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Information about Salty OPS – Saltstack Introduction

Published on February 14, 2014

Author: walterliu7


Salty OPS – Saltstack Introduction By Walter Liu 2013/12/24

Before Saltstack (This section is borrowed slides from slideshare)

Basics Commands and misc

Basic components  Salt-master  Salt-minion  Salt-syndic: for large deployment or cross data-center.

Basic files of Salt  Configuration files  /etc/salt/master  /etc/salt/minion  /etc/salt/minion_id (generated when first time start daemon)  /etc/salt/pki/ (generated when first time start daemon)  Log: /var/log/salt/  GITFS cache: /var/cache/salt/master/gitfs/refs/master/

Basic command  salt  salt –v "*"  salt –v –L “web1,web2”  salt –v –E “web[12]”  Salt –v –N group1  salt-key –a, salt-key -d  salt-call

Update to newest state  salt –v '*' state.highstate

Copy file to minions  salt „*‟ cp.get_file salt://path/to/file /minion/path/to/file  salt „*‟ cp.get_dir salt://path/to/dir/ /minion/path/to/dir/

Information commands  salt '*' sys.doc [module]  salt '*' grains.items  salt '*' pillar.items

Package something and Run command  salt '*' pkg.install nginx  salt '*' pkg.remove nginx  salt '*' ifconfig

Batch Size  Use batch size to rolling web server restart.  Example:  salt “websvr*” –batch-size 25% apache.signal restart  salt “websvr*” –batch-size 10 apache.signal restart

Troubleshooting and Test your command  Use salt-call to run locally  Add test=True to just view what will be done.  example:  salt-call -l info state.highstate test=True  salt '*' state.highstate test=True  salt „testsvr01‟ state.sls nginx test=True  Demo: Test failed. only salt-call could see the error.

Let‟s run some examples. 

Installation (CentOS)  yum install salt-master  yum install salt-minion  yum install salt-api  yum install python-halite  Other OS  wget -O - | sudo sh

Re-initialize demo environment  salt "*" pkg.remove nginx  salt “*” “rm /etc/nginx/conf.d/*”  salt-key -D

Add a new machine to Salt  Minion: edit /etc/salt/minion  Minion: hostname change to “www-01.dc1”  Minion: service salt-minion start  Master: salt-key -A

Configure installation in Salty way  Master: edit /etc/salt/master  Master: Add file top.sls  Master: Add file nginx.sls  Minion: salt-call -l debug state.highstate test=True  Master: salt "*" state.highstate test=True  Execute on master: salt "*" state.highstate

Add another new machine to salt  Minion: Add another machine. (hostname)  Master: salt "*" state.highstate

Add a managed config file  Master: edit top.sls, add dc1 directives.  Master: Add dc1/web.sls  Master: Add conf/dc1/www.conf  Master: salt "*" state.highstate

Add dc2 managed config file  Master: edit top.sls, add dc1 directives.  Master: Add dc2/web.sls  Master: Add conf/dc2/www.conf  Master: salt "*" state.highstate

Grains in short  Key values items of minion hardware/env.  Only acquire at salt-minion startup.  May be used in sls/template.  Let‟s see how to config by domain/hostname.      Master: salt „*‟ grains.items Master: Add web_general/web.sls Master: Modify top.sls Master: Add conf/dc3/www.conf Master: salt-call „*.dc3‟ highstate test=True

Pillar in short  Usage  Highly Sensitive Data  Minion Configuration  Variables  Arbitrary Data  Example,  DB username, password  Configure config file by hostname

GITFS  /etc/salt/master, change below configuration  fileserver_backend: - git  Gitfs_remotes: - git@gitlab……..  salt-run fileserver.update  Another method: Or only use gitfs to host config files.

Check config before restart  Application support check config in service reload (“init.d”).  Return error code if failed.  Use cmd.wait:  - name: ”nginx -s reload” # do reload  - onlyif: “nginx -t” # test if config is ok.  - watch:  - file: /etc/nginx/conf.d/my_web.conf

Collaboration  RD  Installation sls: “nginx.sls”  User Config sls: “web_general/web.sls”  User Config template: “www_redis.conf.template”  OPS  top.sls  pillar/top.sls

Reference for writing SLS  Salt Formulars on github   Salt-states on github 

Halite  Demo Web UI

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