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Published on August 21, 2007

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Slide1:  The following is a presentation prepared for the 2005 NASFAA Conference New York City July 3-6, 2005 The Web and Customer Satisfaction:  Presenters: Steven Bryant, Senior Associate Director of Financial Aid Admissions and Financial Aid University of Southern California University Park Campus Los Angeles, CA 90089-0914 (213) 821-2928 sbryant@usc.edu Walter Balmas Senior Vice President My Rich Uncle 269 South Beverly Drive, Ste. 720 Beverly Hills, CA 90212 (310) 553-1904 wbalmas@myrichuncle.com Moderator: Natasha Kobrinsky Director of Financial Aid The Graziadio School of Business Pepperdine University 6100 Center Drive Los Angeles, CA 90045 (310) 568-5578 Natasha.kobrinsky@pepperdine.edu The Web and Customer Satisfaction Slide3:  What we will cover today: How the Web Enhances High Touch Customer Satisfaction The Technology Pyramid Four Generations of Web Communication USC – A Case Study Q andamp; A Contradiction?High Touch and High Tech:  Contradiction? High Touch and High Tech USC has a long tradition of providing high touch customer satisfaction and this has become a client expectation Introducing high tech solutions often concerns constituents across the campus because it seems to go against the high touch model 17 year olds experience high tech as high touch Amazon.com calls me by name and knows what I purchased last and what I might want to buy next My.Yahoo feels like home and I can access it from any computer or PDA From Transactions to Relationships:  From Transactions to Relationships Nordstrom Model of Customer Satisfaction: focus on relationships and experiences 'We remain committed to the simple idea our company was founded on, earning the trust of our customers, one at a time.' Keeping the Balance:  Keeping the Balance Stop DMV-ing your clients! :  Stop DMV-ing your clients! Customer Service: Anybody can provide customer service - even the DMV – we seek to provide customer satisfaction! Customer Satisfaction: How do you say 'no' in a way that the client walks away feeling satisfied? Customer Efficiency: The Web (interaction and self-service) delivers to your staff a more educated client and frees up your staff to develop relationships and share experiences. Experiences, while intangible, can be transformational, providing long-term implications for school reputation and loyalty of students. No longer just a transaction, each client encounter is a soulful 'human interaction.' Self-Service: Does it Damage Customer Relationships? Is it here to stay?:  Self-Service: Does it Damage Customer Relationships? Is it here to stay? Contrary to conventional wisdom, we find no evidence that increasing levels of self-service damage customer relationships. Customer efficiency: Concept and its impact on service management. Mei Xue, University of Pennsylvania Date: 2002 'By 2005, more than 70 percent of customer service interaction for information and remote transactions will be automated.' -- GartnerGroup, Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2001, Oct. 8, 2001 70/20/10 Service Model:  70/20/10 Service Model 70/20/10 Service Model:  70/20/10 Service Model With implementation of Web services, clients will be able to get answers to their questions and be able to complete transactions up to 70% of the time using self-service options (the portal pushes student-specific information to the client so it feels 'high touch') For clients who prefer personal interactions, there will be front line staff who can answer general questions (20%) and resolve general problems and glitches More complex questions will be routed to specialists (10%) for final resolution USC Financial Aid’s 70/20/10 Service Model:  USC Financial Aid’s 70/20/10 Service Model With the implementation of Web services, our clients are able to get answers to their questions and be able to complete transactions up to 70% of the time using self-service options (the portal pushes student-specific information to the client so it feels 'high touch') Our clients who prefer personal interactions contact our front line staff specialists who can answer the majority of general and complex questions -- and resolve most problems and glitches and bring them to resolution (20%) Specialists will bring in a manager to assist with truly unique, sensitive and exceptional cases (10%) 70/20/10 Service Model Outcomes:  70/20/10 Service Model Outcomes Significant reduction in manager referrals Manager goes to client vs. client goes to manager Consistency in policy implementation Increased confidence/training among front line staff Client confidence in front line information and assistance Challenges of Technology:  Challenges of Technology Parent access (FERPA) Protecting the privacy of students and custodial parents Human contact becomes mission critical If my relationship with your organization is mostly via e-mail and the web, if I do need to talk to a human that better be a 'high touch' excellent experience Challenges of communicating via E-Mail Humor doesn’t translate