Salford Enterprise Acadey 03.14 - should your enterprise be social as well as profitable

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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: adrianashton



slides from a seminar delivered as part of a student startup programme that explored the drivers for enterprises and businesses to become more explicitly 'social', and the options, opportunities and risks that this might entail

Should your enterprise be social as well as being profitable? 07786 492313

In the next 90 mins (or less...) • Drivers for enterprises to be more 'social' • Benefits of enterprises being 'social' • Risks of enterprises being 'social' • Options for how to explore...

Some opening words of reassurance about me... • one of top500 most influential tweeters about social enterprise • Support private firms with #csr • Approved auditor for the 'Responsible Business Standard'

What I’m assuming about you: • You have an idea • You know what you’re about • You’re honest with yourself

What I don't know about you: I know why I'm here, but why are you?

What we mean by a 'social'... • 'social enterprise' • 'social business' • 'responsible business'

All businesses are becoming 'social'...

Why businesses are becoming 'social'... • Legislation  - – Companies Act – Employment law – Environmental rules – Public Services (social value) Act Efficiencies Employee engagement - “Generation Y “ (job fulfilment over financial gain) Consumer interest - • Changing attitudes  Fairtrade - #buylocal - local jobs

What could possibly go wrong? • • • • Reputation easier to damage Exponential expectations from others Performance issues ... • Tougher decisions? • Reduced margins?

How to start to explore: • Talk to others – customers, suppliers, partners... • What are the trends in your industry? • Quality assurance/management standards • What options are there in your business model?

What could you 'design' in your business model • Environment – Travel, waste, energy • Community – Local jobs, support local causes • Marketplace – Supply chain, complaints, paying bills • Transparency – Communication, business practices

LIM tool

Where now?

The risk of assuming 'business as usual' (textbooks are outdated...)

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