Salesforce Non-Profit Edition, an Introduction

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Information about Salesforce Non-Profit Edition, an Introduction

Published on February 4, 2014

Author: GlobalTechResources



Does your organization rely on antiquated methods for tracking contacts, clients, and donors? Do you use several different databases that aren't cohesive?

If you are considering moving to a unified database system, view this intro to, as presented at the HandsOn Tech's workshop April 10, 2013 at the Arlington Heights Public Library. is a leading cloud-based CRM. Their sister foundation, Foundation, offers discounts on licenses for nonprofits with the first 10 being discounted 100%. This workshop provided an introduction to Salesforce and described how it could be used by nonprofits to organize data, view their data, and manage their business processes in useful ways.

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) Growing Your Nonprofit with Salesforce. com: Intro to the Nonprofit Edition

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) Who is Charlie Havens? Why does he like working with nonprofits? o o o o o o o o o o o I’m a serial entrepreneur– now someone else’s employee. I want to make the world better for those I care about. I wish to care more for those closet to me and relate to those far away. I work to understand my place in the world. My college major was social work and worked, as a social worker, before going to chef school. One of my last businesses, 501c3 Technologists, provided tech support to small non-profits whose technology was cross-platform or Apple based. I have three certifications I train people who wish to pass the certification exam 34 year South Sider– Woodlawn, South Shore, South Chicago, and for some years, Hyde Park. I work for a small company with offices in Rolling Meadows, IL and Chennai, India. Most of the week, I work out home or client offices.

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) What does Global Tech & Resources do for nonprofits? o o o o Help you understand your data and business processes Build capacity for soliciting funding, communicating with donors, tracking volunteers, managing memberships, manage registration, … Grow and scale your business process automation using Trains System Administrators A couple of our current projects with nonprofits: o o o o 3 year research project with 40 mentors each contracted to work with a CPS teacher– use SFDC for communicating w/mentors, managing contracts between mentors and CPS teachers, and to report on activities. Eco-science childrens camp– use SFDC to manage contracts and activities with multiple school districts and to manage fund raising. Program for assisting blind adults to obtain employment– use SFDC for the initial intake assessment. Nonprofit that raises funds for other nonprofits– automate donations/payments/allocations.

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) We need a roadmap. • begin with your vision • define the problem or opportunity • identify constraints: time, money, requirements

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) Vision Goals Opportunities Constraints Requirments

Global Tech & Resources (GTR)

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) • What brought you today? • What is the opportunity you wish to create? • Why did you imagine that might help you create that opportunity?

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) Starting with the basics!

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) What are Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) systems? CRMs track and manage the many relationships with and between people and organizations– automating some of the processes.

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) Some common goals for nonprofits’ using CRMs ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ find, attract, and win new constituents nurture and retain current constituents entice former constituents back into the fold reduce costs of communications and service and/or increase efficacy

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) Needs commonly addressed by CRMs •Donation or grant pipeline is clogged. •Data silos don’t talk to each. •Tracking info too difficult. Reporting is impossible

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) Opportunities found for solution via CRMs • Track time • Acknowledge volunteers and donors • Share resources with Client • Build community • Coordinate Services

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) Any number of technology tools might accomplish the goals; right? Why Salesforce? What is it? Why is it great?

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) What is Salesforce? It isn't a single thing, but rather a cloud-based platform allowing you various ways: •to organize your data. •view your data. •automate your business processes.

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) Access your data from anywhere you choose, the library, the coffee shop, home, phone… Access your data from anywhere– the library, the coffee shop, home, phone…

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) It is a platform. A platform allows other things to be built or happen upon it. It doesn’t care so much what happens on top of it. Think of an oil platform at sea, repurposed for oceanic research. Think of a box of Legos©, used to create and play many things.

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) And, what are automated business processes: They automatically doing things like: •Sending a response, when a donation is entered. •Sending you a reminder of a grant proposal due date. •Creating a next step task for another staff person to do. •Creating a new donor lead in Salesforce from a web site form.

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) What is Salesforce? It isn't a single thing… •A cloud-based Constituent Relationship Management tool. •A database that can be viewed and edited from a browser. •Like your “smart-phone”, its extended through adding apps. •A business automation system used by over 20,000 nonprofits.

