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Published on January 30, 2016

Author: DrShivu

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1. Contentsof Section3: Do we needsome more intelligence? (Intelligence forinternal security). Chapter4-Betterintelligence isthe needof the nation. 4.1-Do we needsome more intelligence?Iam sure yousay ‘yes’,now. 4.2-It isnecessaryto understandthe seriousnessbehindsuchissues: 4.3-Why shouldI/we feelbad,if mybookisusedeffectivelybyanyone countryof thisworld? 4.4-It isthe needtocreate the nationwhichispeaceful forall,apartfrom the economical independence. 4.5-People needtoknowall these things: 4.6-Retrospective thinkingwill bringlotof findings: 4.7-Such type of activitiesdone bythe giantwill have greaterimpactonthe developmentof the nation: 4.8-Difficultiesinidentifyingthe spyof the giantinIndia. 4.9-How VPA – MV – MN – NSWwill workoutbetterfor maintainingthe Internal security. Chapter 4: Better intelligence is the need of the nation. 4.1 Do we need some more intelligence? I am sure you say ‘yes’, now. Do we need some more intelligence? I thinkthe answerwill be yes, by you, after you understand the seriousness behind the acts, which will be done by the giant like people in the ambition of grabbing everything, even by killing the people if needed. Betterintelligence is the need of the nation for having better internal security of the nation and to have rapid development with peace, in pace with this world. Developing some more intelligence in tackling such issues is very much necessary to have better internal securityof the nationand tomake the people tolive withpeace.Giantmay spend few lacks of rupees to give trouble to the person targeted, where as he will make the property of crores of rupees worth by suppressing or manipulation the person targeted. It is again business, investing little and getting more. 4.2 It is necessary to understand the seriousness behind such issues: All these thingsare notthe simple stories,theyare the social evil event, which are not good for the majorityof the people, and these things are done in a very dramatic way by the intelligent people utilisingthe faith, belief and innocence of the people. We should be aware about the people who create confusion,doubts,misunderstanding,quarrel,prejudices,prefixedideas,suspicion,tragedies and thus the social system failure which leads to failure in the progress of the society as a whole. Progress isbasedentirely on the utilisation of the nature to the maximum in a nature friendly way by all the people and thus all the people gets the benefit out of it and it is possible only by unity – cooperation – coordination in work. One person getting all will make the ecosystem imbalance.

2. When the man is the part of this ecosystem and if he is not getting adequate food for his survival and sufferswithhunger–under nutrition – underdevelopment due to poverty and the people like giant getting all his share in a legal looking illegal way and the common people telling him as the great personalitywithoutunderstandinghiscruel mind and the imbalance that he is creating in this world.This,everyoneneedstounderstandandneedtorecognise suchpeoplewiththe mindset that ‘he onlyneedseverything, let anything happen to others’ is the most cruel mentality, such people needs to be identified and should not be allowed to thrive. All the readers may feel that ‘so much of such reading, is it required?’ But we need to understand establishing the VPA to make the people to unite and work together to achieve the maximum productivity is the easy job. But maintaining the unity for ever is the toughest job, which is a very sensitivesocial issue.Peoplelikegiantwill alwaysbe there tobreakthe unityin various ways; it may be at the level of the individual,oratthe level of the familyor at the level of the VPA or at the level of district / state / nation. If we fail to understand such technique which may look very silly at this juncture,andif we fail to recognise the people whoare bornfor such evil activity early then we will suffer a lot in our progress. A small even in one family is enough to make the unity of the VPA to spoil,andif one VPA isspoiled then it will have the effects on the unity of all the VPA in the entire nation. I think the readers will understand the seriousness of such silly matters. I think, all the citizensof Indiawill understand‘the necessityof unityandmaintaining the unity among the people for ever’. For which we should be alert enough to identify the people like ‘giant’ and do not leave them to grow to spread their poison all across the world. If we create a good society which are resistant to the activities of people like giant without developing things like confusion, doubts, misunderstanding, quarrel, prejudices, prefixed ideas, suspicion,amongthemselvesthenall the subsequent generation will lead the life with happiness, love, affection and prosperity. Most of the majororganisationsmayhave their own backup security and intelligence system. They may be ready to do, anything that is told by their boss, that is the owner of the organisation including quarrelling, killing, projecting one of its employ as irresponsible- inefficient, in order to eliminatehimfromthe jobandso on.I thinkthe human rightsorganisationwillunderstandthistype of events. It isnecessaryuse thisknowledge to prevent such type of trouble giving to the common people by the people like giant for his personnel growth. 4.3 Why should I/we feel bad, if my book is used effectively by any one country of this world? In fact,most of the countrieswill be thinkinghow tobecome better than yesterday even if they are betteryesterday also. One country people may think the changes in the nations development and the economyisnot at all goingto affecttheirpreciouspersonnel lifeand the leaders of that country thinkingonlyondevelopmentswhichfetchthemsome percentage thoughtthe governmentprojects by spending the taxed money and not at all thing about the alternatives and not at all bothered about the way and when they are going stop spending money which is not going to give better returnsto the nationeitherin the form of uplifting the economy of the nation and make people to live ina betterway.If a nationis notcompetentenoughinmeetingthe world’sstandardsintermsof

