Sabah Mikha First Steps After an Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis

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Information about Sabah Mikha First Steps After an Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis
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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: SabahMikha



Sabah Mikha First Steps After an Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis

Sabah Mikha: First Steps After an Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis

•Active in his community, Sabah Mikha has volunteered for the past two years with the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance. The non-profit provides a wealth of resources about one of the most serious types of cancer, and also offers stepby-step assistance for women who have just been diagnosed.

•Recommended first steps after an ovarian cancer diagnosis include finding a gynecologic oncologist to perform surgery. Recent research suggests significantly higher survival rates among patients who are able to access the services of a fully qualified gynecologic oncologist. Ovarian cancer patients should also ask their physician about the potential of taking part in a clinical trial, which can offer access to the latest technologies and procedures at a nominal cost.

•The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance additionally offers patients access to a robust online community of 8,000 individuals who have been impacted by ovarian cancer who can offer personal guidance and support. A member of the Ernst & Young accounting team in Los Angeles. Sabah Mikha has raised approximately $3,000 annually for the Alliance through a network of 25 friends and acquaintances.

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