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Information about Sagittarius yearly horoscope

Published on May 19, 2016

Author: AstrologyOnline



2. You are prone to have serious differences with family members but only some times, otherwise things are looking great for you. You will have good relations with your mother and will have a smooth married life. You may have some issues with your brothers and sisters, which may turn into a serious matter but that, will depend upon your individual horoscopes. Those running ketu DBA will have the major losses or differences. You will not gel well with your father and there will be difference of opinion on many things. Things will improve after august 2016.

3. This year you may have issues related to impurity of the blood, food poisoning, defects in the liver, problems in the eye. You may feel low at many times.

4. Those running Saturn DBA should remain cautious as there can be sudden expenses and your bank balance may decrease due to it. Someone can cheat you financially thus you better be careful I your financial dealings. Those with Jupiter DBA also need to remain alert. People may try to forge your signature and misuse it.

5. For salaried people this is going to be a good year particularly after august. There are many chances of promotion, hikes, and new jobs. You will get cooperation from your seniors and your performance will be very good but all this will happen after august and till then you need to remain careful and amicable with one and all.

6. For business person this is not going to be a good year, you need to keep away from illegal means otherwise you may land in jail. In general also you should take decisions after giving it a good consideration.

7. The year is average for love affairs and there is not much to be happy about or sad. The only thing you need is to remain open to each other so that there is complete transparency between you both. The time till august is not very helpful but after that things will get better.

8. This will be a good year for fulfillment of your lust. You will have a lot of desire in you and you will be able to fulfill it by straight or other methods. You may have physical relations with a widow or a person from other religion.

9. Whenever moon is in Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius then it is better to avoid major decisions and remain cool and don’t quarrel. Avoid major purchases, investments between 14th may to 20th may, 16th July to 15th august, 16th November to 17th December 2016.

10. Recite “ramcharit manas” daily and if possible also recite “ramraksha stotra” daily.

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