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Published on March 18, 2014

Author: Salesforce



Getting involved with the User Group Program in the community gives a unique opportunity to connect
with like minded Salesforce users in a whole new way. A User Group is a network of other Salesforce
Community members that come together to share ideas, best practices, successes and collaborate on their use of Salesforce. If you are a seasoned User Group Leader or interested in starting one these our Expectations and Guidelines for Leading a User Group.

Salesforce User Group Leader Expectations and Policy Welcome! We are extremely excited to formally accept your interest and self-nomination as a leader in the User Group Program! This is an exciting time for the company and we are proud to have you on our team. Your ongoing contribution, leadership within the community, accessibility and dedication to success will help us continue to be the leader in our industry. This document is intended to serve as an overview of the program, clearly define our expectations and guidelines of your participation in the User Group program, and to encourage appropriate behavior in standing with your leadership endeavors. Please thoroughly read the User Group Program Terms and Conditions that can be found [here] Be Honest and Transparent. As a member of the User Group Program you are not only representing yourself, but also a voice representing With that in mind, when engaging on social channels, we encourage you to disclose that you are affiliated with the User Group Program. Always respect your audience. This is an obvious one. Do not use ethnic slurs, personal insults, or obscenity in your community participation. No personal attacks, and do not disparage other customers, partners, prospects or our employees. Do not share company or financial secrets and avoid engaging in discussion of rumors or speculation about a member of the User Group Program, may entrust you with information before it hits the public. Be respectful of this trust and commits to providing the Safe Harbor Statement prior to any future product discussions or views into our roadmap. Do not share contact lists of your members, MVPs or any other contact list given to you by for express purpose of your User Group.As a member of the User Group Program, may entrust you with contact information regarding customers, MVPs and your User Group members. This contact information is for the sole purpose of the User Group Program and is not to be shared with anyone outside of the User Group Program or for your company’s benefit. Please use any Partner application/solution/service donated to the User Group Program for the sole purpose of the User Group. As a leader of the User Group Program, may entrust you with apllications/solutions/services donated or provided to the User Group Program. These applications/solutions/services are for the sole use of your User Groups and are not for personal or company use.

Please only use tools and resources offered as part of the User Group Program.The User Group Program offers each User Group the use of certain tools and resources. These are the sole approved tools and resources offered to you as a leader and any additional tool or resource needs to have the approval of the User Group Program Team. USER GROUP EVENTS We encourage User Group leaders to notify the Advocacy Program team with the details of all User Group events so that’s Advocacy Program team is able to gain significant and specific metrics that will further help support and resource the User Group Program and promote the User Group events. We also request that all User Group leaders use the tools expressly approved by for the purpose of User Group meetings. FEEDBACK REPORTING We encourage User Group leaders to report back key things they are seeing in the social channels and within the User Group events. Additionally all User Group leaders are extended the privilege to participate in private Chatter groups where they are encouraged to provide their valuable insights on product and program feedback. SALESFORCE NEW USER GROUP LEADER ACCEPTANCE encourages the voluntary self-nomination of new leaders into the User Group program. We want potential new leaders to feel the freedom to start new User Groups, to offer their co-leadership to an existing User Group or to adopt an existing User Group that may be experiencing a leadership transition. will provide all new User Group leaders with specific documentation to help them make the new transition as smooth and easy as possible. This documentation will be a full on-boarding packet containing Terms and Conditions and Expectations and Policies for Leaders. expects all new User Group leaders to sign this User Group Leader Expectations and Policy document and return it to the User Group Program Manager, Matt Brown as a receipt that they understand their involvement and’s commitment and relationship to them. PARTNERS AS USER GROUP LEADERS At its discretion may allow a Partner to become a User Group Leader. We acknowledge that in many locations our Partners provide an enormous benefit and skill set to our User Group Program. For this reason we place our confidence and trust that they will conduct themselves as User Group Leaders to benefit the members of their User Group first and foremost. We do not condone the solicitation of a Partners services or solutions within the respective User Group they are a leader nor do we allow them the use of Contact details of their members for the use by the Partner company. USER GROUP MEETING PARTICIPATION FOR PARTNERS

