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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: lupeperez10



Sales Management: Manager role, week one evaluation.

GOALS  Set goals with deadlines  Each team member :  20 sales- Monday. 25 sales-Thursday.  I will text daily to check up on status  Encourage & try to motivate.  Plan to meet if goals are not met.

Suggestions  Friends/ Roommates  Take advantage of the weekend social events.  Parties  Gatherings  Use social networks.  Make sure to ask people to help share the app.

Communication w/ Team  Speak to them in person (in class).  Texting is more efficient than E-mail.  Check on progress  Remind.

Communication w/ Team  CONS:  Sometimes no response.  Felt like I was being annoying & too pushy.  After Tuesday’s lecture:  Refocus  I will try to help my team members reach their goal.  Meet Wednesday afternoon if quotas not met.

POSITIVITY  Enforce positive attitude.  Encourage  Daily check up via text.  Sometimes no response, TRY again.

REALIZATION  We all thought it would be easier.  People/ friends do not want to download app.  No beneficial attribute  Goals were not as easy to meet.  Starting on sells early helped.  Few members did not meet quota, Target market conflict:  Same organization  Same friends

REANALYZE  Plan to meet at the BA’s main area-lots of people.  Busy schedules. No meeting. CONFLICT: Closer to deadline: lower quota? NEW GOAL: 20 sales -2 weeks to work on sales -some members had already reached quota/were close.

The Purchaser’s View -Beth Rogers  “ Purchasing is the process of procuring the proper requirement, at the time needed, for the lowest possible costs from a reliable source.” –pg. 98  Cheap Products  Reliable source  Information

Influence- the psychology of persuasion, by Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D.  “These stories have created an exaggerated stereotype of the merciless purchasing manager who would cheerfully buy the wrong product if it were cheaper.” pg.100  Cheap products  Information

SO-APP  Name of the App, what does it do? what am I getting out of it?  FREE  “So Gavin Fox”, “So Merject”, “So Beta”  Contains educational info on persuasion  My Sales Management Class  Essentially, HELP ME.

TARGETS  Roommates  Friends  Family  Classmates  People at the Rec Center

IN PERSON METHOD  Talk to people, regular conversation.  Introduce the App, inform of contents.  Ask nicely to download the App.  Show gratitude, be appreciative.  Ask to spread the word to others.  Pro: you see the people actually downloading it.

SOCIAL MEDIA METHOD  Ask for a small favor.  Download the App.  Name of the App & contents.  Picture of the App.  Referral Code.  Ask to like, tweet, retweet,& or comment, if done.  Ask to Share the App.  Thanks.

TEXTING  Communicate w/ friends.  Nicely ask to download the app.  Sent a picture of what it looks like. -got a few responses -some avoidance

FACEBOOK  Stopped using my FB .  A few people responded.  Didn’t work so well.  *Need to be more FB active.

INSTAGRAM  Useful  Some downloads.  Comments on Android.

TWITTER  Worked Best.  Use it more frequently.  I commented on people’s posts.  Feedback on Android.  Questions on use.

CONCLUSION  Worries about viruses.  Target: IPhone users.  Networking helps.  Classmates will help.  People will help if it’s a small task & if you’ll leave them alone.  Some people won’t help if there’s nothing in it for them.

Questions or Comments? Thank you, Maria G. Perez (Manager)

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