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Published on January 30, 2016

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1. Contentsof Section3: Do we needsome more intelligence?(Intelligence forinternal security). Chapter3-People andtechniquesusedbythe gianttogive trouble tothe persontargeted. 3.1-Varietiesof People andtechniquesusedbythe gianttogive trouble tothe persontargeted. 3.2-How giantgivestrouble throughthe friendsof the persontargeted. 3.3-How giantgivestrouble throughthe milkmanof the persontargeted. 3.4-How giantgivestrouble throughthe workingboysof the shopof the persontargeted. 3.5-How giantgivestrouble throughthe vehicle of the persontargeted. 3.6-How giantgivestrouble throughthe neighborsof the persontargeted. 3.7-How giantgivestrouble throughthe staff of the hospital towhichthe persontargetedvisits. 3.8-How giantgivestrouble throughthe house maidof the persontargeted. 3.9-How giantgivestrouble throughthe childcare takerof the persontargetedhouse. 3.10-How giantgivestrouble throughthe sweepersandhelpersinthe school,targetingthe childof the persontargeted. 3.11-How giantusessupari killerstokill the persontargeted. 3.12-How giantusesaccidentmakersto kill the persontargeted. 3.13-How giantgivestrouble throughthe quarrel creatorstothe persontargeted. 3.14-How giantgivestrouble throughthe Disturbersandscene creatorstothe persontargeted. 3.15-How giantgivestrouble throughthe bribe acceptingofficialstothe persontargeted. 3.16-How giantgivestrouble throughthe private securityanddetective agenciestothe person targeted. 3.17-How giantgivestrouble throughthe poorunemployedambitiouspersonstothe person targeted. 3.18-How giantgivestrouble throughthe people stickingtomorals,ethics,andreligiousprinciplesto the persontargeted. 3.19-How giantgivestrouble throughthe enemiesof the persontargeted. 3.20-How giantgivestrouble throughthe weaknesseslike smoking,alcohol,sexof the person targeted. 3.21-How giantgivestrouble throughthe competitive professional rivalriesof the persontargeted. 3.22-How giantgivestrouble throughthe customersof the persontargeted. 3.23-How giantgivestrouble throughthe relativesof the persontargeted. 3.24-How giantgivestrouble tothe persontargetedbybreakingthe law,legally. 3.25-How giantgivestrouble tothe persontargetedthroughhisemploys. 3.26-How giantgivestrouble/killsthe persontargetedthroughhisadvancedkillingtechnology. 3.27-How giantdisturbsthe studyof the sonof the persontargeted. 3.28-How giantgivestrouble bykillingthe qualifiedearningsonof the persontargetedfamily. 3.29-How giantkillsthe persontargetedbymakingthe vesselstobleed. 3.30-How giantkillsthe persontargetedbycreatingstressduringdriving. 3.31-How giantkillsthe persontargetedbyintroducingpoisonouscreatures. 3.32-How giantkillsthe persontargetedbyintroducinginfectiousparticles. 3.33-How giantkillsthe persontargetedbydivertingthe attentionwhiledriving. 3.34-How giantgivestrouble tothe persontargetedthroughthe workersof the hotel. 3.35-How giantmakesthe persontargetedbadthroughhis social workinhissociety. 3.36-How giantmakesthe persontargeted,a thief. 3.37-How giantgivestrouble tothe persontargetedinthe hospital. 3.38-How giantintroducesthe evil signstothe customersof the persontargeted. 3.39-How giantmakesthe persontargeted,a badcounselor. 3.40-How giantmakesthe customersto feel feartogo to the persontargeted. 3.41-How giantusesthe nature to create accidentforthe persontargeted. 3.42-How giantgivesthe trouble tothe persontargetedbydisturbingthe sleep. 3.43-How giantuseschildrentogive the trouble tothe persontargeted. 3.44-How giantinducesmental painduringtravellingtothe persontargeted. 3.45-How giantinducesmental paintothe persontargetedat some importantpoint.

2. Chapter 3: People and techniques used by the giant to give trouble to the person targeted. 3.1 Varieties of People andtechniques used by the giant to give trouble to the person targeted. The various people and the technique used by the giant to give trouble to the person targeted: 1. The friends of the person targeted. 2. The milkman of the targeted family. 3. The working boys of the shop from where the targeted person buys the condiments. 4. The vehicle of the person targeted. 5. The neighbours of the person targeted. 6. The staff of the hospital to which the targeted person visits. 7. House maid. 8. Child care taker. 9. Sweepers and helpers of the school. 10.‘Supari’ killers. 11.Accident makers. 12.Quarrel creators. 13.Scene creators and concentration diverters. 14.Bribe accepting officials e.g. police, people in public service. 15.Private security and detective agencies. 16.Poor unemployed ambitious youths. 17.People sticking to the morals, ethics, religions, principles. 18.Enemies of the person targeted. 19.Throughthe weaknesses of the person targeted e.g. smoking, alcohol, sex – girls / prostitutes / others. 20.Through his competitive professional rivalries. 21.Through his customers. 22.Through his relatives. 23.Through law breaking - legally. 24. Through the employs of the person targeted. 25.Advanced killing – inhalation anaesthetics, slow poisons, psychotropic drugs. 26.Not allowing the son of the targeted person to progress in his studies. 27.Killing only the qualified earning son of the person targeted. 28.Make the blood vessels to bleed – enzyme with glue. 29.Psychologically inducing the accidents e.g. Lorries moving to the extreme right. 30.Through scorpions and snakes. 31.Release of infectious / viral particles. 32.Attention diversion while driving.

