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Published on November 19, 2008

Author: tizinc


Calling all associate athletes! : Calling all associate athletes! Didn’t make the USA Olympic team? Come to the Indianapolis cafeteria for the Safe Patient Handling Games in Indianapolis August 11th-15th 0600-0900 and 1100-1400 Answer all NEW Jeopardy questions to earn drawing tickets, participate in an “event” (demo of equipment) or simply USE the equipment on your unit and place an entry in the “Get Caught!” box. Many fun and exciting ways to win! Prizes include Colts tickets, restaurant certificates, and more! Slide 2: “I like the Liko Lifts because they help us provide outstanding care to our patients and prevent injuries to the care givers!!  I am so happy that our hospital took the initiative to be the first to pioneer this new equipment hospital-wide!  Although we don’t use it everyday, when we need it…you can’t beat it!!”   Theresa Couch RN, BSN, CPN Practice Facilitator Peyton Manning Children's Hospital Slide 3: “They are the best safety tool we have for patient care.” Barbara Basham, Staff RN 5 West Neurosciences “I like Liko lifts because I like my back. Using lifts prevents my back from aching.” Debra Mouser, PCT 2 Northeast Slide 4: “Having the Sabina is like having an extra person to help.  She is readily available and always in the mood to assist.  This is especially helpful for getting tired patients back to bed in a smooth and secure way.”    Lynn D'Cruz, PT, MPA Rehabilitation Services-Inpatient Manager Slide 5: “They are so easy to operate, fun for everyone to use and you still have full use of your back.” Sterling Pate, Rehab tech Slide 6: ”I like Liko lifts because I know I can take great care of my patients without worrying about hurting myself.” Victoria Andrews, BSN, RN Practice Facilitator 5 South Medical-Surgical Slide 7: “The Liko lifts allow our therapy staff to mobilize patients that we would not have been able to prior to having the lifts!” Amy Alexander, DPT Neuro team lead Slide 8: “I was able to help a patient that was a bilateral amputee get from her wheelchair to her car safely and with dignity.” Chris Dalesandro, RN Pracitice Facilitator, ICU Slide 9: “We were able to respond to the request of a mom of a child with Muscular Dystrophy to transfer him without “manhandling” him from his wheelchair to the bed for his sleep study. Both mom and patient were happy with his transfer with the Golvo and commented how smoothly it went.” Angie Mendoza, RRT Clinical Coordinator Pediatric Sleep Disorders Center Slide 10: “It’s more fun than a Disney World ride! Seriously, our lifts have cut way back on associate and patient injuries.” Becky Ditman, patient transport Slide 11: “I like Liko lifts because I work in X-ray and do portables on the floor. I weigh 115 lbs. and there is no way I can lift and position an X-ray plate behind a 500+ lb. patient. The lifts help us and the nurses. The nurses stay more cheerful when the patient has a lift and so do we! Everyone is happier and healthier! Wendy Melemed, Radiologic Technologist Slide 12: “Many of our patients on the 6th & 7th surgical floors have expressed their appreciation and gratitude when using the Liko lifts. What a wonderful asset to the safety of our patients and our associates!” Natalie Allen, RN, BSN Surgical Specialties Slide 13: “I Like Liko lifts because they help to rehabilitate my patients without hurting them or myself.  I can finally perform complicated patient moving and handling tasks with confidence and ease.” Kathlene Loftus, RN, BSN WOCN Team Slide 14: “I love having the lifts available to help move patients.  Especially on nights when there aren’t as many bodies around.  It’s like having an extra set of “strong” hands.” Tammy Olmstead, RN 3 South Practice Facilitator/Nights Slide 15: “I want you to know how much I love the Liko Lifts. I wish we had them all over the hospital.  They really help me when I go up to the floors to do portable x-rays.  I usually do not have another tech with me.  The Liko Lift saves all of our backs - literally.  Not only that but it also makes it easier for me to obtain the perfect x-ray.  Because my focus turns to the placement of the cassette instead of rolling, lifting, and pushing the cassette in place.  I am sure the patient appreciates the Liko Lift as well.  I know if I was sore from being in the hospital I would rather just be lifted once rather than rolled back and forth and pushed and pulled just to get my bedside x-ray done. Maybe with the Liko Lift all the 5 foot 120-140 lb girls in x-ray can keep a job in the hospital without feeling like they need to get a job at a Dr.s office/facility or another modality just to save thier back - considering a lot of us are still in our 20's and complaining of new back pain.” Brittany Martin, Radiologic Technologist Slide 16: “ I like the lifts because once the nurses learn how to use them it’s easy for me to take care of them.  I haven’t had a maintenance call on a lift for about 2 months.” Josh Landers Medical Refrigeration Department Facilities Services Available via Pager 0698 or 8-2147 Slide 17: Come participate in the 2008 Safe Patient Handling Games in Indianapolis 0600-0900 & 1100-1400 each day in the cafeteria 8/11-8/15 WIN PRIZES!! WIN PRIZES!! WIN!!! Didn’t make it to Beijing??

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