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Information about Safer Internet Day

Published on July 3, 2009

Author: xumgax


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ME - on the Internet -



Social networks


VIDEO Benjamin

Safe chatting


Bullying  You are a cyber bully if you... ... Insult or threaten, gossip, or leave somebody consciously out from a chat conversation. Don’t take it personal, it’s not your fault! Online bullying = much worse than “normal bullying”

Cyber bullying?

WHERE CAN I FIND HELP? • Your parents & teacher • Do you want to report something to the Internet police? • You can call Child Focus for free and in secret. Just dial number 110! • Or surf to for more information about what can and cannot be done the Internet.

GOLDEN INTERNET RULES I TALK about the Internet with my PARENTS (ask for explanations and talk about what you experience). I only TRUST people I know. I keep my name, number , address, and password to myself. I am CAREFUL with my webcam. If somebody is bothering me I leave the website and I talk about it with an adult I trust. When meeting an online friend in real life I always inform my parents and I never go alone. I do not believe everything I find on the Internet. I behave RESPONSIBLY on the Internet and I RESPECT the others.

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