3. education,technologyandeconomy,thenitnotthe mistake of the world,itbecomesthe mistake of the nation concerned. If you make a child to read and write he will read what is happening in the worldand he will scoldthe nationinwhichhe islivingbecause he is not able to enjoy the same that whateverhe isseeinginthe paper/TV,if a nation creates the persons who thinks the he will create all those he seesandimagines.Itisthe responsibilityof everynationtocreate andretainthe people who thinks and creates something new, then that nation will thrive in this competitive world, otherwise itwill sufferfrom the crisisbutlove andbondage among the people who are all suffering may increase by scolding this world. India is a country which is ruled by many saints, kings, leaders with the principle of ‘Truth and Dharma’,we all have grown uplistening and seeing to Dharmaraya adhering to truth and ruling his kingdom with Dharma, Sri Rama going to forest for stay leaving all his ambitions of leading a royal life for the sake of maintaining his father’s sentence leaving kingdom to his brother Bharath, the bakthi of bhaktha siriyala and the mind of sacrifice even to the extent of scarifying his own loving son for the sake of ‘Bhakthi’, the truth of Sri Sathya harishchandra, the principles of swami vivekananda,the principles of dasa’s, the work is worship principle of sharanas of 12th century and we see people helpingotherpeopleevenwhentheyare alsoundertrouble.So, it is better to have a mindto workfor the sake of development of our selves and for the sake if the development of the nation,butat the same timesitis not nice to have a mind to think only we have to develop but not othersor othernation.So,if anyone inthisworldusesthisbookfor the sake of theirdevelopmentor for the sake of their nation’s development, then my book becomes a useful tool and I get the happiness. It is through this world I became like this; let this book be used by this world. 4.4 It is the need to create the nation which is peaceful for all, apart from the economical independence. Create a nationinsuch a way that the nationisnot onlyeconomicallyindependentbutalso make all the people toleada peaceful life.The growthof the nationintermsof economyandthe peace of all the people shouldnotsuffer at the cost of one or few innocent looking idiotic giants. The national securityweb focusesonall types of securities of the nation and the security of the people living in thisnationand itfill notonlyfocusesonthe people whodisturbthe peace byusingthe weaponsand bomb, it also focuses on the people who induce pain the minds of the common people psychologically. 4.5 People need to know all these things: ‘Various persons and techniques used by the giant to give direct or indirect – physical and mental trauma to the variouspeople thathe targets’youhave alreadyread.Now youmay feel ‘why people needtoknowall these things’.Andyoumayalsotell ‘if youtell all these thingstothe people,then it isnot goingto stopand it may continue’anditisalsotrue the so calledgoodpeople mayneverthink about the bad, unless something bad happens to them by the people like the giant. If I tell or not these thingsmighthave happenedinthe pastor may be happeningatpresentor may happen in the future,tosomeone atsome time,whichmaybe me or you. Sobefore it happens to me and you, we needtoknowthe detailsof thistype of trouble givingandwe should be prepared to save ourselves fromthe same type of trouble.If we donot know how these troublescomesonus,thenhow can we