3. 33.The staff of the hotels and restaurants. 34.Making the person targeted to donate the blood prior to the examination. 35.Making the person bad through marriage interviews. 36.Making the person thief through some of his workers. 37.Using the hospital staff to kill the hospitalised patients. 38.Harming / injuring / killing the customers of the person targeted. 39.Creating the suspicion of theft on the person targeted. 40.The roads –people moving on the road, making accidents. 41.Disturbing the sleep of the person targeted on the previous night of the examination / family function / travelling. 42.Children are used in trouble giving. 43.Inducing mental pain during the travel at signal stops / bus stands. 44.Inducingheadache / generalised weakness / discomfort and so on, on the day of examination / functions. The giant does all these things in an intelligent way. Some of the details of people and the techniques of the giant are mentioned in the following topics. 3.2 How giant gives trouble through the friends of the person targeted. 1. The friendsof the persontargeted:there are manydefinitionsforthe word ‘friend’. And there is a big philosophybehindthese definitions.Iamnot goinginto the detailsof these philosophies. I am narrowing my writing on the issue of ‘friendship’ in relation to the national security. There are manyvarietiesof friends,andthe friendshipisasortof relationbetween two individuals. The thoughtabout ‘hisfriend’byan individual will be known only to him. So, there are varieties of thought one individual may have on his friend. a. The individual may really like his friend by his heart. b. The individual may be pretending like, liking his friend. c. The individual maylikehisfriendtogetsome advantageslikemoney,drinks,cigarettes, job, retaining in job, and so on. d. The individual may like his friend because of his attractive character and life style. e. The individuals are forced to like his friends because of circumstances like classmates, colleagues, neighbours, and so on. If ‘x’ and ‘y’ are the friends, then ‘x’ will not know, what ‘y’ thinks about him and vice versa. The possibilities are many. Friends are the easy mode of giving trouble to the person targeted by the giant.The giant assessthe type of relationshipwhichexistsbetween‘x’and ‘y’. If, ‘x’ is the targeted person,then the spy of the giant will establish friend ship with ‘y’. The spy of the giant will simply talk with the ‘y’ and will assess what type of affection the ‘y’ has on the ‘x’. If the ‘y’ is not having good opinion about the ‘x’ then the work of the spy will be easy. If the opinion of the ‘y’ on ‘x’ is goodthenthe spyof the giantmay searchfor anotherfriendof ‘x’ keeping ‘y’ as stand by. And with ‘y’the spywill getall the detailsof all the friendsof ‘x’.On the other hand the spy will become very close to ‘y’and through him he may get the friend ship of ‘x’ also. The spy will speak well about ‘x’ and ‘y’ for few months. Then the spy will plan for adding some habits to their routine life like smoking, drinking, making them to involve in some sex and so on. The ‘x’ may be the person targeted or he may be the son of the person targeted. If the ‘x’ and ‘y’ falls in this habit, then the work of the giant is almost done. He may collect all types of evidences with their habits including

4. photographsandvideographs.Andgraduallyhe will withdraw from their friend ship telling that he got a job in some place and so on. He may continue his contact with ‘x’ and ‘y’ as before, doing his work at some other place with some other targeted person. The giant wantedtospoil the character of the ‘x’that he completedandhe alsohasthe evidencesto show that to the community at the right time. Sometimes the giant may also make the person to sufferfromthe diseaseslike ‘HIV and STD’ because, he knows the people who are working like sex workersandwho are gettingtreatmentsfor‘HIV and STD’. He may collect this information from his hospital – lab– rehabilitationcentresforsex workers.He maybe doingsome rehabilitation work for such people incoordinationwithNGOandthe government.If the ‘x’ gets the infection by some sex workerwhichispre plannedbythe giant,then the giants becomes still happier. Because the father of the ‘x’maybe the prominentleaderof the village,he maybe leadingthe faithfullife inthe village and he mighthave not cooperatedwiththe giantinsome issue likenotwillingtogive his land to the giant even the giant tells that he will give some money for it. Now the giant wants to see that the village leaderwithverygoodname in the village will go down as his son with the ambition of good education is going back from the city to his village with ‘HIV and STD’ in his body. The spy of the giant may make the sex worker to have sex with the ‘x’ by telling some good words aboutthe ‘x’ like, ‘(a) the giant is testing how is the character of the ‘x’, (b) the giant is planning to teachhim a lessonthatthingslike thisshouldnotbe done inthe life,(c) giantisplanning to propose some girl,buthis friendsare telling him as impotent- so he wanted know whether he is having the real potency in sex and so on’. With this back ground the sex worker will also accept the work and will startherwork verysincerelyandshe maysucceed.The sex workerwill also not know that, both the ‘x’ and she are under the follow up of the people of the giant. When once the giant succeeds in his plan then he will slowly introduce this news to some of the friendof ‘x’,whoare not veryclose to him, andtheymay express thisintheirroutine talk, indirectly aboutthisissue.Thenthe ‘x’will thinkhow come theyare speakingaboutmyissues.Andslowly this news will spread to the entire village and if the ‘x’ has some infection then the people will start lookingthe entire familydown.The fatherof the ‘x’ might have lead very good life all these days in the village and all the people in the village were giving respect to him, and the people were preferredtoworkinhislandwithrespect,butall will change asthey listen this news and the leader will lose his respect. Nowthe friendsof the village leaderwill ask,‘whatisthis;the people are talkinglike this,isittrue or not?The village leadermaytell notoit.But the spyof the giantwill show some objective evidences to the friends of the village leader at some point in a suitable situation. And the spy may also tell that the ‘x’is havingHIV.Withthis no one in the village will believe the village leader. If this is the case thenthat‘x’(boy) will not getanygirl forhismarriage. There will be non cooperation from the people of the village, the customers will think bad about the village leader and will not go to his shop,hisbusinesswill go down and thus the entire family will go down within four to five years of time. The giant ishappyand thisleaderwhowasleadingthe people in the front when the giant comes to the village will be at the end or will not be present. Still the giant talks with that village leader in a very good manner, but the people around the giant will tell ‘leave him sir, his is the family of HIV, whyyou wantto talkto him,he is fit for nothing’ and the entire gathering will laugh. And the giant will tell ‘is it so, I did not know about it’ and will turn toward the village leader and will ask ‘is it

5. true?’and the village leader will be weeping like anything turning his head down, he will not have any voice totell anythingandhe may feel the thatthe familylifeisnot good and the giant is good at that time. Like this the giant may give trouble through the friends in verities of ways like, A. Creating misunderstanding between the friends, B. Creating quarrel between the friends, C. To get sexually transmitted diseases, D. To get in to habits like smocking, consumption of alcohol, drugs, making them to indulge in sex and to go for addiction, E. For girls, the giant may introduce another girl friend and she may introduce one boy and he pretendslike averygoodpersonandfinallymakingherpregnant,butwill not be ready for marriage and he will tell ‘she has many friends like me, I don’t know who is responsible for it’, the giant will make the situationinsucha waythat, evenif the family keeps it secret he will see that it will reach the ears of all the people ‘bytellingsomeonewastelling like this, I don’t know whether it is true or no’, F. To make the targeted person not to pass in the examination by making him sick on the day of examination, G. The targeted person will not be able to read regularly in his room by making some of his bad friends occupying his room and passing time in the name of cards or party or so on, H. Friends stimulating him to involve in love and the giant making the girl to misunderstand him through her friends, thus the boy is goes for love failure and suffering with depression, I. The giant will come to know all the activities and the programmes of the ‘x’ through his friends telling he is doing some good, thus giant will leave his people behind ‘x’ at all the places, in this process,sex workerswill come and sit beside the ‘x’ in the bus, train, shops, shopping malls and in some placesandwill stimulate the ‘x’.Some oldpeople will alsobe present around her – commonly one elderladyanda youngerboy.Sex workerdeveloping friendship, with ‘x’ and later, making him to involve insex. If ‘x’ cooperates then the giant wins, if the ‘x’ makes noise then the entire group lookinglike familywill tell that ‘x’ is misbehaving with the girl and the ‘x’ will get the beating from the public’s. Sex workercalling‘x’totheirhouse as a friend and later making him to involve in sex, which is a rented house, when once the process of collecting the evidence is over they will vacate the house. J. Makingother friends of ‘x’ to have sex regularly near his room – house – street, by sending good looking sex workers and the ‘x’ will be seeing and listening the same for long time and after some time he may change his mind and will involve in the sex task with one of the good looking sex worker, K. Friendstappingthe buttocksinarude way and speakingbadlywith‘x’andcalling the ‘x’ with bad words,