It is at the sole discretion of the User Group leader as to whether approval to present at a User Group meeting is provided or declined to a Partner. User Group leaders should feel no pressure from Partners and any inappropriate behavior by Partners will be escalated by the User Group leader to the Advocacy Program team where appropriate action might be taken. With that said, does encourage Partners to approach User Group Leaders when they believe their products/service is of value to the group. More often than not the User Group leader has a specific agenda and content in mind that the wish to deliver at any given User Group event. We advise that the Partner communicates directly with the User Group Leader their intent and does not post a solicitation within any of the Success Community groups. SPONSORSHIP EXPECTATIONS BY PARTNERS sees the value of Partner sponsorship of User Group events and does encourage Partners to offer a form of sponsorship, where appropriate, especially where the said Partner may have been given an opportunity to present. Sponsorship may be monetary, swag, purchased food and beverages, etc or whatever has been agreed upon between the Partner and User Group leader. User Group leaders are sanctioned by to ask for the Partner to offer monetary compensation in exchange for a speaking spot on the agenda. The monetary sponsorship is for the express purpose of covering costs incurred by the User Group leader in regards to the User Group meeting. These costs may include, but are not limited to, location costs, food and beverage costs and the like. At no time can the User Group leader pocket these costs for personal benefit and any suspicion by a Partner that the User Group leader is not proving honorable with the sponsorship it is the responsibility of the Partner to inform the Advocacy Program team so that action may be taken. It is also perfectly legitimate for Partners to request a copy of the invoice for the costs incurred by the User Group meeting of the said User Group leader. Partners should know that User Group Leaders are expected to sign this User Group Leader Expectation and Policy document that outlines the appropriate behavior for becoming a User Group leader. In exchange for the opportunity for a Partner to sponsor a User Group event the Partner can expect to receive a spot on the User Group event agenda or whatever is negotiated between the Partner and the User Group Leader. To manage the sponsorship and any subsequent exchange of money’s appropriately it is advisable for the Partner to expense the meeting location, food and beverage or whatever has been agreed upon between the Partner and User Group leader personally. This policy protects both the Partner and User Group leader from any misunderstanding or impropriety. Program Removal

Behaving in a way that is inconsistent with these guidelines, contained within this document and the User Group Terms and Conditions document, may result in removal from the User Group program. expresses the right to remove a User Group leader from the program at its sole discretion, and may do so after one official warning. Leaders of the User Group Program not only represent themselves, but are entrusted to be a voice of places a great emphasis on the trust we give our User Group leaders. For that reason, we take your interest and self-nomination seriously and will reject the application of any future User Group leader and remove any User Group leader if it is deemed that leader will or has engaged in activities or practices that do not represent this extension of the community appropriately. These activities and practices deemed inappropriate by include but are not limited to the following: 1) Acceptance of monetary benefit, to theUser Group leader, by other members of the community or’s Partners for personal gain, or for any purpose other than express reimbursement of costs incurred by the User Group leader including (but not limited to): venue rental, food and beverages costs, name badges, handouts etc. 2) The use of defamatory language against, it’s customers, partners and other members of the community. 3) Any activity or practice that does not represent the character and core values of and its community in a way that provides benefit to the members of the User Group community Should you be withdrawn from the program you will be required to remove references to being a User Group leader in all forums including social media, Linkedin, blogs etc. Any further defamatory, derogatory or inappropriate behavior as a member of the community may result in legal action by We know that this document expresses a serious and formal tone but we have our User Group leaders best interests in mind. We, again, are thrilled for your voluntary involvement in the User Group Program and continues to acknowledge what a privilege it is to have you participate in it’s community in this way. By your signature below, you represent you have read and understand this document and agree to abide by the expectations and guidelines set forth herein: READ AND ACKNOWLEDGED: By: Date: Name: Title:

This User Group Leader Expectations and Policy document was last updated on 3/18/2014.

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