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Published on April 8, 2008

Author: Silvia

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Resonant Communication Network Architecture NTT’s Plans for NGN and Proposals for the Areas of Standardization :  Resonant Communication Network Architecture NTT’s Plans for NGN and Proposals for the Areas of Standardization Takashi Hanazawa Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation NTT's Operating Revenue:  NTT's Operating Revenue (Trillion yen) Decrease in revenue from POTS Major ISPs have started IP phone services in the last few years 8% (domestic) and 37% (int’l) drop in prices from 1998 to 2002 80% increase in users from 1998 to 2002 Spread of cellular phones Start of IP phone Increased competition Broadband Services in Japan:  Broadband Services in Japan (Thousand subscribers) 2001 2002 2003 Number of subscribers NTT’s “Vision for a New Optical Generation”:  NTT’s “Vision for a New Optical Generation” What are the aims? For a carrier to provide added value to the broadband and ubiquitous network environment, by network services. To create a rich variety of new services and business opportunities that capitalize on such features. <Broadband leading to the world of resonant communication> In the new-generation communications environment, people, as well as companies and other groups in society, will: - become “interactive,” using broadband; - be connected by a ubiquitous network, “anytime, anywhere and with anyone or anything”; - enjoy superior usability that is “secure, reliable and simple”. Network services envisaged for the NGN:  Interactive end-to-end communication services Diversification in service features, such as security, service level guarantees, and presence information. Penetration of easy-to-use terminals is a key issue. New means of communication that will replace telephony in the future. Video delivery services Appropriate business models are being explored which take account of copyright issues. Amid the convergence between telecommunications and broadcasting, and in light of the soon-to-start digital terrestrial b/c, the b/c industry is highly interested. Potential demand is certain. Virtual Private Network (VPN) services The diversification of means of network access, and the need for flexible network configuration have made highly value-added VPN a key to differentiation. Information home appliance control services Widespread use of cellular phones and PDAs allows users to be always connected. Initial targets are remote control of home appliances and home security services Future targets include diverse services using RFID tags and various sensors. Network services envisaged for the NGN RENA Resonant Communication Network Architecture:  OXC IPv6 Diffserv Resonant Communication Network User premises Home GW GMPLS Firewall ENUM SIP Core network High-speed, high-capacity, QoS Presence Mobile IP Discovery End-to-end connection MPLS CWDM FWA B-PON GE-PON DNS Access network Service/network control platform Security RENA Resonant Communication Network Architecture Authentication IPSec Encryption Important standardization areas:  Important standardization areas Core network Information home appliance control Community collaboration Content circulation Search engine Web Other network Service/network control platform Inter-node IF Control protocol for multilayer transfer (GMPLS based) Inter-network IF Control protocol for multilayer transfer Network-PF IF NTW-PF interworking for security (SIP, MIDCOM) NTW-PF Interworking for achieving QoS (SIP) Terminal-PF IF Security when multiple SIPs are involved (SIP) End-to-end security/QoS Remote maintenance of terminals Inter-terminal IF QoS through inter-terminal control (RTCP) Remote-controlled services Access network IF Optical access IF (B-PON, GE-PON) (ITU-T G983, IEEE802.3ahEFM) Network software architecture Functional architecture allowing flexible implementation of network software Inter-OSS IF allowing interworking between OSSs both inside and outside a corporation Home GW GW: gateway IF: interface PF: platform Home GW Home Gateway:  Home Gateway Remote control  Session control Authentication Home GW User network Home GW firmware Remote maintenance center Home GW functions are parts of NGN and will be implemented in stand-alone unit or in a broadband router, PC, or home appliance. Home GW firmware can be down-loaded from the service provider. To support fair competition and marketing, basic interfaces around the home GW should be well standardized. Service/network control platform RENA-based network Desired standardization areas Photonic network:  Edge node Core node Core node IP network Wavelength Optical/TDM network ISP Ether network ATM network Ether network ATM network Optical/TDM network OIX GMPLS GMPLS GMPLS Multilayer pass-through network architecture Control protocol Photonic network Edge node Desired standardization areas - GMPLS based protocol - Mapping onto L1 to pass as much as possible Tens of Tbit/s throughput will be needed in NGN. New core network architecture should be discussed and standardized. NTT is studying “multilayer pass-through network architecture” as one proposal for this. Network Software:  API Common applications NTT’s applications Third-party applications Network software platform Applications Open API for network software  effective development of new services  use of third-party applications  flexible operation of business Network software architecture  Flexible platform functions  Vendor-independent systems Network Software Desired standardization areas Conclusions:  Conclusions Amid the radically evolving telecommunication industry environment, NTT places its business priority on “building broadband and ubiquitous networks.” NTT R&D continues to develop network services with the most advanced technology available, incorporating both de jure and de facto standards. NTT has a vast amount of accumulated know-how and experience, and firmly intends to make the most of these assets in pursuing its R&D programs.

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