6. L. Puttingslowpoisontothe food‘x’eatswithoutknowingthatitisthe slow poisonandthe deathof the ‘x’ will simulate the natural death or an accident, M. Disturbing the ‘x’ in a friendly manner, N. Asking some money from the ‘x’ and not repaying, O. Friendsare used well to induce psychological stress as it is explained earlier; they will be doing half stimulation without knowing that it has got a painful input for their friend ‘x’. P. Making the person to donate blood just few days prior to his examinations through his friends. Giant will collect all possible evidences at all the times, like the ‘x’ sitting with the sex worker at some public place to induce some doubt in the community. Thistype of thingsthe giantmay dofor all the productive youngpopulationof the entire village like studentsof medicine,engineering,peopleingoodpositionandsoon,forthe village he thinks,which is not co operating for his work. He may create the village in such a way that no one tells ‘no to his words’. He will see in such a way that there are no strong representatives from that village to oppose the activitiesof the giantinthatvillage,andthushe can achieve histaskeasilyinthatvillage. Thistype of friendshipattackshe maydo at variouslevels like at government officer’s level, leader levels, owner’s of the factory levels, land lords level, and so on to get his work done. And these groups of people will be caught in the process and the giant will use this weakness to get his work done at various levels. The way he looks at these people will change when once he gets some evidence in the wrong way. 3.3 How giant gives trouble through the milk man of the person targeted. 2. Giant givingtrouble throughthe milkmanof the persontargeted:The milkmanisthe personwho suppliesthe milkregularlytomanyfamilies.The milk man may have few cows with him. He gets up inthe morning,cleanthe cowyard,extractthe milk,putthe milkin the cane, and distribute it to his customers.Some milk man may collect the milk from one of the milk booth (pocket milk) and may distribute.They supplythe milktothe various families. The only aim of the milkman is to get some moneytoleadthe life,he will dohisjobof distributingthe milkasearlyaspossible andhe may go to some otherworkwhenonce he finishes the work of distributing the milk. The milk man in his busy workneverthinksaboutthe familieswhichhe suppliesthe milk,whattheyare doing,whenthey are getting up, which relatives coming to their house and so on. The giant thinksaboutgivingtrouble tothe persontargeted through the milkman. So he will assess the familyof the milkman,the familyneeds,theirfinancial status,their opinion on earning in legal - illegal ways, his friends, his religion, his practises, the people whom he trust more and their character, the neighboursof the milkman,his opinion on the family of the person targeted, and so on.If the milkmanis such a personthat he is ready to do anything for money, then the work of the giantbecomeseasy.Otherwise the giantusessome of his talents to convert that milk man to do his work by using few social techniques. a. Creating negative opinion in the mind of the milkman on the family targeted. b. Make the milkmanadisciple of the giantandthus make himto believe the gianttothe maximum and then get the work done.

7. c. Get the confidence of the longtermfriendsof the milkmanorthe longtermfriendsof the person targeted and get the work done through them. d. Make the milkmanto sufferfromfinancial crisisortostop providingthe milktothe family of the persontargetedandthusarrange a newmilkmantothe persontargetedfamilyby killing the cow of the milkman who was supplying the milk to the family of the person targeted. e. Make the milkmanto change his profession and substitute him with the milkman that the giant wants. f. Making the milkman to suffer with some disease and make him to ask the help of the family of the person targeted. They are done as follows: a. Creatingnegative opinioninthe mindof the milkmanon the family targeted: if the milkman has good or neutral opinion about the family that he supplies the milk, then he will not be bothering aboutthe familythathe givesthe milkandhe will notdoas the wordstoldbythe giant. So the giant plans to prepare mindset of the milkman in such a way that, he is going to develop negative impressioninhismindonthe familyof the persontargeted.Forthisthe spyof the giantwill develop friendshipwiththe milkman, he will do some help as and when the milkman expects, thus he will make sure that the milkman is going to be more closer to him. Then at some casual talk the spy of the giantwill tell ‘doyouknowaboutthe familyof the persontargeted,somebody were telling that theyare notgood,I thinkif you look at them carefully you get some idea what they are’. From that day onward the attitude of the milkman will change, he will look at the family with the eyes of suspicion, if he sees the family members just getting up and receiving the milk then he will think ‘how lazy these people are, they are getting up so late, I am getting up so early and doing lot of work,lookat thispeople they are getting so late, what they will be doing all the night, he will look withthe eyesof suspicionif some new people present in the house, and he will think what is their relationtothisfamilyandsoon. Thistype of imaginationswillgowithall the typesof eventslike the dressthe people wearinthe house,the cleanlinessof the house andsoon.Like this the imagination buildsupandfinallyhe feels‘whateverthe spytoldiscorrect,andthis family is not good’. And once the spy confirmsthis,he will tellthe milkmantoadd some substance in to the milk that he supplies to the family of the person targeted. b. Make the milkmanadisciple of the giantand thus make himto believe the gianttothe maximum and thengetthe work done:The giantwill analyse the attitude of the milkmanandif he seemsto be havingbelief ingodandreligionandsoon.Thenhe will use thisweaknessandmake himhis disciple by preaching good and godly things, giant may also help him in indirect way, that whatever the milkmanthinksashistrouble will be solvedonthe dayhe meetsthe giantsothe milkmanwill think, the giant has got some super power and he will think he is doing good to all and even if he gives some slowpoisonandtell himtoadd inthe milkand supply some particular house telling that he is doingsome goodto that family,the milkmanwilldothe same thinkingthatsomething good is going to happen to that family. May be after some years someone will suffer from problem that the milkmanwill neverthinkisbecause of the substance he added some five years ago and he will also cry with the family for the problem that the family is suffering as a well wisher. c. Get the confidence of the longtermfriendsof the milkmanorthe longtermfriendsof the person targetedandget the workdone throughthem:most of the people will notbelieve the personwhom theyknowfor a short period, but many of us will believe the people whom we know for long time leadingfaithful life.Usuallythe long term friend or relatives will not do any harmful events even if theyhave some difference of opinioninthemknowingly,sothe giantgetsthe confidence of the long

