORINE, SELENIUM, IODINE, CHROMIUM SUPERMIN by Salveo is dedicated to give you a product that will be beneficial to optimum health, reminding each customer and clients the importance of minerals. Mineral starvation, often overlooked, is general, mainly because impoverished soil cannot supply the normal content of minerals for the vegetables and fruits, which in turn transform them into organic, colloidal form ready for assimilation into the blood. These conditions also influence the nutritive values of meat, eggs, milk, etc., which receive their organic minerals through the plants ingested by the producing animal.

Our Product Testimonials Cholo as he was fondly called by many had a fever last March 25, 2014. He was confined to Manila Doctors Hospital last March 27 due to lack of fluids in his body and high grade fever. He was discharged on March 30, 2014 but unfortunately his fever still did not stop. I seek a second opinion and consulted Dr. Rene Bautista. He prescribed for Cholo to take Supermin 2 capsules for 3x a day. Fever of Cholo was no more by evening of March 31, 2014. Cholo started taking Supermin on the evening of March 30. In less than 24 hours the fever stopped. Supermin is really a miracle capsule. Luz Taino 77 yrs. old On April 2, 2014, my mother had a fever which she got from my son Cholo. On the same day I started letting her take the Supermin capsules. By Friday evening, April 4 her fever was gone. Supermin helped her body fight the virus. Francis Jacob Taino 13 yrs. old By April 7, my son Jacob caught the virus and also got the fever. I also gave him the Supermin capsules. On the evening of April 9, his fever was gone. Thanks to Supermin for helping fight the virus. Cholo Taino 8 yrs. old Diagnosed with Chicken Pox

Our Product Testimonials Gregoria M. Mercado 65 years old. Cabanatuan City Stroke I started taking Supermin for 2 weeks now, it relieves the pain and numbness on my both hands and it gives me energy to do household chores despite of my age and condition since I got stroke for almost 8 years now. This capsule SuperMin was great. I have been suffering from headaches due to calcification for more than a month but when I started taking Supermin and Morimin the headaches was gone gradually and I can say that my condition is much better now for continuing taking SuperMin and Morimin. Thank you for discovering this magnificent medicine. Lea M. Mercado 39 years old Cabanatuan City Headache due to calcification

Our Product Testimonials I am suffering from dysmenorrhea for the past 2 days but when I take 2 caps of Supermin, to my amazement the pain is gone in a minute. I have been diagnosed with myoma for almost 4 months, since then I have been continuously experiencing spotting despite of taking my medications and follow up check up, but when I started taking Supermin and Morimin the spotting gradually stopped and the size of my myoma reduces its size after my last check up. Thank you SuperMin. Grace Anne Mancenido 42 years old Cabanatuan City Myoma Sarah Irene Bautista 19 yrs. old Daet, Camarines Norte Dysmenorrhea

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Silver Package (100pts) Gold Package (200pts) Compensation Plan 2 SuperMin 30’s 2 MoriMin 30’s 2 Energized Oil 4 SuperMin 30’s 2 MoriMin 30’s 2 MoriMin D/H 30’s 2 Energized Oil P 3,999.00P 7,999.00 Our Entry Packages

Earn 25% on all the products you sold Products Suggested Retail Price Distributor Price Income Super Min 90 caps 3,150.00 2,362.50 787.50 MoriMin 90 caps 1,620.00 1,215.00 405.00 ChocoMin 200.00 150.00 50.00 SuperMin Ex: 2 X 787.50 = P1,575 per week X 4 weeks = P6,300 / Month ChocoMin Ex: 5 X 50 = P250 per day X 30 days = P7,500 / Month 1. Retail Profit

Earn P 300 – P 700 on each Product Package, with no limits to the number of packs you sell. P 300 Sponsor A P 700 Sponsor B Silver Pack (100pts) Gold Pack (200pts) 2. Direct Referral Bonus

Earn Pairing Bonus for every 100 points production in your left and right sales group Left Group Points Right Group Points Silver Pack (100pts) Silver Pack (100pts) = P 750 = P 1,500 Gold Pack (200pts) 100pts Waiting = P 750 100pts Left & 100pts Right = P 750 Pairing Bonus Gold Pack (200pts) Gold Pack (200pts) 3. Pairing Bonus Silver Pack (100pts)

