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Published on April 3, 2014

Author: CCPSWeb


PowerPoint Presentation: Welcome to SAC Training PowerPoint Presentation: Desired Outcomes Understanding of Board Policy and Florida Statutes regarding SACs Understanding of the “Do’s and Don’ts” of SACs Understanding of the roles of SAC Chairperson and SAC members PowerPoint Presentation: Desired Outcomes Cont. Knowledge of how to implement ground rules and meeting review Understanding of the steps in planning a successful meeting Understanding of consensus and how to achieve it PowerPoint Presentation: School Board Policy Each advisory council shall be composed of: |1. The principal | |2. Balanced number of teachers| |3. Educational support employees | |4. Students| PowerPoint Presentation: School Board Policy Cont. |5. Parents| |6. Business and community citizens who are representative of the ethnic, racial, and economic community served by the school| PowerPoint Presentation: Selection of the Council Members Teachers shall be elected by teachers. Educational support employees shall be elected by educational support employees. PowerPoint Presentation: Selection of the Council Members Students shall be elected by students. Parents shall be elected by parents. PowerPoint Presentation: Selection of the Council Members The principal will submit the list to the Superintendent for review. The superintendent shall submit the list to the School Board for review and approval. PowerPoint Presentation: Council’s Responsibilities Assess the need for improvement at your school by using district, state and federal goals as a guide and by reviewing student performance data. Assist with the development of the Student Success Plan. Put the school’s needs in priority order. Identify problems and barriers that underlie the needed improvements and their causes. PowerPoint Presentation: Council’s Responsibilities Identify and evaluate possible solutions and develop strategies to accomplish the needed improvement. Specify what will be done and what resources are needed. Specify precisely what results (outcomes) you expect to achieve and how they will be measured. PowerPoint Presentation: Council’s Responsibilities Specify which indicators of success will serve as “adequate progress” for the strategies in the plan. Decide how you are going to measure success. Monitor the school’s progress towards attaining the goals set forth by the Student Success Plan. PowerPoint Presentation: Council’s Responsibilities Serve as a resource to the principal and advise the principal in matters pertaining to the Student Success Plan. Provide assistance with the school improvement budget and approve the SAC funds to meet school improvement plan goals. PowerPoint Presentation: Bylaws and Operational Guidelines Each school advisory council shall adopt bylaws establishing procedures for: PowerPoint Presentation: Bylaws and Operational Guidelines A quorum to be present before a vote may be taken. A majority of the council constitutes a quorum. At least 3 days’ advance notice in writing to all members of any matter scheduled to come before the council for a vote. PowerPoint Presentation: Bylaws and Operational Guidelines The district school board may review all bylaws of a SAC and shall maintain a record of the minutes of council meetings. PowerPoint Presentation: Florida Sunshine Law Florida government operates under the principle that the public has the right to know what its government is doing. Under the Sunshine Law and the state and public records law, work conducted by public officials on behalf of the citizens, and records that work, must be available for inspection by any interested person. PowerPoint Presentation: Role of the SAC Chair Scheduling regular SAC meetings. Communicating with stakeholders to establish an agenda for each meeting. Facilitating SAC meetings. Notifying all members of upcoming meeting dates. Requesting volunteers to serve as subcommittee members. PowerPoint Presentation: Role of the SAC Chair Keeping up-to-date files of minutes of each meeting. Informing SAC of relevant training. Informing SAC of relevant issues as they relate to school improvement activities . Signing the school improvement plan. Assisting the principal with presentation of plan to school board. PowerPoint Presentation: SAC Members Are actively involved in developing their school’s vision or mission. Examine all aspects of their school when developing the school improvement plan. Determine and prioritize needs of the school. Develop strategies for improving the areas most important to their school. Decide how to measure the results of what they plan to do. PowerPoint Presentation: Role SAC Members Assist in the preparation and evaluation of the school improvement plan. Assist in recruiting and retaining other school advisory council members. Approve the expenditure of SAC funds to meet school improvement plan goals. Approve how lottery enhancement funds for school improvement will be spent. Adhere to the “Sunshine Law”. PowerPoint Presentation: Plan for a successful Meeting PowerPoint Presentation: Before the Meeting… Determine Desired Outcomes Determine roles Develop the Agenda (see next slide) Determine room set-up/arrangement Secure logistics - meeting supplies, equipment, refreshments, etc. Notify Members PowerPoint Presentation: Establish the Agenda… Get input for Desired Outcomes Identify and sequence topics Determine how to address topics Estimate time needed for each topic Identify facilitator, recorder, etc. Predict potential pitfalls PowerPoint Presentation: During the Meeting Get group’s agreement to agenda Use time limits, agreements to keep meeting on track Alter the agenda as needed with group’s agreement Maintain group memory PowerPoint Presentation: After the Meeting… Use the agenda to help evaluate the meeting (what was accomplished?) Sequence and label group memory Distribute group memory and action plans Forward unfinished & “bin” items to next meeting PowerPoint Presentation: Ground Rules… Surface the working assumptions of the group Create safe environment for all Requires group agreement Enforced by facilitator and participants PowerPoint Presentation: Meeting Review… Evaluate both outcomes and processes Identifies both strengths (pluses) of what we did well, and areas to change (deltas) for next time. Requires going beyond the surface items (“we liked the chocolate”) PowerPoint Presentation: Consensus… A decision that everyone can live with and actively support. Is built on a series of small agreements Cannot be guaranteed/ requires a fallback option PowerPoint Presentation: Ground Rules for Consensus… Avoid “entrenchment” (win-lose thinking) Avoid “giving up for the peace” (lose-win thinking) Avoid win-lose techniques (majority vote) View diverse positions as a source of strength PowerPoint Presentation: Ground Rules for Consensus… Spend time developing understanding of different points of view. Do not construe silence as agreement. Get active participation from entire group. PowerPoint Presentation: Please get involved with your child's school and SAC Committee today !

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