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Information about SAINSEL Kickoff

Published on October 23, 2007

Author: Melinda


Slide1:  SAINSEL Sistemas Navales Slide2:  Spanish Fishing Monitoring Centre (CSP) Dirección General de Recursos Pesqueros (DGRP). Developed in 1999. Slide3:  General Architecture (I) Slide4:  General Architecture (II) Communications Server Rack Data Base & Process Server Rack Clients Workstations (Consoles and Terminals) Auxiliary Elements (Video Wall, Printers, etc.) Slide5:  Operating Systems & Others Router Cisco 2611. IOS 12.0 Sun Server Enterprise 250, with Solaris 2.6 Clients Workstations, Intel Pentium II w/W.NT 4.0 Database Engine: Informix Dynamic Server 7.31 Development Tools & Languages: C, C++, Ilog Views Slide6:  X.25: Several links with Land Earth Stations Other FMC NEAFC, NAFO, etc. Maintenance tasks ISDN: Maintenance Tasks PSTN: Outgoing Faxes Ethernet: (Firewall Protected) Internal link in DGRP Web and e-mail using DGRP Internet Server. Communications Links Slide7:  Preferred Communications Ways Internet e-mail Decode Tool: ProcMail X.25 connections ISDN connections

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