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Published on December 30, 2008

Author: cometoshare

Source: slideshare.net


The sleek surface of pebble concept makes people want to have it, and it become a sensible fashion item.

LINK : http://www.noteforum.co.kr/news/index.htm?action=view&nm=3912&start=0&is_num=6   SAMSUNG YP-S2


      Major companies in MP3 players having released premium products started to sale cheap products.(Those who want to listen to music doesn’t need to buy premium product, I think. Once the portability and sound quality are satisfactory, they will be competitive.) The YP-S2, the new competitor of the low cost market led by iRiver S series, Mplayer, U5 by Cowen, YP-S3 by Samsung and so on. Not only has very impressive design, but also supports the DNSe, and the high quality sound is expected.   The peculiar design looking like a pebble in the beach, and the soft LED in the lower part are very charming to not only men, but also women. As the necklace type earphone is provided as a bundle, portability is very good, and it’s also great as an accessory. I’m wondering that it can satisfy the users used to a splendid LCD. Let’s take a look at it on by on through the review.          


    The shape of a full kit. You will confirm the body and the necklace earphone are included, and the USB adaptor for transferring and charging is provided.(The S/W CD will be given at the real product for sale.)    

    The size is 41.2 x 42.4 x 16.7 mm, and the weight is 17.5g, so I can say the portability is the best.(It’s small and light as much as the iRiver S series and 2nd iPod Shuffle by the Apple) I hung on my neck with the earphone, and I hardly felt the weight.     The biggest features of this product are the portability and the design. The unique circular design that I haven’t seen before, and the reflectance of a case good as much as a mirror are so charming that get an attention.    


    [This will be released with various colors.]      

    It’s the front of the body, and there are various buttons. In the center, the power and play buttons is located, and volume control and move/search are possible by the cross button. There’s a hole for the necklace earphone, and the RESET button is provided.(There was no miss functioning, even though I used my thumbs.)     At the bottom, you will see another button (Smart button). The YP-S2 supports the DNSe Samsung’s 3D sound effect perfectly, and with the smart button users can set the DNSe, and LED at the back.) (DNSe changes to Normal, 3D studio, and Concert Hall in order.)       @ Even though it’s a lower price product, but the sound is not lower at all. Once I checked the sound quality, it sounded the great quality of sound like the other MP3 players of Samsung  


It’s the back side, and there is a connection ring for an earphone and necklace at the upper. At the bottom LED is located, so the status of operation is checked easily.(As you can see in the picture, it’s very reflective like a mirror. Listening to music with hanging on your neck, you can check your back with it, if strangers are following.)     Also, the LED is placed at the bottom as the picture, so it’s easy to check the status. You can see not only the playing and battery status, but also the playing mode Normal/Shuffle/Favorite by the LED color.(Blue : Normal, Blue/Green/Pink : Shuffle, Pink : Favorite)     @ For users using their own earphone, they should have supported the clip to fix a strap ring and earphone line.    


    USB adaptor is connected. The USB connector is not installed at the body, so by connecting it to the earphone connector, transferring and charging are possible.(200mAh battery is built-in, and 13 hours playing is possible. It’s not long enough compared to other recent products, but considering the size and the price, I don’t think it’s a big disadvantage.)      

    It’s the necklace earphone. The length of the earphone is adjustable, and it’s connected to the earphone terminal and fixing hole, so it will decrease the loss of the earphone.(It’s strong enough, so I can’t pull it out with hands.) @ Like I told it’s very light. If the center of weight is not on ears, but on the necklace, it’s not a burden to hang on a neck.

        It’s the comparison of size. You will see how small it is by looking at the picture.               [Samsung YP-S2 design & Playing video]      

    Unlike other design unsatisfactory, the design of the S2 is so modern that makes me satisfied.(I expect much on design as well as the functions of new products. When it comes to Samsung MP3 players, they were very good in functions, but the design were almost the same such as the bar type, and touch pad, so I didn’t expect much. I hope the S2 becomes a turning point of unique design.)     The biggest advantage of this product is the design. I think it has the most modern and beautiful design of all MP3 players, so it’s enough to use an accessory harmonious with formal and casual dress.(I expect that it will be very popular in 10’s or 10’s women. Sound quality, portability and the design are very satisfactory, so it has everything to become popular in women.) That it’s easy to control by my thumbs unlike my thought that it’s difficult to push buttons due to the small size is quite satisfied. It’s perfectly linked to SMS, so easy to control without difficulty.   It was very good product without defects. It will be a fresh impact to users sick of big and heavy MP3 players, I think. Design, portability, and sound are all satisfactory.  

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