8. termfriends and gets the work done without the knowledge of the long term friend of the person targeted.Thishe doesitby gettingthe confidence of the longtermfriend of the person targeted by trouble inducingandhelpingtechnique (thatmeans‘the longtermfriend of the persontargetedwill be made to sufferfromthe disease andthe concession for the treatment will be given in the giants hospital’or‘make one bankmanagernot to sanctionthe loanby creatingthe impressioninthe mind of the bankmanagerthat, the long term friend /person is not going to repay the loan, on the other side,make the persontoapplyforloan ina differentbankandmake the person to get the loan with the influence of the giant,thusmake the long term friend of the person targeted to think the giant is helpful to him). Now the giant and the spy of the giant are close to the long term friend of the person targeted. The long term friend of the person targeted may bring some sweets or fruits to the house of the person targeted which are good ones. The spy will see the situation in such a way that as the long termfriendisabove toreach the house of the person targeted he will meet the long term friend of the persontargetedandwill tell take some fruitsorsweetswhichare excessto his bag, and the long term friend will take those fruits / sweets and will enter the house of the person targeted, where those things will be consumed by the people of the person targeted which will contain something like slow poison. May be afterfewyearsthe personwhohas swallowedthe poisonedsweetorfruitwill developsigns of poisoning and no one will suspect any poisoning. The medical team will give all possible treatmentsmakingvarieties of provisional diagnosis and series of investigations, which may show some elevated enzymes and some alternation in the biochemical parameters, but no one will identifythe cause.Evensome one suspectsthatitmay due to the sweets eaten one year back, then theywill thinkall of usate those sweets, none of us are having the problem, it may be because the poison was present only in one sweet and that was eaten by one of the family member and is sufferingnow.Forthe giant‘anyone suffering in the family is OK’ because any one suffering in the family chronically is going to make the person targeted poor. Sometimes the giant may visit that familyandgive the wordsof courage and thus he makessure that the family is suffering. The friend who gave the poisoned sweet will be seeing all these things with pity, without knowing what is happening. d. Make the milkmanto sufferfromfinancial crisisortostop providingthe milktothe family of the persontargetedandthusarrange a newmilkmantothe persontargetedfamilyby killing the cow of the milkman who is supplying the milk to the family of the person targeted: The cow may be everythingforthatmilkman,he andhisfamilymaybe leadingthe life withthatcow. The giant or his spywill provide some financial supportasand when required. One day he will make his cow to die. The milkmanwill notknowwhattodo. He mayask the financial helpfromspyof the giant. Then the spywill tell,‘someonehastogive the moneyandhe will helphim, if he getsthatmoney’andhe may alsoput a word ‘anyhowyou are providingthe milkto‘persontargetedhouse’youcanexpectsome money from them and they can deduct the money as you give the milk to their house’. So the milkmanwill askmoneyfromthe persontargetedandthe persontargetedmaynothave any money with him at that time. So, he may not be able to help his milkman. And he will also go for another milkmanforhis family to get the milk and he may be the milkman works according to the words of the giant. The giant mayget hisworkdone like addingsome slow poisonorsome infectiousmaterials in to the milk,through the milk man who work according to the words of the giant. If the person targeted is not going with the milkman of the giant, then he will help the regular milkman of the person targeted to buy the cow. But by this time the milkman is very much changed, he does not like the

9. persontargetedthinkingthathe hasnot helpedhimwhenhe wasin trouble, and now he is close to the spy of the giant or the giant, and he is ready to do anything for the person targeted including, adding substance given by the giant, and in this way the giant will get the work by the milkman. e. Make the milkmanto change his profession and substitute him with the milkman that the giant wants: The spy of giant will become one of the good friend of the milkman and he will help the milkmantoopensome provisionshopandmake some customerstocome in the morning hours and make himto get goodprofitandmake the cow to die.Since the milkman is getting good profit with the provisionshop,he thinkspurchasinganew cow and continuingthe same business is not getting so much profit as he gets it from the provision stores, thus he will stop providing milk to his customer and by that time the giant will prepare some other person who works according to the wordsof the giantand he will make the new milkman to add something to the milk that is supplied to the person targeted. f. Making the milkman to suffer with some disease and make him to ask the help of the family of the persontargeted:The spy of the giant will develop good faith with the milkman and one day he will add some infectious substance in to the food of the milkman and thus he will get admitted to the hospital andmake him to ask the help from the person targeted family that he is supplying the milk. When the family of the person targeted is refusing to give the financial support then the milkman, and then the milkman will feel bad about the person targeted. Only after the person targetedrefusestohelpthe milkman,the spy of the giant will help the milkman and thus becomes closer to the milkman. Now, the milkman will start hating the person targeted, because they have not helped him, when he is in trouble and will be ready to anything as the spy tells. 3.4 How giant gives trouble through the working boys of the shop of the person targeted. 3. The working boys of the shop from where the targeted person buys the condiments: this is anotherarea where the giant can target the person targeted. The working boys and girls who work inshoppingmalls,condiment shops and other business centres may be semi qualified, that is they might or might not have completed their higher secondary or pre university education. The ‘shoppingareas’ takes such people in order to read the labels and expiry of the products they sell. These boys and girls are the average students in their education; this may be due to the factors influencingthemintheirhome,schoolandpersonnel interest (see the education section for factor scores). They are average built because of chronic subclinical malnutrition from their early childhood. They might have discontinued their education because of financial reasons. They may have to support their family financially, so they will start working early. Their reflexes are good in thisyoungage.Theyare more influencedbythe media,because they get lot of time see movie and otherprogrammescomesinthe television.There are personalities,whichinfluences their character in their life. Most of them have good character, but all of them have tasted the life with financial scarcity.This may make some of thisgroupof people togofor easywayof gettingthe moneytolead the life as they see in the media. The giant assesssuchpeople,he assessesthe ownerandthe peopleworkinginthe shop from which the persontargetedisgoingforhis monthlycondiments.He alsoassessesthe relation between this setof people andthe persontargeted.The giantselectthe suitable person from this group. The spy of the giantwill establishthe relationswiththe suitableperson,whomay be in dare need of money and he may be readyto do anythingforthe money,if he getthe chance. The spy tune the mindsetof the shop boy, in such a way that, whatever the shop boy does is for the good for the person