4. planfor preventingthe same type of trouble ordeath of the people by the people like giants. So, if we are not telling all these things to the common people they may be involving in such type of activitywithouttheirknowledge, thinking that whatever they are doing is the right. If the common people come toknowaboutthese techniques,thentheirwayof thinkingwillchange andif someone tells, something to do, then a common people will tell ‘why should I do like this and why are you tellingme dolike thisorspeaklike this,withoutany use or income for you, are you doing this?’ The common people will ask. 4.6 Retrospective thinking will bring lot of findings: It isalso possible whenonce we publishthisbookandwhenit reaches the mind of all the people of the nation,thenmanycommonpeople maycome outwiththe ideathat ‘we neverthoughtall these things, that man made me to speak like this for someone, that man made to mix something in the food for someone, I was made to do like this and so on’ and they may add ‘we never knew that simple word / act / substance will lead to such type of problems’. Thus, many people from the different parts of the nation may start thinking retrospectively, the various possibilities, for those works they did in the past as it was told by the spy of the giants in different districts. Some of the supporters of the giant like people may tell ‘by reading all these things the people become cleverer in giving trouble to the people in this way’. They may or may not imagine the possibilityof the peoplelike‘giants’existsaroundus,theymighthave done millionsof suchmistakes and made the people to suffer (the people may be suffering without knowing who made them to suffer) at multiple sites, multiple times, at multiple situations, continuously throughout their life evenbefore the publicationof thisbook.Itmaybe true, people with bad mind will always thinks of bad ways of earning the money and they always wanted to keep the people mentally retarded so that people will be doing things without thinking and thus they can make money in the name of people.If the nationisnotmakinghispeople intelligentbycreatingawarenessaboutthe people like the giants,thenthe suffereristhe nation.Giantsmakesmoneyin these ways and that is the money of the commonpeople,andthatwill move of the nation and the giant will make property in all the nationsinhisname and he will enjoyhis life in varieties of ways and the sufferers are the common people whopresentinthe nations,one personlike giant will grab the money and life of millions of people and make them to suffer and make them to suffer forever. If this is the case, then the commonpeople shouldnotbe giventhe awarenessinsuchtype of activity that may be going in this societyandthese socalledgiantsmisusing the faith of common people. It is possible only with the awareness about such type of techniques so that the common people will not involve in such processwithonlythe faith,withoutthinkingaboutthe consequences.We see the processof stealing inthe movies,thatdoesnotmeanthe movie isteachingthe stealing,it also tells that, those who do stealing will get the punishment and they become the bad people in the society, with this theme theyrelease the movie,butnotto teachthe stealing.If someone isinterested, let them open a web and collect the information’s (and those who are not accessible via the web, then through the media) like ‘did any one told, to do things like this, and what they did without knowing the consequences’, we may get many issues like this.

5. 4.7 Such type of activities done by the giant will have greater impact on the development of the nation: Minor and silly looking such types of issues may have greater impact on the development of the nation,bothdirectlyandindirectly.If the nationallowssuchgiants with the evil mind to grow, then that nation is going to suffer acutely at one or the other time without any prior signal. We cannot underestimate the giant thinking that, the giant targets only one person who is not good and it is essential tomaintainthe welfare of the thousandsof people workingunderhim, andif one targeted persondies(whomthe police andthe law thinksbad),nothing happens to the nation. It may be the clue for manysuch typesof incidences,andwiththistype of underworld activity protecting himself as the good personinthe eyesof the nation and the society and making lot of property in different countries, one day he may target the whole nation from which he has developed in to such an extent. May be one to two people may read ten times this book to know how we can give trouble to the common people, on the other hand, millions of people will know how to handle such people and teach them the lesson without any sufferings to anyone, by reading this book once, and they are goingto such personsandsituationsfromthe grassroot level andwhichisgoingto prevent millions of such issues. Thus with better awareness and preventive measure, the people suffering by the people like the giant will decrease. When the people become more aware about such techniques, thenthe giantusingsuch techniqueswill notworkoutandthus theywill notbecomesthe ‘giants’ in the society. If a giantthinksthata personisa witnessforhismistakeshe will allow the witness to live even that person does not speak anything about the giant, and that person may be required to make this nation a developed nation. 4.8 Difficulties in identifying the spy of the giant in India. The reasons behind difficulty in identifying such groups in India may be: 1. The population of this nation is more; cities and towns are growing without control, where anyone can come and stay, will be doing any type of work under very good name and trade. Police will not be able to sit at all the places all the time. 2. The housesandthe roadsare haphazard,a criminal witha justkilledbodyinhisvehicle can roam the city, can go front and back more than hundred times in the same road no one will be counting howmany time the same personandthe vehicle moved in that road and the purpose for which it is movinglike this,thisisindependentIndia.The presentsetupandthe infrastructure isnotsuitable to identify such abnormal movements of the vehicle and people. People can go anywhere and do anything they want and come back cool in this nation. This will not be able to identify with the present organisation of houses and roads. 3. Lack of communication: We will not talk to the neighbours and we will not know what they are doinginside theirhouse.Theymaybe preparingbombinsidetheirhouse todisturbthe peace of the nationand inthat abnormal waytheyenjoythe life.Thiswe willstartthinkingonlyone ortwobomb explodes. How many houses we can search every day for the sake of bomb.

