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Published on November 23, 2008

Author: utkarsh4eva4

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Study of SIEMENS 150U PLC : By : Utkarsh Sinha, B.Tech ECE, 13028. Study of SIEMENS 150U PLC RasHtriya Ishpat Nigam Limited : RasHtriya Ishpat Nigam Limited Introduction : Introduction A programmable logic controller is a device, which takes inputs from the fields. It process the input according to the program stored in its memory and sets the output thus controlling the field equipment on the output. Before the installation of the PLC, the relay logic was in use. To overcome the drawbacks of relay logic, the PLC came in to picture. COMPARISON OF RELAY SYSTEM, HARWIRED LOGIC SYSTEM & PLC SYSTEM : COMPARISON OF RELAY SYSTEM, HARWIRED LOGIC SYSTEM & PLC SYSTEM advantAGES OF PLC: : advantAGES OF PLC: 1. PLCs are easy to program and install.   2. The speed with which internal timers operate is much faster than conventional time relay systems. The speed for PLC logic operations is determined by scan time, which is of the Order of the milliseconds.   3. Many PLCs are provided with diagnostic indicators, which monitor power supply, CPU Faults, how battery power for memory backup, input and output conditions etc.,   4. PLCs can be designed with communication capabilities that allow them to converse with local and remote computer systems or to provide human interfaces. Programmable controller components : Programmable controller components S5 150u plc hardware : S5 150u plc hardware The central controller of 150U SIEMENS PLC has Built - in power supply with integrated fans. Central processing unit. In addition the user can employ Memory modules Interface modules Communication processors Structure s5 150u plc : Structure s5 150u plc Slide 9: POWER SUPPLY UNIT WITH FAN:   The system powers supply module is placed at the bottom slot of the PLC rack. The system power supply converts the AC voltages into proper DC voltages required by the processor and I/O MODULES. CENTAL PROCESSOR:   The central processor is equipped with Byte processor (24 bits) Bit processor for binary(logic) operations Timing control processor & watching logic for error correction System memory for process I/O images, flags, timers, counters & system data Technical organization for processing the central program Slide 10: MEMORY MODULES:  The memory module 340 is used for storing data and user program of the S5 150U PLC. The memory capacity of the module is 64*2^10 bytes or 32*2^10 instructions. A parity module for each memory can be plugged for monitoring the parity errors in main or peripheral memories.   INTERFACE MODULES: 300, 301, 310 and 312 interface modules are used for the connection of expansion units to the central controller.   COMMUNICATION PROCESSORS: They independently exchange the data between programmable controller and external devices. The users can attach CRT - units, printers, computers and further programmable controllers. Using a bus does this. Each communication processor has its own memory. Thus the communication processor offloads the central processor's memory. Slide 11: PROGRAMMING TERMINAL:   Personal computer is used as programming and monitoring terminal, which has the PLC programming techniques.   The two modes of operations possible are:   Offline : The programmer can be employed with out being connected to the programmable controller.   Online :Extensive debugging and start up procedures are possible when the programmer is attached to the programmable controller. S5 150u plc software : S5 150u plc software PROGRAMS IN CPU:  The following two types of programs exist in CPU: System Program  User Program Different Software Blocks : The S5 software blocks can be differentiated as:   1. Organization Block (OB) 2. Program Block (PB) 3. Data Block (DB) Function Block (FB) Sequence Block (SB) Blocks structure : Blocks structure Programming in 150u plc : Programming in 150u plc The programming language used in 150U SIEMENS PLC is STEP 5 programming language. S5 offers the following advantages: Simple and clear creation of even large programs Standardization of programs parts Simple program organization Easy program changes Simple, section - by - section program test Simple system starts up Programming is STEP 5 can be done in any of the three methods of representation ladder diagram (LAD) control system flow chart (CSF) and statement list (STL) for each individual logic block. Slide 15: AND gate OR gate “Thank u” : “Thank u”

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