10. targeted, he just wanted, to teach a lesson in the life and he may tell to add something to the condimentshe suppliestothe persontargeted.The shopboymaytell,itisnotpossible it may cause harm to that person, then the spy will tell nothing will happen except the people who eat will get minorproblemlike loose stools for one day. That the shop boy, may be wanted to test and the spy may give the substance which may produce loose stool for the shop boy and then he becomes alright.Thusthe spy will getthe confidencewiththe boyof the shop.May be for one or two months the spy maygive some simple substance toaddinone of the condiments,when once he is sure that the boy inthe shop addsthe substance,thenone dayhe may give the slow poison and with that the familymayprepare some food.Notall inthe familymemberswill eatthe foodinsame quantity, the personwhoconsumesmore will sufferandthe person who does not eat that item will escape from the problem. The problem arises late and no one may be able to correlate the problem with poisoning.Even the boy who mixes the substance will not know, it is a poisonous substance and it becomesroutine forthe shopboyto mix the substance withthe condimentsof the different people as the spy instructswithgoodsmile andactive participation. Adding one chocolate with poison out of hundred will not be identified by any of the family member and one of them may get the problem, which is OK for the giant. 3.5 How giant gives trouble through the vehicle of the person targeted. 4. The vehicle of the person targeted: The giant may maintain a special team for such works. The giantwill use the vehicle of the persontargetedtogive troubleto make the person targeted to land up in accident or to get in to the trouble or will make the targeted person not to reach the place in time thus he misses the life time chance like interview for the appointment. The informationof the movementof the persontargeted,the giantgetsitfromthe friends,relatives or the family members of the person targeted telling that, just he wants it for the sake of informationortomake the people tocooperate inthe workof the persontargeted.Sosome vehicle will followthe vehicle of the persontargeted, or the entire course may be divided in segments and will be monitoredbydifferent vehicles and teams to decrease the doubt generation by the person targeted. So, when the person targeted parks the vehicle and goes for his work, the people designatedbythe giant will start working, which may in the number of two to three or even more. Theymay park twovehiclesoneitherthe sidesof the vehicleof the persontargeted,one personwill do some sort of repair to the vehicle of the person targeted, while the other people will be monitoringthe peoplecomingfromdifferentsidesandfew will be monitoringthe movement of the person targeted. This type of handling may not manifest immediately, for example loosened nut, loosenedwiring,partiallyopenengine /breakoil pipes,puttingsugarorcoffee powderintothe fuel tank, andso on. And at some place, this will give trouble, like, the vehicle will stop, as it falls in to the small pitinthe road or there isshortcircuitingof wiringsandthe head light will be off suddenly in the middle of the forest or carburettors sucking the air and blocking the fuel circulation or can lead to the accident. If the person targeted gets some problem with his vehicle when he is going for some good work, then he may thing that is not a good sign and stops attempting the same work. This may be for his job, seat, business, and so on. Thus the person targeted may lose the good opportunity and may remain poor throughout his life. Finally he may join the company of the giant. The giant can make the journey of the person targeted comfortable and luxurious when he wants, mostlytogain the confidence of the person targeted family. Or, he may make the journey difficult

11. and not comfortable when only the person targeted is travelling or when his family is also is not cooperating towards the giant. The will be able todo all these things,because he will have a team of people who has good contact with wide varieties of people and they can make any change in situation. They may be as follows: a. Comfortable haired vehicle v/s uncomfortable haired vehicle. b. Silent vehicle v/s noisy vehicle. c. Good co passenger’s v/s bad co passengers. d. Running the vehicle with full tank v/s running the vehicle with almost empty tank. e. No repairs for the vehicle v/s frequent repairs for the vehicles. f. Cooperative drivers and helpers v/s uncooperative drivers and helpers. g. Good and pleasantaudiosongsandvideosin the vehicle v/s bad and horrifying audio songs and videos in the vehicle. h. Pleasant talk in the vehicle v/s bad, painful talk in the vehicle by the co passengers. i. Pleasant smell, neat and nicely dressed co passengers v/s smokers, alcoholics, spitting, foul smelling, and dirty cloth wearing co passengers. j. Comfortable seats are available v/s no seat, difficult to stand, hanging in the door situation. k. Vehicle stops at the place the person targeted stands v/s making the person targeted to run behind the vehicle as the bus stops away from the person targeted. l. Someone takinggoodaboutthe persontargetedas if they do not know the person targeted and he is not present near them v/s Someone taking bad about the person targeted as if they do not know that the person targeted and he is not present near them. m. Getting up and giving respect to the person targeted by one of the co passenger v/s not giving the seat even if the seat is empty by telling some is coming and later that seat in the bus will be given someone else. n. Vehicle reachingthe place whichissupposedtoreachv/svehicle abruptlystoppingatsome place and refunding the money of the ticket and telling vehicle is having some problem it will not go further. o. Vehicle iswaitingtill the persongetsintothe vehicle v/svehiclemovingslowlyasthe persongets in to the vehicle. p. Calmtravel v/speople quarrellingamongthemselveswithbadwordsmostlytargetingthe person targeted. q. Creatingpleasantscenesonthe side of the persontravelling –flowers,sweets,fruits, girls and so on v/s creating bad scene on the sides of the road like quarrelling people, dead animals, diseased animals, beggars and so on. r. Smooth journey v/s creating accidents. s. Cleanenvironmentwhile travellingv/spollutedenvironmentwhiletravellinglikeasmokyvehicle travelling in the front of the person targeted vehicle not giving sides, dust particles may be continuously expelling from the front moving vehicle and so on. t. Normal traffic and creating traffic jam. 3.6 How giant gives trouble through the neighbors of the person targeted. 5. The neighboursof the persontargeted:neighboursof the persontargetedare the peopleandthe families, who are residing beside the house of the person targeted. The relationship between the differentneighboursandthe persontargetedmaybe different.Theremaybe veritiesof expressions