6. 4. There are many roads entering one city, not all the roads are protected, so anything can be brought inside the city with unprotected roads, when once it enters inside the city no one will be able to identify where it is going. 5. People withdifferentcharacterandpurpose whichmaybe criminal also, especially the criminals whowork withthe ginat,will be movingfromplace toplace or any where they want and there is no control on the movementsof the people. They will do whatever they want. They will be identified onlyafterthe prolongedexercise bythe police,afterthe processof severe damage to this society is over. 6. The lakhsof housesgivingshelterfor crores of people with lack of communication between the people of differenthousesincitiesisadisadvantage foridentifyingthe criminalsonone side, on the other hand lonely houses away from the main stream present in some farm as farm house or near the forest which are not under the control will give very good shelter for the criminals, for their meeting to plan for killing the persons targeted or to disturb the peace in the society is also disadvantage forthe securityof the nation.Peoplelike giants will utilise both the places well, in an effectiveandscientificmanner.Ithinkpolicealone ishelplessinthistype of organisation of houses. 7. Our systemmaybe excellentinidentifyingthe crime whenonce the process of crime is over. We have detective agencies; varieties of techniques are available to identify the criminals like finger printing,DNA scan,CCTV videoanalysis,chemical analysers and so on. But because of uncontrolled growth,whichisverymuch haphazardour presentsystemisnotable to prevent criminal activity by early identification of the materials used for the criminal activity and the people involved in it including the top people of the society like the giants. Do youthinkby increasingthe numberof police and posting one police to all the houses round the clock will solve the problemof thiscriminal activity.It is the entire system that needs modification. People should get adequate income in a legal way with the professions which are regarded as normal, the people should be aware about the problem they land up if they associate with the criminal activity with the people like giant, they should have the courage to inform about people whoare planningfordoingcriminal activityinthe societyearlytopreventthe same, the people and the vehicle should have a valid reason to inside or outside the village otherwise we will not know whois movingforwhatand criminalswill dotheirworkwithease.All these are possible with VPA – MV – MN. 4.9 How VPA – MV – MN – NSW will work out better for maintaining the Internal security. For this reason we need to make modification in our organisation: 1. We needtohave goodinfrastructure andworkto generate goodincome inourownvillage.Good work with good income is possible with RCS – VPA. Good infrastructure we can create with MV. Where we can record all the people entering and going out of the village / city with their vehicle. Withthiswe can identifythe movementof the criminalsof the giantandthe vehicle theyuse forthis purpose. 2. Too much of recordingof movementsof the peopleandthe vehicles, makes the consumption of too manystaffsand recordingequipment, and early exhaustion of the system. So it is necessary to decrease the overall movement of the people and the vehicle which is possible with VPA – MV.