One way communication can be misinterpreted Documentation that client can print out and bring back The Technology Pyramid:  The Technology Pyramid Slide15:  How can you reach the peak of service in your office? Start by looking for the Technology Pyramid on the cover of the new issue of NASFAA's Student Aid Transcript (Vol. 14, No. 2).This issue features four articles developed by NASFAA's Technology Initiatives Committee, highlighting available technologies that can help you improve service to your students and your institution. Slide16:  Level 7: Virtual Financial Aid Office Level 6: Add Portal (customizable) Level 5: Add interaction (OASIS) Level 4: Add online options (PDF, Calendar) Level 3: Add graphics (GUI) Level 2: Add dumb terminals (SIS, text e-mail) Level 1: Add passive processes (Fax, Video, List serves) Level 0: Everything paper; nothing electronic Level ZeroEverything Paper, Nothing Electronic:  Level Zero Everything Paper, Nothing Electronic Paper Publications Materials Memos Letters Forms U.S. Mail Outreach = Handouts Level OneLevel Zero Plus Passive Electronic Processes and Services:  Level One Level Zero Plus Passive Electronic Processes and Services Paper plus… Fax Machines Video List serves Semi-Automated Processes Outreach = Slides Level TwoLevel One Plus Dumb Terminals and Tapes:  Level Two Level One Plus Dumb Terminals and Tapes Text-Based Staff E-mail Accounts Student Information Systems Dial-up Loan Processing Systems Electronic Tapes in the Mail Outreach = Prettier Slides Level ThreeLevel Two Plus (Graphical User Interface) GUI-Based Technology :  Level Three Level Two Plus (Graphical User Interface) GUI-Based Technology Text Web-sites with Images Imaging FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Delivery Method Outreach = Laptops with PowerPoint andamp; Humongous Projectors Level FourLevel Three Plus Online Options :  Level Four Level Three Plus Online Options Student E-mail Accounts Web sites with Online Options PDF Downloadable Forms Calendars Calculators Intranets Delivery System is Secure Login to External Site Outreach = Laptops with PowerPoint, Smaller Projectors, and Internet Access Level FiveLevel Four Plus Interaction :  Level Five Level Four Plus Interaction Student Targeted E-mails Interactive Submit Forms Online Scholarship Applications Secure Login Data Tables and Transactions Online Award Letters Interactive Academic Student Information Systems (OASIS) GUI-based Delivery System at External Site Outreach Becomes Inherent in Each Element of Levels Five, Six, and Seven Level SixLevel Five Plus Portal :  Level Six Level Five Plus Portal Portal Student Customized Web Pages Select Modules That Interest You (My Yahoo!) You’ve Got Mail! My Stuff (Briefcases) Real-time Information Delivery Level SevenVirtual Financial Aid Office :  Level Seven Virtual Financial Aid Office Multi-media Applications Streaming Video Virtual Delivery Systems (e-ticket / boarding passes) High Touch = High Tech Experiential Live Chat The Four Distinct Generations of Web Communication:  The Four Distinct Generations of Web Communication The Four Distinct Generations of Web Communication:  The Four Distinct Generations of Web Communication Generation 1 Information Silos by Department Content Generation 2 Information Silos by Audience Type or Role Context Generation 3 Transaction Based Secure Login / Basic Graphics / Data Tables / Transactions Generation 4 Web Portal Pushes student specific information to user / Personalized Recommendations / Decision-making guide / Proactive communications / Online coaching based on year in college/ High Touch-High Tech / 'My' Personalization / Experience / Community / Advising / Relationship Generation One:  Generation One Silos start at the top, read left to right, end at the bottom Content displayed in an easy to find manner Information is organized from the institutional view Terminology and structures mirror the physical organizational silos Generation One Example:  Generation One Example Information silos by department - content Mimics school map Information – org chart, how to call or mail us Little self-help info available – creates contact Generation Two:  Generation Two Generation two displays content by customer or role of customer Breaks the site down by 'who' – the audience – takes the text and spins it by role Still primarily from institutional point of view although it acknowledges separate audiences Generation Two Example:  Generation Two Example Organizes content by role type Tailor content to the audience Still not 'How do I apply?' but, 'How do students like me apply?' Generation Three:  Generation Three Transaction Based Secure Password/ID Login (OASIS) Usually customizable password But not customizable username Web-based Dumb Terminals Data Tables I can do transactions (but still not relational or experiential– lacking a sense of community) My Data: Application status Account balance Financial aid award Change address online Generation Three ExampleOASIS:  Generation Three Example OASIS Now with Guest Access Online Academic Student Information Systems“OASIS”:  Online Academic Student Information