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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: rachaelpr


Rachael Wachstein |630.269.3725 BIG Content Marketing Ideas to Increase Sign Ups


INTROThe Process… Discovery: In order to effectively market InVisionApp, I would begin with a discovery process, interviewing stakeholders including Clark Valberg and Ben Nadel to gain insights into the target audience, differentiators between InVisionApp and competitors like Balsamiq and Axure RP and influencers within the UX space. Channels: I would evaluate the right channels for reaching the target audiences, including social networks, media outlets, forums, segmented email lists, partnership opportunities, etc.

INTRO Messaging: Messaging would be created for the various target audiences according to their needs, obstacles to purchasing or signing up and where they are in the buying cycle. Ideation: Big ideas would be developed with the intention of raising brand awareness and driving signups.

INTROPlanning: Content creation would be an organized and strategic process. A detailed editorial calendar would be created including the audience, goal, keywords, publishing channels, etc. Implementation & Testing: As the content marketing strategies are rolled out, evaluation and iteration are key. Before implementing a campaign, I would work with stakeholders to determine what KPIs make sense for evaluating success. This data will be leveraged to continuously improve the content marketing strategy.

EXPERT RESOURCE One area that I have identified as a sign up generation tool is the InVisionApp blog. Currently most of the articles are focused specifically on InVisionApp- new product features, interviews with influential users, etc. The blog would act as the brand hub with high quality articles, infographics, videos, etc. on topics that the target audiences care about … Example Content: • The psychology of UX design • Best practices in user experience design • How to prevent client disasters • Prototype templates • The blurry lines between designer and UX expert • Interviews with influencers and high profile users such as designers from top companies, etc. From the blog hub, content would be distributed to additional channels.

The blog content should be seeded throughout the InVisionApp website to encourage sign ups, keep the brand top of mind with site visitors that haven’t signed up or who sign up but don’t use the app regularly. Resources offered directly on the homepage EXPERT RESOURCE

A video short series called “Flash of Genius” could be developed. Designers, developers, and thought leaders would have :30 to relay something profound, impactful or just plain cool. Another video series could revolve around lessons that designers have learned the hard way. This series would be targeted to emerging designers and students. The videos would be branded InVisionApp but wouldn’t be specifically about the platform. The video content would live on the blog under its own category. The video content could be integrated into email drip campaigns to existing users, distributed on video sharing platforms for SEO benefit, social channels and the best pieces could be offered as incentives for signing up for email communications. Ex. A high profile designer could relay a story about early on in their career when they thought they had client approval on a project only to be given major changes at the end of the project. EXPERT RESOURCE

InVisionApp has some great content pieces that should be repurposed and optimized. For example, the remote interview with Clark Valberg about InVisionApp, UX design and how the app came about could me repurposed and promoted via the website, influential websites and social networks. Content could be packaged as an InVisionApp branded eBook for lead generation. EXPERT RESOURCE

Here are some additional thoughts on content development… InVision App Brand Specific: Content that answers questions, provides information and promotes InVisionApp. EXAMPLES Tutorials Demos of new features Demos that show problem/solution Customer testimonials White papers or eBooks on how the workflow and productivity features within InVisionApp makes designers with ADD more effective How to use InVisionApp With your clients. Get your stakeholders approval with InVisionApp before you’ve invested time and resources. When designing mobile apps in InVision, remember the 80/20 rule InVisionApp Users share best UX patterns for mobile apps. Best Patterns for Mobile Web Apps by Clark Valberg EXPERT RESOURCE

Thought Leadership: Content that demonstrates expertise by providing unique insights into the web design and development space. EXAMPLES Original research and studies on user experience, productivity, etc. Informative articles about psychology and design. Trends in app and web design and development, etc. EXPERT RESOURCE

Tribal: Content that appeals to the various tribes and communities that the target audiences belong to. EXAMPLES Short video interviews with leaders and influencers in the web design and development space. Content that pokes fun at the culture or universal experiences of target audience groups (Tribe: Office workers/professionals, Experience: Conference calls. “A Conference Call in Real Life” Funny video about file names and the trouble designers and developers can get in with clients- something all designers can relate to. xCorpUX.Rev1.clientedit.s tupid.ppt EXPERT RESOURCE Top 10 lists… Web design firms to watch NY web designers LA web designers

ORGANIC MARKETING In addition to creating content, it is always a good idea to find ways to get your user base to spread the word for you. This type of exposure is particularly powerful because it is peer to peer, an implicit endorsement of your product.