12. and talks between the neighbours and the family of the person targeted. There is a great past history between the person targeted and each neighbours. Routingclose upmeets,routine quarrel meets,occasionalclose upmeets,occasional quarrel meets are all common. Verities of groups with different thoughts and practises may be present in the different neighbours. Each neighbourwill have different type of profession to lead the life. Due to their professional life they may have verities of contacts, which may be inside the town or outside the town. Those contacts mayhave veritiesof profession.Andthe professionmaybe legallylookinglegal profession, legally looking illegal profession, illegally looking legal profession, and illegally looking illegal profession.Becauseof their profession and economy each family will have their own strength and weakness. Each family will have different family members with different physical and mental strengthsandweaknesses.Eachindividual will have differentpowerto use different types of words and sentences,whichhas got its own effects on the relations of the neighbours. Different types of neighbours will have different types of reception for these words and sentences. Some word and sentences will induce happiness and some will induce pain in the minds of the neighbours. There are different cadre of neighbours exists based on the economical status –rich, upper middle class, lower middle class, lower class based on their monthly / annual income, their house, the vehicles they own, the food they eat, the money they spend and based on their life style. An individual orafamilylookinglike legalanditisalsolegal will leadcomfortable life in the absence of eventcausingeconomicburdenlike disease or loss in life, but may not be able to lead luxurious life. An individual orafamilywhose profession is looking legal but it is illegal, may be leading a faithful life inthe eyesof the society,theywillbecome richinshortspanof time,buttheymay be the family under danger at least for their rival groups as their life is illegal and another illegal group may be behindthemto suppress this individual or the family to have monopoly in the profession. Most of the giantsand theirfamiliesbelongtothiscategory.Politicians,government officials, business men and some of the professionsmaybelongto this category if they are not faithful in their profession. An individual or a family which is legal but looking like illegal in the eyes of the people may be because of the influence createdbythe people like the giant. The giant may spread the news in the society that the person targeted family is becoming rich because they are doing some illegal business,thusthe people maybelieve thatthe familyis doing some illegal business because of this they are rich. An individual orthe familywhoseprofessionisillegal andlooksillegal maybecome richinshort span of time.Thisisthe onlygroupof people whichwill fallintothe eyes of the society as illegal people. Police and the law may arrest the people who look illegal and they are illegal, but will protect the people wholooklegal butin reality they are illegal. The people who look legal but illegal in reality will be richerthanthe people wholookillegal andinrealityillegal.Itiseasyto catch the people who are lookingillegal andinrealityillegal,butitisnotpossible tocatchthe people whoare lookinglegal but in reality they are illegal. The transactioninvolvedwiththe people of legallooking illegal will be in terms of crores and these few people may be handling the entire economy of the nation and this group of people is responsible formakingthe nationtohave povertyandhungerand will not allow the nation to come up in the overall context by making the money to flow towards their pocket first and then to the othernationintheirname,the police andthe law will protectthemfromall the angles.Whereasthe transactioninvolving with the people of illegal looking illegal will be in terms of few thousands to

13. few lakhs and they may cause problems to few people and it is also important to control, and controlling this type of people will be done by the police and the law. The people who look illegal and they are illegal are dangerous to the society, but they are not as dangerous as the people who look legal but they are illegal. Thus varietiesof people will be presentinthissocietyandaround the person targeted for the giant. Some of the neighbours may be talking with the person targeted with love and affection which is real,some of the neighboursmaybe talkingwiththe persontargetedwith love and affection which isnot real and theymay be havingrivalryin their mind due to some issues like the person targeted not allowedthe neighbourtooccupyone feet extra area which is adjacent to the site of the person targeted for which they might have quarrelled once and over a period of time they may be talking each other. Or there is quarrel for this issue all the time and the neighbour may be using very bad word for this issue with the person targeted and also with the other neighbours in the street and making it a big issue. The supporting group of the rival of the person targeted may be talking nice withthe persontargetedbutwill addsome sarcasticact or wordinbetweenthe talkexpressingtheir opinion in this issue, thinking that whatever they know is correct. The giant analysesall these things,alsoanalysesthe variouscontactsof the variousneighbours,their profession, their contacts, and ultimately chooses the cheapest and most powerful way of giving trouble to the person targeted. The type of trouble thatthe giantgivesto the persontargeted through their neighbours will be like noncooperation,disconnecting the contacts, making the neighbours to express some doubt about the person targeted family, inducing auditory painful stimulus, inducing visual painful stimulus, causing infection to the person targeted or to his family members, administering slow poisons, making natural killings and so on. Non cooperation may be in the form of not talking, not giving, not receiving, not helping at the neededtime.Disconnectingthe contactsfromthe friends,relatives,visitorsandcustomersbytelling wrongon the persontargeted.If the neighboursspeakbadlyaboutthe familyof the persontargeted especially when the boy is searching for a girl, then no one will give the girl to that boy. Giving auditorypainful stimulationby abusingwithbadwords,quarrellingwithotherstargetingthe person targeted, spitting, and so on. The customised auditory sounds with prefixed thoughts may also be presentinthistechnique,asitis explainedinthe psychological induction of pain in the mind of the persontargetedthusitwill disturbthe concentrationof the persontargeted and in turn it may have the effect on his studies and indirectly on the progress of the nation. Some film songs and sound may have prefixedmeaningandthe giantmayuse it withthe neighbours.(It is like dog – bell – food for dogreflex).Visuallythe persontargetedmaybybe gettingpainful stimulusinhismindby certain actions,facial expressions,signs,materialsandsoon.Thismay alsoinclude the quarrel orthings like this, which become audiovisual. Adding infectious agents like viral particles, bacteria’s, and other infectious agents. Adding poisonous animals like scorpions snakes and so on. All these thingswillbe done bythe groupof spy of the giant, when once he gains the confidence of the neighbours. This group of spy may do all these things, when they visit the neighbour’s house. One spymay be talkingwiththe male attendeesinthe hall,one femalespywill be speakingwiththe femalesof the familyinthe kitchenandanotherspymaybe movinglike as if he is seeing the places aroundthe house, since it is outside the house the neighbour may not go behind that spy because already they are engaged with different spy. The spy who is moving around the house of the neighbourwillputsomething like scorpion or snake in the person targeted house, at suitable time and will comeback moving for some more time to the hall and will sit with the main spy. In this way the person targeted will be given trouble through the neighbours.

14. 3.7 How giant gives trouble through the staff of the hospital to which the person targeted visits. 6. The staff of the hospital to which the targeted person visits: there are various staffs who are workinginthe hospital settinglike doctors,staff nurse,housekeeping staff, electrical and plumbing workers, laboratory technician, X - ray technician, and so on. There are twotypesof life foranyprofessionals. One is the professional life, where the person has to workwiththe otherstaff of the hospital.Anotheristhe personal life inwhichthe same staff after hisdutyhours will leadhislifewiththe family,friendsandthe neighbours. Each staff will have their own personal life demands, requirement and troubles. Each staff will take their demands, requirements and troubles in their own way and they find solution for the same according to their own methods. Each staff will have different character and personalities. Some are not very ambitious,butwill be leadingpeacefullife,some are ambitiousbutare notreadyto do the mistakes, and some are ambitious and ready to do anything if they get the chance to fulfil their ambition. The giant analyses all these aspects through his spy, and selects the person who is ambitious and ready to do anything to fulfil his ambition. The persontargetedmaybe goingto thathospital for his health needs. And the giant wants to give trouble to the person targeted, so, he utilises the selected staff to give the trouble to the person targeted in various ways like giving needed injection with the substance given by the giant, not givingthe injection when it is needed so that the problem inside the person targeted will worsen, disconnecting or stopping the life supports to the person targeted or to his parents, and so on. If the persontargetedisthe doctorhimself thenhe giantmaygive trouble to the doctor through his suppliers and customers like making the baby to come with injection abscess and quarrelling like because the injection was not given in a proper way this problem has started and so on. 3.8 How giant gives trouble through the house maid of the person targeted. 7. House maid of the person targeted family: the professionals called house maid are the people whohelp the people of the family in their family works like cleaning the house - utensils - cloths - children’s,cuttingvegetables,takingcare of the children, helping in cooking and so on. House maid profession may not be the profession of their choice, may be the financial situation and non availability of good job for their skill and qualification might have made them to select that job of house maid. Most of them are the sincere workers in their life and they may be very much principled.Butnotall will be the same.The sufferings inthe lifemighthave made to do some minor mistakeslike takingone kilogramof rise outof twentyfive kilograms,when she is coming back from the shopping,orone kilogramof dhal out of five kilogramsandsuch things, few may do. Very rarely they may steal the gold ornament and some costly items. The house maids are familiar with the routine people coming to the house, the customers, regular recipe of the family, regular hotels they go, and the various weaknesses in the house. All the house maidswill have theirownpersonnel life;the husbandmaybe workingassome security personnel insome bighouse.Theymayhave theirowncircle of friendswithdifferentprofessionand character. They may have their own strength and weaknesses.

