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Published on February 4, 2014

Author: mariehoag

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Crazy Menopause

Menopause Talk Radio with Marie Hoäg, MBA February 4, 2014 Day 2 of Lunar Cycle S1E2: Crazy Menopausal Woman

Menopause Talk Radio with Marie Hoäg, MBA What the @#$% is Menopause Anyway? • An absence of menstrual periods for 12 months. • The function of the ovaries ceases. • Estrogen deficiency

Menopause Talk Radio with Marie Hoäg, MBA A Few Symptoms of Menopause • Acne • Brittle/splitting nails • Anti-social Behavior • Cognitive decline • Anxiety • Constipation • Bleeding Gums • Controlling behavior • Bloating • Depression • Body odor changes • Diabetes • Breast tenderness • Dizziness

Menopause Talk Radio with Marie Hoäg, MBA A Few Symptoms of Menopause (cont.) • Emotional disconnect • Hair Loss • Lack of motivation or drive • Headaches Tension • Facial Hair • Heart palpitations • Fatigue • Heartbeat irregular • Feelings of lethargy • Hot flashes • Fibromyalgia • High Cholesterol • Forgetfulness • High Blood Pressure

Menopause Talk Radio with Marie Hoäg, MBA A Few Symptoms of Menopause (cont.) • Incontinence • Low libido • Insomnia • Memory Loss • Irritability • Mental decline • Isolation • Migraines • Itchy all over • Mood swings • Joint pain • Muscle Mass Loss • Loneliness • Night sweats • Dry Skin • Skin irregularities

Menopause Talk Radio with Marie Hoäg, MBA A Few Symptoms of Menopause (cont.) • Not wanting to be touched • Sugar addiction • Tingling extremities • Osteoporosis • Vaginal atrophy • Periods irregular • Vaginal dryness • Periods last for days • Weight gain • Painful intercourse • Loss of subcutaneous fat • Panic attacks • Lines around lips

Menopause Talk Radio with Marie Hoäg, MBA A Few Symptoms of Menopause (cont.) • Vaginal and/or bladder infections • Gags Easily • Shortness of Breath • UTI’s • Nausea • Decreased verbal skills • Banana Boobs • Emotional instability • Crying easily • Feelings of despair • Insulin resistant • Addictive behavior

Menopause Talk Radio with Marie Hoäg, MBA A Few Causes of Estrogen Deficiency • Diet • Environmental Toxins • Eating disorders • Excessive exercising • Pituitary diseases • Low body fat • Medications • Genetics • Sedentary lifestyle

Menopause Talk Radio with Marie Hoäg, MBA Estrogen, The Elixir of Life • Estrogen is the most important hormone in the female body. • Over 400 functions depend on estrogen. • Without it, a woman is the Walking Dead.

Menopause Talk Radio with Marie Hoäg, MBA A Few Benefits of Estrogen • Creates endometrium • Regulates menstrual cycle • Plumps vaginal tissue and reduces • Eliminates vaginal dryness • Slows bone loss/ reverse osteoporosis • Reduce incidence of heart attacks, brain tumors • It up regulates progesterone receptors • Uplifts mood • Lowers LDL

Menopause Talk Radio with Marie Hoäg, MBA A Few Benefits of Estrogen (Cont.) • Increases HDL • Decreases lipoprotein(a) and homocysteine • Affects every neurotransmitter in the brain; including serotonin, dopamine, GABA • Adds moisture to everything • Affects brain function responsible for memory, motivation, etc. • Needed for verbal memory and to learn new concepts, reasoning, and fine motor skills

Menopause Talk Radio with Marie Hoäg, MBA Modern Treatments for Estrogen Deficiency • Medications-treating symptoms • Hormone replacement • Diet & Lifestyle • Hormone restoration Panacea Protocol: Bioidentical Cyclic Dosed Hormone Restoration

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