ORGANIC MARKETING Users will naturally want to show off their work (and not just to those involved in the project). I would work with InVisionApp to develop a user gallery. • Projects could be exported to the gallery. • The user would be prompted to share work that they are particularly proud of. They could even share work that they want community feedback on. • The user would select a category for their work (I would need help coming up with these). • For example a category could be eCommerce apps for Android. User Generated Gallery of Prototypes

InVisionApp Gallery: Think Pinterest • The gallery would display the user’s basic profile and their work. • Users could send links to their gallery page to prospective clients, use it as a link in their resumes, etc. • Users could also vote up prototypes to create a“best of” category. • This is one way to make the app even more useful and user-centered. • The gallery may give users ideas for their own work and how they can use InVisionApp. • The gallery entries would have sharing buttons for easy sharing on social networks, further spreading brand awareness. • InVisionApp could feature some of the top prototypes on the blog, interview top designers using the app, etc. ORGANIC MARKETING

Development of co- branded webinars with InVisionApp allies and complimentary businesses would allow for cross promotion to a relevant user base. One idea is to put together a webinar called “Working Smarter, Workflow Hacks for Web Design Teams”. It could be a series of webinars done in conjunction with companies such as DropBox, web hosting companies, etc. I would reach out to the marketing teams at the companies with a proposal. If they were game, I’d project manage the development of the webinar series. The series would be promoted to the InVisionApp user base as well as most importantly to the users of the participating companies. PARTNER UP

Here’s a perfect example of partnering up from the world of content marketing. The Content Marketing Institute, Co-Founder of Velocity and the communications director from Eloqua are co-presenting a webinar on the ways to combat information overload. All three companies are promoting the webinar, mutually benefitting from exposure to each other’s user bases. PARTNER UP

PR Having spent the past five years working within a public relations firm and have first hand experience with the important role that PR can play in gaining exposure and driving sales for brands. Our clients oftentimes want publicity but they don’t have a story. I am the go to person at the agency for creating news and story angles that get media attention. PR can be even more effective when it is part of a larger content marketing strategy.

Here’s an example of how I think… For InVisionApp, I would either pitch the following story angle myself or work with a PR partner to get the story out to the right media outlets. Because of the project organization capabilities of InVisionApp, the platform is an ideal tool for designers with attention deficit disorder- and there are many. I would create a pitch around the tie between ADD and creative genius (there’s a lot of research around this). The story would explore the link, why ADD is actually good for creativity, profiles of top designers with ADD and some of the issues that they face including organization, etc. InVisionApp would be mentioned as a tool that can harness the creativity of ADD designers while providing workflow tools that minimize their weaknesses. We could offer an interview with an ADD designer using the app along with an interview with Clark on what features InVisionApp includes that assist such designers. Although InVisionApp wasn’t built as a tool to help those with disabilities like ADD, we could easily get press around this angle. We could even localize the story for major markets, providing stats on designers with ADD in that particular market. I see national business and consumer media and trade media potential for the story. PR

We would support the PR initiatives with content on the blog around similar topics. For the ADD example, we might create a series of short video testimonials from ADD designers who find that InVisionApp helps them overcome their disability, articles that profile top creatives with ADD, product demos that explore specific features that are helpful in making ADD designers more productive. For online outreach, I would try to get links in to the supplemental content on the blog. PR

GRASSROOTS There is nothing more powerful than getting in front of your target audience and connecting with them. In my past life I worked to promote an animation studio based out of Tel Aviv. Their work was incredible. Their co founders came from Pixar and Ardman films. Even with big names on their resumes and a stellar reel, no one in the advertising world knew of them. I started by cold calling the big agencies in Chicago and gathered information about their processes regarding introducing vendors to their creative teams. I learned that most of the agencies had lunch and learn opportunities where vendors could provide lunch and come present. That is exactly what I did. Being able to tell the back stories of the animators and showing their powerful reel was all it took to secure some lucrative animation gigs with Ogilvy and Leo Burnett.

By marketing to influencers within large agencies specializing in web design, development and user experience through emails with product demos and stellar content, we could trigger adaption that would spread throughout the organization. Getting in front of networks including web design meetups in major markets is another opportunity to explore. In some cases I may set up “sip and learns” where InVisionApp hosts a happy hour and I present a deck on the tool’s capabilities. Other times, an educational presentation on a topic like productivity for web design teams might be a better fit. GRASSROOTS

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