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Published on October 24, 2007

Author: Marigold


Slide1:  SAINSEL Slide2:  Sainsel Sistemas Navales is a Spanish leading system provider for Command, Control, Supervision and Simulation applications, mainly for the naval and maritime world. This activity embraces all the phases in which a entire system project life-cycle is divided into: Feasibility Studies, High Level and Detailed Design, Developing & Manufacturing, Integration, Installation, Commissioning and Integrated Logistic Support. Activity Slide3:  Corporate Data Slide4:  Shareholding Slide5:  CEO Command and Control Naval Consoles Maritime Systems Development Common Technical Services Operation Director Commercial Director CEO Assistant Finance and Administration Logistics Quality Management Industrial Security Accounting Personnel (Madrid) Tesorería Treasury Organizational Chart Slide6:  Sales Evolution 1.503 944 1.925 1.741 2.203 2.663 Slide7:  Personnel Evolution 96 98 108 106 Slide8:  Products Slide9:  Engineering and Software for Naval C & C. Naval Consoles. Equipment for Command and Control. Simulators for Naval applications. Vessel Traffic Information Systems. Differential GPS Reference Systems. Fleet Tracking & Monitoring Systems. Simulators. Civil Applications Military Applications Technological Solutions Slide10:  Maritime Traffic Control and Port Systems Maritime Traffic Control System C.Z.C.S. Finisterre C.L.C.S. La Coruña C.R.C.S. Gijón C.L.C.S. Santander C.R.C.S. Bilbao C.R.C.S. Las Palmas Navtex System C.L.C.S. La Coruña C.R.C.S. Valencia C.Z.C.S. Tarifa C.R.C.S. Las Palmas Slide11:  Diferencial GPS References Zone Net Galicia Finisterre Estaca de Bares Zone Net Canarias Entallada National Monitoring Control Centre (Madrid) Slide12:  Simulators for the Civil Field Navigation Engine Room GMDSS Communications Fishing References: Social Marine Institute (5 Centres). Junta de Andalucía (3 Centres). Gobierno de Canarias. Xunta de Galicia. Azores y Madeira. Navigation and Fishing Simulator GMDSS Communications Simulator Slide13:  Fleet Locating and Monitoring System (MFVS) Slide14:  Fleet Locating and Monitoring System (MFVS) Supervision of E.E.Z. Activities: Spanish Agriculture and Fishing Ministry (General Secretariat of Maritime Fishing) (135 fishing vessels). Secretariat of Agriculture and Fishing (Argentina) (400 fishing vessels). Spanish Agriculture and Fishing Ministry (General Secretariat of Maritime Fishing) (2.000 fishing vessels). Supervision of Private Fleets: Maritime Activity: Albacora (Spanish Tuna Fishing Company) (20 buoys). REMASA (Spanish Tug Company) (9 tugs). Land Activity: Telecotrans (Spanish road Transport Company) (600 trucks). Railway Activity: General Belgrano Railway Company (Argentina) (50 locomotives). References: Slide15:  CONAM-2000 Consoles (F-100 Frigates) Consoles of the TRITAN Subsystem (C.I.C. Baleares class Frigates ) CONAM-CMC Consoles (Navarra and Canarias classes Frigates) (Thai Aircraftcarrier) Naval Consoles CONAM-PMC Consoles (F-100 Frigates) Slide16:  Signal Data Converter and Distrib. Unit SDC-DE: SDC-M1 Baleares class Frigates. SDC-M2 Navarra and Canarias Frigates. SDC-AP1 Thai Aircraftcarrier. Torpedo Firing Panel : SL/DLT-309 Mod. 0 Frigates Navarra and Canarias. SL/DLT-309 Mod. 2 F-100 Frigates. STTE Warning Panel for EFA. Front-End of Communications (FECOM): INTACT System (Tactical data interchange). Command and Control Equipment Slide17:  Tactical Simulators References: Naval War College (Madrid, Spain). Mexican Naval Academy (Veracruz, Mexico). Spanish Naval Academy (Marín, España). Indian Navy (Visakhapatnam, India). Moroccan Navy (Casablanca) Spanish Army (Anti Air Defense Command). EUCLID Program. Peruvian Navy. Spanish Army (CPT-CIA Rota Naval Base). Simulators for the Military Field Slide18:  TRITAN subsystem (Modernization of the Command & Information Center of the “Baleares” Frigate class for the Spanish Navy). Tactical Data Interchange System (INTACT System) for a foreign Client. CONAM-CMC Consoles for the “Navarra” and “Canarias” classes Frigates of the Spanish Navy. CONAM Consoles for the F-100 Frigates of the Spanish Navy. CONAM-PMC Consoles for the F-100 Frigates of the Spanish Navy. As main Contractor: Command & Control System Engineering for the new F-100 Frigates (Spanish Navy). Software Engineering and Development of the C & C System for the new “Segura” Minehunter Class (Spanish Navy). Command & Control Subsystem for the Royal Thai Navy´s Aircraftcarrier (Software Development, CONAM-CMC Consoles and SCD Data Converter). As Subcontractor of the Weapon Division of Bazán (FABA): Ingineering and Software for Command & Control

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