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) When customized, the data model is used for many purposes. For-Profit Examples: • Japanese mail delivery system, each piece of mail a record. • Get-out-the vote activity. It ran the Obama campaign. • Coke maintains inventory at vending machines and stocks trucks accordingly. • Customer services requested and delivered by a television cable company. • Inventory product being sold from a web site. • Toyota car performance & maintenance needs reported to customer. • GE uses to monitor performance and maintenance needs of new jet engine.

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) But why Salesforce in particular? •Access applications, data, reports… from anywhere you have internet. •Platform independent– Windows, Macs, tablets, smart phones. •Lower hardware demands– remote processing, no local server. •Quickly Deployment. •Need trained implementers, but generally, but less need for coders. •Auto update every 4 months. You don't do it. Nor, do you pay for updates.

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) Free Trial– Enterprise Edition

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) But why Salesforce for Non Profits? Discounted Licenses and The Nonprofit Starter Pack We will come back to these two, later; First, how does the Salesforce data model fit in the nonprofit world.

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) Without customization, the default CRM model doesn’t work well in managing relationships with and between individuals. Let's look at options for how we do that.

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) By default, is about selling. •business to business •not business to consumer What is a nonprofit to do with that???

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) B2B Campaign –> Leads –> Contacts at Accounts –> representing Opportunities –> ... which we sell…or we don’t …

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) NP O2O •Track your organization’s grant proposals and receipts from/to other organizations. •Track coalition/partnership building campaigns between organizations. •Manage member organizations in an association of organizations. If all relationships are between organizations via contacts at each, then Salesforce base data model is great starting point.

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) Build-Your-Own (BYO) Advantages Disadvantages It works the way you designed it. It works the way you designed it. It works as well as you tested it. It works as well as you tested it. You can involve your entire organization. You can involve your entire organization. It is focused on your processes. It costs money to become so focused. Someone in your organization understands it. Tough customization when they leave. It may fit better. It takes longer to plan and deploy It may include specific niche functionality. It will cost more.

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) Foundation

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) Nonprofit Starter Pack = no cost to use •You pay staff or consultant to configure, document, and train. •Other packages involve an on-going financial transaction.

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) No strings attached. • • • • • Nonprofits, schools or religious organizations are eligible 10 free enterprise edition licenses Discounts on additional licenses, training and AppExchange $15,000 value each year Active nonprofit community

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) Under one umbrella with NPSP!!! ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ 1st Ten licenses discounted 100%. Next ones 80%. Continual testing and validating. 20,000+ organizations using it. Improvements based on user feedback. Active user community. Twice a year developers sprints Two data models from which to choose. Six Apps comprise this package. Some may be used without using others. Many third-party apps have been built to be compatible with this package. Large base of consultants and third-party apps committed to this product.

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) Six Apps comprise the Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP): Contacts and Organizations (customization to allow Contacts to be primary, rather than requiring that every Contact be associated with a company Account) Households (Allows tracking of information and communication by household) Recurring Donations (Tracking of recurring pledged donations) Relationships (Allows creation of relationship between non-household Contacts) Affiliations (Allows Contacts to be affiliated with an organization besides employer) Batch Data Entry (Batch entry of data into this package’s apps)

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) • Why wouldn't you use the Nonprofit Starter Pack? No on-demand support. • No volunteer, service, or event management. • End-user documentation is limited. • Larger organizations with detailed • tracking and complex reporting need to spend time figuring out how best to use, or customize it.

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) And the Winner is… Nonprofit Starter Pack! Most often, it will fit the bill.

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) Side trip: •Let's look around the a Salesforce instance with NPSP installed:

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) References you may find useful: Search Google for “The New World of Donor Management Apps for Nonprofits”, Heller Consulting, 2012. Learning center Salesforce webinars Nonprofit eligibility Calendar of Salesforce live webinars Salesforce training sessions (discounts for nonprofits) Nonprofit Starter Pack

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) Questions

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) What are your takeaways?

Global Tech & Resources (GTR) Charlie Havens Trainer Nonprofit Practice Consultant/Manager Certified Administrator Certified Advanced Administrator Certified Developer | 773-848-0154 Global Tech & Resources Creating Possibilities using • • • • Developing High Performance People: Training for Salesforce certifications and management Salesforce staffing and Out-tasking Services Consulting on Best Practices and Implementations.

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