7. 3. We needtomonitorall the movementslike movementof the individualsandthe vehicles, which shouldbe quick,convenientforboththe people and for the officers, sensitive in identifying all the activities. We can have system like as soon as the vehicle comes near the point of checking at the entry and exit point, the pictures of the front and back of the vehicle will be done automatically, scanner will scan of the bottom and top of the vehicle, metal detectors will detect the active substances and all these will be done automatically. The checking person will insert the thumb scanner with the video recorder attracted to the inserting stick. All the people will swipe their thumb, automatically their faces will be recorded and will go the system where their PIN and the detailsof the tourwill be recordedand if it is corresponding the gate will automatically open. With thiswe can identifythe people’smovements,the numberof times,whatvehicle theyused,whether it isthe same vehicle ordifferentvehiclesindifferentsegmentsof their tour,if itsothe reason.With this we can easily control the people who roam with the giant, who roam for hunting someone, single persontravellingindifferentvehicle tohide hisidentityandsoon. And I think we can prevent almost all the criminal activities of the people with this system of recording and it is possible with VPA – MV – MN. 4. Moneylessandticketlesstravellingforthose whotravel inmasstravellingsystemlike buses and train.At the entrypointof the busstand andrailwaystation, passengersneedtoswipe theirfingers, tell the place where theygoing.Thengoand sit in the bus when it comes. The bus will be given the details of the people getting in at that station. The person has to get down at the specified point because hisname will be presentatthe exitpoint.All these places,the PIN willbe recorded and will be addedinto the personnel detailsof the person under the section of travelling and also in to the NSW.So that, we can assessthe people,where all theyhad gone, the purpose and other details. So the people of the giant travelling in the train and buses repeatedly while following the person targeted will be easily identified. And also if it is not corresponding with the tour programme recordedinhisVPA,thenalsohe can be quarantined.The spy / associate / agency working with the giantwill notbe able to give the validreason,because he cannotgive the reasonlike he is following someone.Orif he sayshe isgoingto some office inthe district, then at the analysis the PIN will not be there at the place he said in his VPA. E.g. If a person with his family wanted to go for a movie in the nearbycity.Firsthe will gohisVPA office withall the familymembers,put their thumb sign, and enter the reason like ‘they are going to see the movie in the nearby city’. Then at the bus station theywill putthumb sign, the money will be deducted from the account and all of them will go and sitin the bus.Whentheyare goingout of the bus stationtheyputtheirthumbsignand will gooutof the bus station,whentheyare enteringthe moviehall theywill puttheirthumb sign, money will be deducted from the account and will enter the movie hall, and when they are coming out from the movie hall they will put their thumb sign and comes out, when they go to the hotel they will put thumbsignand enter,aftertheyfinishhavingfood,theywill put thumb sign and the money will be deductedfromthe accountmay be from one personandall put the thumbsignand will come out of the hotel,thenwill enterthe busstandand putthe thumbsignthe moneywill be deductedfromthe account,all will putthe thumbsignandwill enter the bus and when they come back to their village they have to thumb sign and can go to their village. Money /currency will be stored only in the authorised banks. It is necessary to make the thing like having cash in hand should arouse the suspicionof itssouse andshouldbe interrogated. With the establishment of VPA, no money (cash) should come in the way of transaction. So this family will go to all the places inside the India only with the thumb with them. Only thing is they should be having sufficient balance in their account. They may be having any number of accounts with different bank, but it will be with the PIN. So a

