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Published on March 26, 2008

Author: safewombat


SafeWombat Quality Seal : SafeWombat Quality Seal Finding the Path towards Customers Trust The idea behind TRUST : Trust is a concept everybody understands but most people will have trouble enunciating a specific definition of the concept. Some people will have strict measures they use to evaluate their level of trust in a person or company others rely on a more subjective "feel" for determining whether to trust somebody. The idea behind TRUST The Philosophy behind Trust : Trust is not a characteristic that inheres in an ecommerce site; trust is a judgment made by the user. Trust is a subjective judgment that must be made by every user for any site, because individual goals vary and definitions of trust are unlikely to be consistent. The Philosophy behind Trust Questions your customers have : Is the site professional? Does the information architecture make sense? Is the site easy to navigate? Are my questions answered? Do other people trust this site? Is the site child friendly? Am I familiar with this company? Questions your customers have SafeWombat – More than a Seal : Only for Australian Sites Includes Child Protection Standards Anti-Spam Law standards Monthly analysis of each site Cost efficient for web owner Open to any site worldwide Don’t include local Child Protection Law Don’t Include Anti-Spam Law Year Analysis of each site High cost for web owner SafeWombat Quality Seal Other “Privacy Seals” SafeWombat – More than a Seal Why only for Australia? : Australians want to buy Aussie Products Australian sites want to follow Australian Standards Compliance with Australia Communication and Media Authority Easy and fast data verification process Compliance with Australian Business Code of Practice Why only for Australia? We believe in… : SafeWombat offers different values… and a more “ethical” philosophy. Less aimed to the IT “hacking” proof of a site, and more in the human support and honesty behind the company that owns the site SafeWombat gives relevance to promote Friendly Family sites, proper internet marketing strategies, anti-spam law and sites that comply with ACMA code of practice We believe in… SafeWombat final facts : 41% of Australian Online Retailers Believe in Having a Seal of Approval on their Site. SafeWombat provides a independent assessment of online assurance to your customers You can’t buy your customers Trust.. But you can work towards building it. SafeWombat application takes just 2 minutes to fill. Safe Wombat provides a cost efficient solution for your website. SafeWombat final facts

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