Salary of a Data Scientist

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Information about Salary of a Data Scientist

Published on September 24, 2020

Author: learnbay


slide 1: Salary of a Data Scientist  The salary of a data scientist is very high. Data science is most primarily popular for the fact that it pays off a very thick bundle of salary to those who are a part of it especially for the data scientists. Data Science provides lots of benefits like good salary career growth career security and a great platform to evolve into betterment. All of these things make the field so much desirable but it is not an easy task to sustain a career in data science to receive every such benefits from the field one will have to pay a lot of things.  Talking about the average salary of data scientists it is Rs.850000 in India and 95985 in the US. Even at the internship phase a data scientist will easily earn 500000 per a year. How the salary scheme is categorized for data scientists  75 of data scientists usually start their career at a very early stage of life which means young minds are constantly striving hard to root their careers in data science. There is a lot of competition in the field of data science according to which the salary scheme will be categorized. 59 of data scientists are young techies 20.3 are of those who enter the field in their mid career and the rest are those who have good years of experience in the field. slide 2: Note: Start your Data Science journey with the help of Data Science certification course by Learnbay as it is one of the best Data Science Training In Bangalore. Is the huge sum of salary just a distraction from the tough reality of Data Science  Data science is a vast and one of the most popular fields in contemporary so no wonder if data scientists are paid in huge numbers but usually this huge amount of salary will overtake the other side of the coin which is hardcore demands of the field.  It is easy to become a data scientist compared to sustaining the position as a data scientist because the field is highly dynamic and constantly evolving data scientists are expected to keep up with their knowledge in the field along with the pace at which the field changes. Data Science is indeed a tough field but eventually it all depends on how you are good at time management and how well you can manage yourself under a stressful situation. 15 of data scientists are reportedly leaving their jobs due to their inability to handle the field pressure but the rest of them are smartly in-tuned with the environment of the field if they can then so could you. Do not get overwhelmed by the idea of data science is a tough field instead prepare yourself well for the field. Get your Data Science training In Bangalore because Bangalore is Indias IT hub as it provides numerous opportunities for the techies. The Data Science Certification course of Learnbay can help you to get prepared for the role of Data Scientist in both technical and non-technical aspects.

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