Systems 'OASIS' Generation Four:  Generation Four Web Portal High Touch - High Tech Smart Cookies Secure Password/ID Login (Customizable User Name, Password, Appearance of Portal) My Web Site Experience: My Interests, My Aid Package, My Costs (Calculations with Personalized Suggestions) Sense of Community (AOL, My Yahoo) My Personal Relationship with USC Smart Web Site Doesn’t ask for information we already have Pushes relevant information to student (My mailbox) My Advisors / My Success Team Generation Four Example http://preparingforcollege.usc.edu:  Generation Four Example http://preparingforcollege.usc.edu My role, my log-in, pushes relevant information to me, doesn’t ask for information we already have, offers a sense of community USC: A Case StudyUSC at Technology Level Six*Web Generation Four**:  USC: A Case Study USC at Technology Level Six* Web Generation Four** *Experiential Web Portal **Virtual University Where We Are Now:  Where We Are Now Integration of Admission and Financial Aid Content Organized by Specific student Admission Application Status Online (DMS) Admission Application Online Financial Aid Application Status Online (DMS) Interactive Online Offer Letter (IOL) Online Loan Processing and Entrance Counseling Where We Are Now:  Where We Are Now Online Money Management Counseling Online payment calculator fao@usc.edu (auto-response and 24 hour turnaround) Event RSVP Online PDF downloadable forms Links to other sites to complete transactions E-Pay / E-Bill Web Registration Slide39:  Slide40:  Login using the user name you generated and the password that was e-mailed to you. Later, if you want to change your password, you can here. Slide41:  Use your 10-digit USC ID with no dashes or spaces, select a username, confirm your e-mail address, and a random password will be e-mailed to you shortly. FERPA Compliant SIG: Student Information Gateway:  SIG: Student Information Gateway Slide43:  Choose your content Browse topics of interest Go to My Paying-For-College Plan Slide44:  View document requests and your financial aid award revisions Edit My Interests:  Edit My Interests Interests populated by what we know about student Student controls their USC worldview High Tech feels High Touch DMS: Document Management System:  DMS: Document Management System Document Management System:  Document Management System Student signs in on secure Web site and sees what documents are missing Student selects which documents she wants to submit Prints out barcode cover sheet Faxes document with barcode cover sheet on it Student instantly gets e-mail receipt with copy of the image we received Image goes directly into workflow Some documents show as received on SIS instantly Some documents show as pending on SIS until FAO reviews completeness of document – then document moves to received Student can check document status on Web 24/7 Slide48:  My Interactive Offer Letter:  My Interactive Offer Letter IOL: Interactive Offer Letter:  IOL: Interactive Offer Letter Display the most recent award letter and one previous version Display all special award messages and disbursement holds / codes / what do I need to do to get my aid Show cost of attendance, click on it to get detail Is your housing correct? — if not… Is your enrollment correct? — if not… Input any additional scholarships Display general messages and legal messages IOL Continued:  IOL Continued Loan Processing Display total eligibility for alternative loan Give student option to decline particular awards to increase private loan eligibility Allows student to apply for additional private loan Show total amount of Stafford Loan already certified (sub and unsub) Be able to apply for Stafford Loan, access lender list, enter amount desired and access external Web sites Loan Counseling Do online entrance counseling with Money Management enhancements (SIS will tell if student needs loan counseling) Show total loan debt to date Loan Repayment Calculator Payment Calculator Online worksheet that pulls from SIS allowing user to calculate how much to pay and allow them to select other payment/financing options Slide52:  Future Features:  Future Features Online Submit Forms Form Pre-populates from SIS Client Inputs Data Edits and Validations are Made before Student can Submit Data Downloaded to SIS Quality Assurance of Data The Dream:  The Dream When the entire university is one web portal – a virtual university Student can obtain all university services including student life, housing, meal plans, health care, billing, registration, admission status, financial aid process, aid package, account settlement, etc, etc… in one virtual one-stop shop! The center of campus is no longer a place Q/AThanks:  Q/A Thanks The University of Southern California Enrollment Services Division My Rich Uncle Sage Stream Technologies provided the web service between the USC student information system and SIG. 70/20/10 Model of Customer Service: Best Practices in Enrollment Services at UCSC For inspiring The Four Generations of Web Communication: Darlene Burnett, IBM Igneous.com Slide56: 

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