8. person has to remember the PIN, which should be useful for all his activities and it has to be confirmed with the biometrics depending upon the transaction involved. For simpler transaction involving smaller amount the thumb sign may be enough. 5. We can identifythe evil personbymanymeanslike (a) when he is not getting down at the place where he is supposed to get down. (b) When there is mismatch in the timings like he has left the movie theatre and then not recorded in any centre and may be coming after two days. (c) Getting downfromthe busor train at an unexpectedplacethus the exit point shows no arrival sign for that PIN.(d) The thumb sigh and the PIN appearing in the routes other than the route mentioned in his VPA.All the busesandthe trainswill have thumb sign machine connected via the net. If the thumb sign is not matching then the bus or the train will be checked by the team mean for it. If the PIN is enteredundercriminal list,thenthe criminal can be identified immediately as he swipes his finger for some purpose. People without PIN will not be able move anywhere. 6. All the foreigndelegateswill be giventemporary PIN and all their money will be converted in to rupeesandwill be giventemporaryaccountandthe restwill worklike anyothers, thus they will not made to lose more moneymore thanprescribedforthem.Sowe can trace out if theyare in trouble, if they are involved in illegal activity and so on. 7. No lonely houses are allowed: the people and the families may be living in the lonely houses away fromthe mainstream,forvariousreasonslike the landtheystayisthe onlypropertythey have and that isthe onlyhouse theyhave sotheyare forcedto staythere,theyneedto protect their crop fromanimalsandthieves,theyneedto irrigate their land in the night because that is the only time theycan irrigate withthe waterof the pumpsetthrough three phase electrical supply. Like this the reasonsforstayingat the single houseswill grow. But on the other hand some of the single houses may act like the pointsforall sorts of criminal activity because no one will come to know about the criminal activityandthe persons – vehiclesinvolvedinit.These housesmayactlike the store houses for storing the criminal activity items like weapons and gun, or they will act like a temporary store house forthe materialslike wood,drugsandsome of the banned items. They may be giving shelter for the people who are involved in criminal activity like food and shelter; this may be done voluntarily or may be by fear. This type of criminal activity may change it location from one lonely house to another lonely house by the same group of people, thus even if someone gives the information about the criminal activity, by the time the police reach the place, the place will look normal and there may not be any sign of criminal activity. The police may identify the team who have involvedincriminalactivity keeping the lonely house as their centre of activity, but there are already ten more lonely houses may be doing the same type of criminal activity in ten different places by ten different groups. This becomes the never ending process. WithVPA – MV – MN no lonelyhouseswill exist, and thus the people using lonely houses for their activitywill not arise. And all the illegal activities which are right now working will come to an end and no new centre will appear in the future. 8. All the materialsgeneratedinone VPA limitwillfirstcome tothe VPA gowdonsanditis recorded. In thisaspectall the people inthe VPA will act like the police, because if someone takes the things illegallythenall otherswill go under loss. So nothing can be taken out of the VPA territory without recordingthe things.The materialsloadedonthe VPA,the vehicle carrying the materials, the driver withhisPIN will be enteredinthe NSWandthe materialswill be sealed,thenonlythe vehicle will be able to move on the CRS. In this way smuggling of materials will be possible. 9. Regularlymovingvehicleslike milkvehicle,papervehicle, petrol vehicle, gas vehicle, condiment vehicle,vegetable vehicleswillbe markedwiththe route,time,andthe driversandthe PIN,itwill be

9. movingintheirroutine course andtime.They are fixed with the thumb scan of the driver who runs the vehicle. 10.Individual or the group going for tour has to register their programme with the NSW, with the thumb sign of all the people who go in the designated and it will be updated in the NSW all across the nation. Addition or missing of the people in the check post will be enquired through thumb scans. With VPA – MV – MN - NSW, giants or their associates coming and making the people to go wrong will notbe possible,because theycannotenterthe village without any designated work. If they are coming, in the name of meeting their friends or relatives, then, they will be going directly to their place, but not to the hospital and such places. If they enter the hospital then their PIN will be entered in to the list of people visited to the hospital with the details of patient visited. The giant may notbe able tosenddifferentpeople,targetingdifferentpeople, because, not all will be willing to do suchactivity,sothe persondesignatedneedtoenterthe hospital atdifferent time, which will not be possible withPIN,asPIN,willtell the unauthorised person entering the hospital repeatedly. People simplyenteringthe hospital andhavingconversationwiththe staff of the hospital will not be possible with VPA – VPH. People cannot go to the hotels simply. If they are going to the hotel of some town or city then it shouldbe correspondingwiththeirtourplan.Peoplefromdifferent place coming and talking to the some of the hotel staff will not be possible, because as the person enters the hotel his PIN will be recorded.People of the same village orplace going regularly for change of food can be taken as the normal.But a personcomingfromdifferentplace regularly without any valid reason and discussing with the staff of the hotel will be taken as suspected activity and will be monitored, because each time the giants associate enters the hotel his PIN will be recorded. People willnotbe able to move on the CRS without getting the permission from the VPA, and they needtofollowthe planastheyhave giventotheirVPA.Thusthe giant or itsassociatesfollowing the persontargetedandcreating accidents will not be possible as the person who is going for his work has to reachin time andhe cannotstand onthe side of the road and wait for the person targeted to come.If a teamof evil people involvesinthe processof makingaccident,thentheirPIN will be seen near the accident spot, may be one or two days on either the sides of the day of accident, as they might have visited the spot to plan for the accident, this will correspond to all the accidents which are pre planned by the same group to lead their life. Thus we can prevent such activities to the maximum extent possible.

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