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Published on September 21, 2007

Author: Roxie


Slide1:  IEEE Standards Association Corporate Standards Program IEEE Computer Society Standards Activity Board June 8, 2005 Long Beach, CA IEEE Standards AssociationAn international membership organization serving today’s industries with a complete portfolio of standards programs:  IEEE Standards Association An international membership organization serving today’s industries with a complete portfolio of standards programs IEEE-SA Corporate Program:  IEEE-SA Corporate Program Complementary to the individual model 'Grass Roots' Inception 2002 1st Project 2003 Organizationally active 2004 Designed for Corporations Government agencies Industry groups Organizations provided A greater voice within the IEEE-SA A corporate-driven standards development process IEEE-SA Corporate Program Membership:  IEEE-SA Corporate Program Membership Currently 70 corporate members in 10 countries Sectors/categories Battery and PC manufacturers Networking solution providers Power suppliers Industry applications Telecommunications Information Technology Associations Research laboratory Slide5:  ROTANI EMBRACING CORPORATE INTERESTS Slide6:  IEEE-SA CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP Maryland Procurement Office Slide7:  IEEE-SA Corporate ProgramVision:  IEEE-SA Corporate Program Vision Infuse a strong international industry and business perspective into the IEEE Employ IEEE expertise, competence, track record, and processes to achieve international industry and business goals Provide a forum for industry to develop market-relevant standards IEEE - SA Corporate Standards Benefits:  Quick start-up with modest development costs No agreements among participants No infrastructure to form Well-defined rules and framework Indemnity and legal structure in place Clear intellectual property policy Worldwide distribution Forum for multi constituent focus Dedicated IEEE-SA professional support staff with focus on expedited standards development Route to global standardization ANSI accreditation with liaison to international SDOs IEEE - SA Corporate Standards Benefits IEEE-SA Infrastructure for Corporate Standards Development :  Project management services Planning and scheduling Financial management Record keeping Writing andamp; editing Legal services Meeting planning andamp; management Publication andamp; distribution Marketing andamp; communications Conformance andamp; interoperability testing IEEE-SA Infrastructure for Corporate Standards Development …developers focus on technical work- IEEE does the rest IEEE-SA Corporate MembershipFee Structure:  IEEE-SA Corporate Membership Fee Structure Membership Corporate Less than $1M Revenue $1000 Less than $1B Revenue $3000 Greater than $1B Revenue $5000 Government Agency $5000 Other (Trade Assoc, SDO, Academic) $1000 Development Participant 'single up front pay' based on 18 to 24 month development cycle with full resource support. Non-Member Ballot Fee 20% premium to membership fee IEEE-SA Corporate Standards Program Activity:  IEEE-SA Corporate Standards Program Activity Power Engineering Rechargeable Batteries for Portable Computing Rechargeable Batteries for Cellular Telephones Computer Hardware Design Automation SystemVerilog PSL: Property Specification Language System C Design Automation Computer Microprocessors and Peripherals Memory Channel Test Methods for the Characterization of Organic Transistor Based Ring Oscillators Flash Memory Authentication Outreach Areas Biotechnology Nanotechnology Internet Telephone Information Management China / Europe: Cellular Battery Broadband over Powerlines MAC/PHY Cognitive Radio IEEE Corporate ProgramDoes the IEEE Computer Society Benefit?:  IEEE Corporate Program Does the IEEE Computer Society Benefit? Attracts market-relevant work Can drive development of critical mass in specific standards areas (e.g., EDA) Related 'pre-competitive' standards workshops/publications Positions IEEE CS as resource for industry Drives membership IEEE Corporate Standards ProgramPortal:  IEEE Corporate Standards Program Portal IEEE Corporate Standards Program:  A global platform delivering speed, choice, andamp; control… Questions or Comments? Thank you Edward Rashba Manager, New Technical Programs Tel. +1 (732) 465 6449 IEEE Corporate Standards Program

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