15. Giant analyses the house maid of the person targeted and all the contacts of the house maid. If he thinkshe can getthe workdone with the house maid and if the house maid is ready to do anything for money, then he will get the work done by the same house maid. If he feels that, she is not cooperating for his plan then giant will displace her from that job by promoting the family or demoting the family. The husband of the house maid may get better job somewhere else sothe whole familywill shiftorthe husbandwill lose the jobandthushe will search for the same type of job evenforlessersalaryatsome otherplace and thusthe whole family will be shiftedandthe persontargetedwill lose hisregular house maid and to her place a new house maid will come and she will act according to the words of the giant. The new house made will work sincerely for few months and then slowly induce confusion, suspicion, induce quarrel, disputes, and so on in the family. She will be regularly supply the information to the giant like the people coming to the house and their business contacts. She can involve inadministeringslowpoison in the food of the person targeted. Simple body language like ‘correcting her dress in front of her wife when she coming out the room after cleaning the room when the husband of the wife is inside is enough to have a doubt about the husband by the wife and the family life will be spoiled without any word in the middle. 3.9 How giant gives trouble through the child care taker of the person targeted house. 8. Childcare taker: Extremesof the life are dependent,that is the early child hood and the old age. The earlychildhoodisone of the critical agesof development;itdepends on others for its nutrition, learning,care,love andaffection.The mosteasily availablepersonto provide all these things to the babyis the mother.If the childgetsall these things with love and affection then the baby will grow withsmile andhappiness.If the babyisnot gettingall these things in an expected manner then the babymay developanxiety,apprehensionandfailuretothrive.The child can express all these things throughhisface andby hisbehaviour,butthe people shouldbe there tounderstandthislanguageof the baby. Many a times when the people are not able to take care of the baby due to their busy schedule,thentheymaynothave the time to understand the language of the baby. Because of the unitfamily,equal jobopportunityforbothmenandwomen,competitive atmosphere, cost of living and so onmade the normal familylife impossible and thus both husband and wife started going to the jobs early in the morning leaving the child to some child care giver at the house or at the child care centre makes the child an independent body without relation. Later, whenthischildgrowsupbigand becomesbusyinhisbusiness,maynotkeephis parents with himthinkingthatitis notpossible totake care of them and he may put him in some old age homes, may be luxurious if they have more money. The people who give care for money may be happy to do some small mistake, they thing for the same cause like money. The giant knows giving trouble to the child of the person targeted is like givingtrouble tothe persontargeted. Even if the person targeted has the love towards his child he may not be able to take care of his child due to his work load. So trouble to his child is like giving trouble to him. So the giant may target the child of the person targeted. So,the giant analyses the care giver, and if she falls in to his hand, he may get the work done from her, otherwise he may replace the care giver and he will get the work done by the care giver who acts according to his words. The giant may use the care giver for making the child to suffer with some infection, development problem or rarely slow poisoning.

16. 3.10 How giant gives trouble through the sweepers and helpers in the school, targeting the child of the person targeted. Sweepers and helpers in the school: most of them belong to the low socioeconomic status. They may be principled or may not be principled. They may have problems in their personnel life. The giant analyses all these things and selects suitable employ to get his work done. The child of the person targeted may be studying in that school. The child may go out of the class room in the physical educationperiod leaving his school bag and lunch bag in the class room. And this time the employwhoworks as per the words of the giant may add some infectious or lethal substance in to the lunch box of the child of the person targeted, thus the child will land up in some problem. 3.11 How giant uses supari killers to kill the person targeted. ‘Supari’ killers: the giant may use such people to kill the person targeted. 3.12 How giant uses accident makers to kill the person targeted. Accident makers: Most of the murders and the killings that the giant does belong to this method. Because thisisthe methodinwhichthe death of the person looks accidental and the suspicion will not arise on any one. The giant may be doing this type of killing mimicking the accident on various groups, they may be the employs of his own organisation, may not be the employs of his organisation, and may be the top people who comes in the way of his activity. A. The employsof the giantscompany:the giantmay kill his employ which mimics like accident for verities of reasons. They are, a. The employs, who are not sincere to the giant. b. The employs, who are not sincere at work. c. The employs, who speak bad about the giant inside and outside the company. d. The employs, who creates quarrel inside the company. e. The employs, who provokes strikes and un cooperation in the company. f. The employs, who ask more salary and facility for their work. g. The employs, who misleads other employs. h. The employs, who creates groupies. i. The employs, who takes undue advantage from the company. j. The employs, who is corrupt and thus brings loss to the company,. k. The employs, who does dealings in the events and business of the company. l. The employs, who has contacts with the other similar companies, thus indirectly helping them, which may or may not be the rival company of the giant. m. The employs, outstanding – efficient – sincere employ of the company who is liked by all the other employs and if he is principled. n. The employs,whoisperfectinhisworkandnot willingtodeviate from the normal course like in the process of billing, paying tax, and so on in a non corruptive way. o. The employs, who does not do the mistakes as it is instructed by the giant. p. The employs, who knows all the loop holes of the giant. q. The employs, who knows all the weaknesses of the giant. r. The employs, who knows the sex contacts of the giant and has some witness for the same. s. The employs, who knows the weaknesses of the family of the giant.

