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Published on July 14, 2009

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Water Export Dag 26 juni 2009

Waterexportdag OS als een Business Case Safi Sana: Water en sanitatie in slums -closing the loop- Leon Urlings, Kwartiermaker Manager Safi Sana Holding A’dam 26 juni 2009 Aqua for All in het kort Aqua for All koppelt kennis en geld van de Nederlandse watersector aan water- en sanitatieprojecten in ontwikkelingslanden. Aqua for All bouwt logische en verrassende partnerschappen, verdubbelt donaties van bedrijven en particulieren, investeert in vernieuwing en bewaakt en bevordert de kwaliteit van projecten. En dat leidt tot resultaten die tellen. 26-6-20091 1

Safi Sana Ghana Ltd A new business approach for water and sanitation services in urban slums 26-6-20092 26-6-20093 2

Highlights Safi Sana Franchise MSB’s •Multi Service Blocks (water, sanitation, shop,..) in urban slum areas Accra •High quality standards and maximum service •Recognizable and constant performance •Promotion local entrepreneurs by franchise •Cost effective approach by standardization of concepts and design •Ghana launching country •Mid term objective 50 MSB’s by the end of 2011 •Long term objective 200 in 10 years 26-6-20094 Closing the loop Safi Sana Processing and Transport •Secured transport and collection of remains •Closing the loop by bio waste processing for emerging slum markets •Economic drivers: biogas and organic fertilizer for energy and urban agricultural production •Flexible financing structure (grants, revolving fund, commercial loan and local initiatives) •Flexible business structure enabling the establishment of joint-ventures for selected commercial activities ( P&T) •Involvement of all stakeholders (NGO’s, local governments , knowledge institutions, investors) 26-6-20095 3

Overview Safi Sana umbrella 26-6-20096 Business Model: distinguishing businesses 1. Exploitation of the Multi Service Blocks Safi Sana and franchise entrepreneurs serve clients 2. Bio waste processing for emerging markets Closing the loop and valorisation (energy and fertilizers) 3. Transport excreta and bio waste Secured collection and transport (is sensitive link in concept) 26-6-20097 4

Impression performance Safi Sana Ghana Ltd 200,0 180,0 160,0 140,0 120,0 100,0 80,0 60,0 40,0 20,0 - 26-6-20098 Impression performance Safi Sana Ghana Ltd 26-6-20099 5

Prospective (business) partners Partnerships are anticipated for: •General funding (grants/subsidies) for realization of MSB •Shareholders capital for supporting overall business structure •Facilities, technology and capital for processing excreta for valorisation (biogas and fertilizer) •Logistics and capital for transport and collection remains and bio wastes •Capacity and logistics for realization of large numbers MSB’s •NGO’s to participate in setting up and giving interpretation of additional functions of the MSB •Extending network and experience (with water and sanitation) in Ghana and African continent • Combination of above 10 26-6-2009 -Business is the attitude -No business without local cooperation local demand -Questions/remarks 11 26-6-2009 6

12 26-6-2009 Financials •MSB business is viable (with investment support) •Franchise model reduces investment costs •Scale up reduces costs (building, maintenance, procurement) •After 3 years ( 25 own, 23 franchise MSB) revenue exceed costs (Ghana level) •Operations become bankable (commercial loans) •In 2014 (55 own, 53 franchise) revenue 2,9 M € (5.5 M GHS) solvency rate > 35% •In 2019 (95 own, 93 franchise) revenue will be 5,5 Million Euro ( 10 Million GHC) •Nett earnings will be invested in the revolving fund. At the end of 2014 this will be 1 M€ excluding tax payment. •Collection and transport business unit demands investment funding 13 26-6-2009 •Set up of processing business will drain funding money 7

Financing Safi Sana Ghana 2014 Local initiatives (Franchise Fee) Revolving Fund Loans (Capital Market) Grants ss 14 26-6-2009 Prospective (business) partners Safi Sana will be set up in partnership with the private, public sector and NGO’s. This is effectuated at central, national and Business Unit level Present situation •Outline business case Safi Sana accepted •Launch Safi Sana Ghana Ltd 15 26-6-2009 8

For information please contact: Safi Sana Ghana Ltd. O Box TN 29. Accra. Ghana Frederick Tettey-Lowor T: 00233- (0)24-0822-175 Program Manager Safi Sana E: H/No 218/14 Wama Close. Dzorwulu I: 16 26-6-2009 17 26-6-2009 9

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