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Published on June 18, 2007

Author: Flemel


Take The Saker Challenge:  Take The Saker Challenge Saker Motorports LLC:  Saker Motorports LLC New,Challenging and Beautiful:  New,Challenging and Beautiful A Design Dedicated to the Drivers Art The Car:  The Car Saker Motorsports LLC brings A new and exciting full sized Sports Racer for series competition and track or lapping day excitement! Easily converted for street use! Robust, Sleek and Reliable!:  Robust, Sleek and Reliable! The Saker SVS GT Sportsracer has been specifically designed with the US market in mind as an inexpensive, full sized, lightweight, powerful, reliable, robust, purpose built road racing machine with awesome visual appeal. Saker Sports Car Offering:  Saker Sports Car Offering A race car designed specifically for the discriminating sportsman Affordable! Reliable! Durable! SAFE! Low operating costs! Challenging! Sleek! FAST! Mechanical Specifications:  Mechanical Specifications Wheelbase = 101' Track (front) = 59.06' Track (rear) = 58.27' Weight = 1675 LBS Engine = 250HP (2 Litre Turbo Charged WRX) Transmission = Stock Subaru 5 Speed Optional 5/6 Speed with straight cut gears and Dogs rated to 1000HP Chassis = Mild steel space frame to meet or exceed FIA specifications (FIA homologated) Suspension = Fully adjustable unequal length double wishbone with Hypercoil springs and Moton adjustable dampers. Body = Fiber Glass / Carbon Fiber Optional Wheels = 15X12- 3 Piece Simmons Racing Wheels The Saker Challenge:  The Saker Challenge The Saker Challenge is a proposed regulated low cost one make enduro series in the great tradition of the Grand Touring Prototypes of yesterday and today! Series Goals:  Series Goals A single make spec series designed around technically equal machines. To become the spec sports racing series for the racing aficionado. Create a one chassis stepping stone to major the pro sports racing classes. One Chassis - Multiple engine / HP andamp; technology upgrades Upgrades are simply add-ons Low cost Low maintenance Great reliability Safe Exciting Fun for all involved The Series Specs:  The Series Specs Spec Tires (Racing Slicks) Spec (pump gas) fuel Sealed Spec Engine (WRX Turbo) Spec Dampers / Springs Spec Gear box (gear set) Spec Electronics Upgrades to higher classes are bolt on accessories A Sportsmans Series:  A Sportsmans Series * The true essence of a 'drivers' type of series where chassis set up, drivers ability, skill, determination and teamwork are the key. Not dollars! The Car as a Conversation Piece:  The Car as a Conversation Piece The car that’s got people talking! A hit at this years European auto shows! Slide13:  Everyone’s talking about it! We’re even making news in the major auto racing magazines! Quite simply EVERYONE’S talking about it! And … We Mean Everybody!:  And … We Mean Everybody! Join the fun with Saker Motorsports LLC!:  Join the fun with Saker Motorsports LLC! 2003 Pricing::  2003 Pricing: Saker SVS GTA $45,000.00 + Saker SVS GTA Roller $40,000.00 + Custom $ Quote + + There is the addition of shipping to all above pricing Coming Soon:  Coming Soon Saker Motorsports Designer Wear Special motorsports savings packages Imagine yourself here!:  Imagine yourself here! And here!:  And here! Don’t Get Left In The Dust:  Don’t Get Left In The Dust Saker Motorsports LLC * 847 968 5516 * Experience the Performance! Fun! Exhilaration! Affordability! Be a part of the racing fun only found driving a Saker!

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