17. t. The employs,whoknowsthe secretsof the giantlike the places and houses where the giant had keptthe blackmoney and the places and houses where he had kept the objective evidences of his rivals like video recordings, photos and audio recordings. u. The employs, who are the witness for the evil work done by the giant. v. The employs, who involved in some of his evil activity and asking more money for his work. w. The employs, whom the giant feels as dangerous. x. The employs, the employ who is not willing to do the evil work as it is told by the giant. y. The employs, who is not willing to have sex with him / her and telling the giant that she / he is going to spread the news. z. The employs, who are the leaders of the employ’s union and demanding for rise in salary and benefits. aa. The employs who were cooperating with the giant for all his illegal activity all these days and nowtheyhave some difference of opinion and thus the giant developing the fear that he may leak those news. bb. The employs,whobecome the topinthe industryandbe planningtoopen the same type of companywiththe experience theyhave andthe giantfeelsthatwiththisdevelopment his business is going to suffer. cc. Those employ who opened the company which is giving competition in the market in business against the company of the giant. dd. The employs... And so on. B. The giant may kill those people who are not the employs of the company of the giant, but they have some link in the society which the giant feels is not good for his progress: a. Those people wholive intheirhouse for long time and the giant want that area or the house for the expansion of his company. b. Those people who are residing near the company of the giant and they are becoming the professional competitors’ for the giant. c. Those people who oppose the works done in the name of social reforms for his personnel benefit.Theseare the people whoknow the reasonsbehind the programmes called social reforms. d. Those people who knows the weaknesses of the people who comes with the giant as good people to make the giant godly man. e. Those people who are not cooperating with the works and activities of the giant, since these people know that the idea behind it is not good. f. Those people who work in the government and willing to cooperate with the giant. g. Those people whoworkwiththe governmentandtheyare promptand noncorruptive, thus they expectthe workto be perfect and according to the law, thus the income for the giant is going to go down. h. Those people whoworkwiththe governmentandwho know the loopholes and the weaknesses of the giant and this they may tell it their newly coming higher officer and thus the new officers become un co operative to the giant. i. Those people whodevelopmisunderstandinginthe issueslike money,propertyand sex with the giant. j. Those people who know the illegal activity of the giant. k. Those people whogive competitioninthe fieldsof the businessorin the fields of social reforms. l. Those people who the giant feels as danger to his progress. m. Those people who keep his illegal wealth and not giving it back completely. n. Those people who are not sincere to him in the places where his companies present.

18. o. Those people who speak bad about the giant in the society in their casual talk, which may be true. p. Those people who asks money for not leaking his weakness. q. Those people whoworkwiththe governmentandnotwillingtodoas perthe instructiongivenby the giant. r. Those people wholive inthe villagesandnotwilling to give their property to the giant as per his wish. s. Those people who are not willing to cooperate in sex or those who tell the giant that they are going to leak the same in to the society. t. Those people who work in the law and not will to argue as the giant instructs or not willing to give the judgement as the giant says. u. Those people who run companies which is giving competition to the company of the giant. v. Those people whoworkwiththe governmentandtheyare supposed to give the evidence in the court against the company of the giant. w. Those people who refuse to work in his company as the employ even after the giant request them to work in his company. x. Those people whoworkwiththe governmentandnotcooperating for some of his illegal activity even after they come to know that it belongs to the company of the giant. y. Those people whoworkedwithhimall the time inall hisactivity and now they are discontinuing their co operation for some reason. z. Those people whoare the witnesses for any of his illegal activity and has the fear that the giant may take their life or they may have to face the society since the society has a good opinion about the giant on the other hand giant also has the fear that the person may leak out his news to the society so he will plan to kill the witness. aa.Those people... and so on. C. The process, of creating the accident, by the giant, without leaving, any signs of killing. Before the giantplansforthe processof killingthe personmimickingthe accidenthe willanalyse the life style of the person and the situation. The points the giant considers may be as follows; a. Type of movementof the person:bywalk,bytwowheeler,byfourwheeler,bypublic transport – bus / train, by flight, and so on. b. The areas /places he goes. c. The routinesof the persontargeted;the time of leavingthe house,thenroute he travels to reach the bus / railway station, the vehicle he uses to reach that place, the route of the bus / train, the mode bywhich he reaches the place of work, his office working hours, the people he meets in the office,the peoplewhohelphimin the office,the time of leavingthe office,the mode of hisreturnto the house, and so on. d. The occasional works of the person targeted like his trips to conferences / higher office / meetings / inspections and so on. And his personnel visit to his friends, relative’s houses. e. The giant collectsall these information’sthroughhisspy/friends/relatives/sometimesfromhis familyitselfandplansforsuitable place of accident,time of accident and mode of accident to make the accident more natural without leaving any sign of killing. f. Developsthe planandinstructthe teamto do the workas per the plan.The giant will be in some foreigntriponthe day of accidentand he will not receive any call about the accident or he may get coded language message or talk.

19. g. The group of spy of the giant may ask the crowd ‘what had happed, and he will also tell the crowd, did he fell after the syncopial attack? did slipped and fell ? did he does know to swim and thusdrowned?didhe hadfell down?didhe saw the road hump? suchtype of doubtstheywill fill in the mindsof the people whowere standingthere andthese spywilldisperse indifferentdirectionas if theydo notknowone anotherbefore the police comes.Some people will be seeing and listening all these thingsandwill tell ‘he fell afterthe syncopial attack,he slipped andfell, he does not know to swimandthus he drowned,he hadfell downfromthatheight,he didnotsaw the road hump,and so on. All these will be recorded by the police and will come in the radio and television news. The membersof the familywill come andcry.Postmortemwill be done bythe forensicexpertsand they will write all the external andinternal injuriesinmany pages and finally they will write the cause of death as head injury, cerebral haemorrhage, and brain stem injury, injury to the vital organs, extensive internal bleeding, flail chest, cardiac tamponade and cardio respiratory arrest. And they will tell the same to the media and in the court. And no one knew that he had inhaled lot of anaestheticgasbefore the accident took place. Everyone will tell, he is a very rash driver, not very responsible, not following the traffic rules, drunk ‘n’ drive and so on. D. Techniques of inducing the accidents: The giant uses various techniques to induce the accident: a. To create the accident for a two wheeler he may use the inhalation anaesthetic as the common mode of induction of the accident: The person targeted may be travelling in his two wheeler, with the speedof 60 to 80 kilometresperhour and there may not be any vehicle coming from the front. One spysittingat one stopwill give the message that the person targeted has crossed the spot just by justtelling‘howare you,didyouaddyour lunch,goodnightI will call youback’and will leave the spot. The person who receives the call may be 300mts away in a cross road will release lot of anaesthetic gas in to the road and will go away from that place through a cross road. The person targeted will move in that road and will inhale the anaesthetic gas for few minutes which was just releasednotcompletelydispersedintothe atmosphere will be inhaled by the person targeted and with60 to 80kms/hourspeedhe will lose the control overthe bike,will fallandwill have headinjury. The anaesthetic gas may be released at the site in different ways like by a moving vehicle from its back, a person sitting on the bank of the lake targeting the swi

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