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Published on September 19, 2007

Author: Livewires


Salute to Seuss Presenting…Dr Seuss! T h i s a s y o u m a y k n o w i s T h e c a t i n t h e H a t ’ s h a t . This is “The Lorax’ book cover. By Fin Year 4

Lots and lots of stuff by Dr. Seuss.

What is the most popular Dr. Seuss book? Vote/s for: The Lorax:5 Vote/s for Fox in Sox:3 Vote/s for The Cat in the Hat comes back:0 Vote/s for One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish:2 Total Votes: 23. Which is most read: Hop on Pop. Vote/s for Hop on Pop:8 Vote/s for other:5

Room 3's favourite Dr. Seuss book.

The Lorax continued: As I caught the last seed of the last truffula tree, the Oncer-ler told me that it is very precious to him and that it should be to me. I agreed that I would plant it and not turn it into thneeds, and when it grew to it’s full height it would give me more truffula seeds, that if I kept it away from axes that hack, that the The Lorax and all his friends might come back. I decided to sit here and watch, I brought lots of food especially walnuts. Two weeks passed and I was still sitting there and still nothing, nothing appeared, No leaves that grew out like an old man’s beard. It was awfully frightening that it could’ve been a dud, the Once-ler wouldn’t know that until that he saw no truffula with a new bud.

But a minute later a huge stalk shot out of the ground, Amazingly it came out with no sound. Lots and lots of leaves appeared, and they all tangled together looking like an old man’s beard. Then seconds later, hundreds of seeds rained down from the tree, down they came and lots landed on me. Then more truffulas appeared, way more than before, there were 41, 42, 43, then 44!!! ” Hooray!” sang out a voice, then out of the smog The Lorax appeared, he resembled the truffulas with his old man’s beard. “ Hooray!” he sang at the top of his lungs. “Every Brown Barbaloot out there will have his favourite fruit! The truffula trees have returned with their yummy truffula fruits! The Swomme-Swans can now sing their notes, all that smog has come out of their throats!”

And the Humming-fish hummed their way along the grass, to my old swimming pool and it was no glass. ” Thank-you dear sir, thank-you,” said the old Lorax. “You spoke for the Truffula trees, which everyone, EVERYONE needs!” “ Tell me another thing please, where is that Once-ler full of grease? I need to talk to him, talk to him if you please”. “Sure” I said, “he’s in his old shack, looking out the window, wondering why you’re back”, “He mustn’t have seen the truffula trees, which as I said everyone, EVERYONE needs”. Then the Once-ler appeared out of his shack, He looked very old and very slack. ”Mr Once-ler sir, have you had a change of heart?” asked the Lorax acting very smart.

“ I have” the Oncer-ler wheezed, just as he spluttered and he coughed and he sneezed. “ Yes, I know…” the Lorax said as the Once-ler opened his mouth to speak, “ that there is still smog and the landscape is bleak, but I can fix it ALL! While I’ve been gone I’ve invented a “Turn-everything-back-to-normal-do-it-all”. It’ll suck up all the smogulous smog that you’ve made ‘round here, plus, it drinks all the Gluppity-Glup and Schloppity-Schlopp which gives homo-sapiens an extra ear. With all that stuff inside this amazing machine, all the water and the air will all be squeaky clean!” He pressed a button on the Turn-Everything-Back-To-Normal machine, then he typed in last minute calculations, and of course, squeaky clean.

Then a loud sound came that sounded like a BLAZZZZZZZTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!! After the flash of light the whole place, it had a make-over, but still, the whole place had a look like a party was over. There were old rotting tree stumps scattered across the ground, and skeleton like-branches which I had used to play fetch with my old pet hound. But the Brown Bar-ba-loots, and the Swomme-Swans, and the Humming-fish all gathered round, and they all made some lovely sounds, The Brown Bar-ba-loots banged on the truffula trees while the Humming-Fish hummed which made their Humming-gums numbed.

The Lorax STILL continued. The Swomme-Swans sang so well everyone gave them one vote, then The Lorax gave them truffula petals as a prize for the highest vote. Oh it was better alright, way better then before, but of course, I better not say any more. Brown Bar-ba-loots among the Truffula trees. The Old Once-ler. The Lorax. Humming-Fish.

The environment at the start of ‘The Lorax’. Our school environment. The same. Waikato board. Children. School. The lake. Truffula trees. Swomme-Swans. Humming-Fish. Brown Bar-ba-loots. Teachers. Playground. Grass. Blue sky. Truffula fruits. Courts.

The truffula tree, the very last one of them all! This is a thing you won't see in a mall! The truffula tree will be battered by wind, hail, And rain. That will make it drop seeds with that weather. Then they will turn into MORE truffula trees. Around it, there’s green grass that’s growing over the purple Grickle-Grass. It should be planted in a national park, of course, with the goverment’s permission. There will be miles upon miles of truffula trees, and you can visit the national park that it’s in. But you will have to be checked for anything that could harm a truffula tree.

Dr Seuss word meanings. Lisp: To speak funny. Shingle: A roof. Clipper: A type of boat.

My favourite book by Dr. Seuss has to be ‘Did I ever tell you how lucky you are?’. It’s been a long time since I read it so I can’t remember much about it, but the only place I remember is my favourite place in the book I THINK is called ‘Reno and Rome’. I liked it so much that I drew an excellent picture of it. Here is a picture of the one I was reading. I recommend this book.

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