Packages Points Daily Weekly Monthly Silver 1000pts L/R P 7,500/day P45,000/wk P180,000/mo Gold 2000pts L/R P 15,000/day P90,000/wk P360,000/mo Maximum Income *NOTE : Every 5th pair is converted to Product Certificate. Silver Package is upgradable. Pairing Bonus

2 2Wednesday = 3,000 Earn a maximum of P15,000 / day from Pairing Bonus Left Group Points Right Group Points Gold Pack (200pts) Gold Pack (200pts) = 1,500 4 4 = 6,000Thursday Tuesday 8 8 = 12,000 16 16 = 15,000 32 32 = 15,000 Friday Saturday Monday 10 10 10 10 *NOTE : Only six days transaction weekly. Sunday and Monday are considered as one transaction day Pairing Bonus – Gold Entry Pack

No. of Levels Silver Distributor Gold Distributor 1st Level 10% 10% 2nd Level 5% Maximum Income P1,500 / day P3,000 / day 10,000 X 10% = 1,000 2,000 X 10% = 200 5,000 X 10% = 500 5,000 X 10% = 500 10,000 X 5% = 500 20,000 X 5% = 1,000 30,000 X 5% = 1,500 20,000 X 5% = 1,000 1st Level 2nd Level 10,000 X 5% = 500 20,000 X 5% = 1,000 30,000 X 5% = 1,500 20,000 X 5% = 1,000 4. Leadership Bonus *NOTE: You need to have 1 pair per week to qualify.

100,000 X 5% = P 5,000 *NOTE: Income based on Direct Placement Downline binary structure. You need to have 1 pair per week to qualify. Only Gold Distributors will enjoy this bonus. Earn 5% from your Direct Placement Upline’s Pairing Income P 100,000 100,000 X 5% = P 5,000 5. Power Up Bonus

Level Silver Distributor Gold Distributor 1 5% 5% 2 5% 5% 3 5% 5% 4 5% 5% 5 5% 5% 6 5% 5% 7 5% 5% 8 5% 5% 9 5% 5% 10 5% 5% 11 5% 5% 12 5% 5% 13 5% 5% 14 5% 5% 15 5% 5% 16 5% 5% 17 5% 18 5% 19 5% 20 5% *NOTE: You need to purchase 450PV worth of products to qualify. 6. Unilevel BonusEarn from personal and group purchases based on products PV

Earn from personal and group purchases based on products PV No. of Levels Silver Distributor Gold Distributor 1st Level 10% 10% 2nd Level 5% 100,000 X 10% = 10,000 200,000 X 10% = 20,000 300,000 X 10% = 30,000 200,000 X 10% = 20,000 100,000 X 5% = 5,000 200,000 X 5% = 10,000 300,000 X 5% = 15,000 200,000 X 5% = 10,000 1st Level 2nd Level 100,000 X 5% = 5,000 200,000 X 5% = 10,000 300,000 X 5% = 15,000 200,000 X 5% = 10,000 7. Unilevel Royalty Bonus

Earn from personal and group purchases based on products PV Products PV Quantity DP SRP Profit SuperMin 900 PV 90’s 2,362.50 3,150.00 787.50 600 PV 60’s 1,575.00 2,100.00 525.00 300 PV 30’s 787.50 1,050.00 262.50 100 PV 10’s 262.50 350.00 87.50 MoriMin 450 PV 90’s 1,215.00 1,620.00 405.00 300 PV 60’s 810.00 1,080.00 270.00 150 PV 30’s 405.00 540.00 135.00 50 PV 10’s 135.00 180.00 45.00 MoriMin D 600 PV 90’s 1,620.00 2,160.00 540.00 400 PV 60’s 1,080.00 1,440.00 360.00 200 PV 30’s 540.00 720.00 180.00 70 PV 10’s 180.00 240.00 60.00 MoriMin H 600 PV 90’s 1,620.00 2,160.00 540.00 400 PV 60’s 1,080.00 1,440.00 360.00 200 PV 30’s 540.00 720.00 180.00 70 PV 10’s 180.00 240.00 60.00 E - Oil 60 PV 30 ml 150.00 200.00 50.00 SoyaMin 40 PV 1 box 150.00 200.00 50.00 ChocoMin 40 PV 1 box 150.00 200.00 50.00 Products Price List & PV

Earn from personal and group purchases based on products PV What is about the REMAINING YEARS OF YOUR LIFE? It is the OPPORTUNITY TO LIVE THE LIFE YOU ALWAYS WANTED. If the OPPORTUNITY comes by and you don’t get it, somebody else will.

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