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Published on February 19, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Svava Brooks Certified Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Educator Advocate and Survivor svava@educate4change.com www.Educate4Change.com This program is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not meant to replace the counsel or treatment of a licensed therapist. Healing after Child Sexual Abuse: Overcoming resistance Notice how you are feeling: Notice how you are feeling 2013 Svava Brooks, educate4change.com http://www.thrivingnow.com/tapping-points-and-instructions/ 2/19/2014 PowerPoint Presentation: Something T o C onsider What is predictable about change is that you will resist it. 2/19/2014 2013 Svava Brooks, educate4change.com Resistance to change: Resistance to change 2013 Svava Brooks, educate4change.com Resistance is normal Why do we resist change ? How can we understand our resistance? How can we predict our resistance? How do we overcome resistance to change? 2/19/2014 The process of change: The process of change 2014 Svava Brooks, educate4change.com 2/19/2014 Why do we resist?: Why do we resist? 2013 Svava Brooks, educate4change.com 2/19/2014 What are your thoughts? I can not do this This is too hard This feels too risky Can I trust this? What is in it for me? I am not sure I need this Things are not that bad It worked before, why not now? I like my routine My situation is different PowerPoint Presentation: 2013 Svava Brooks, educate4change.com 2/19/2014 Source of resistance The what Looks like Name it To prepare Fear I shut down, don ’ t feel safe When I feel afraid I feel like a child again. When I start to feel afraid, I go to my safety plan or I talk to my inner child. Remind her that was then, this is now. Shame I isolate, act out, unhealthy coping, angry When I feel ashamed I withdraw and feel stupid/bad. I feel angry and overwhelmed. When I feel shame coming on, I remind myself that I did nothing wrong, I need to reach out to a safe person. Talking about how I am feeling helps me see how I can change things. Loss of control I get angry, act out, feel overwhelmed When I think that there is something wrong with how I have been doing things I feel upset and scared. I understand that I had now control over the abuse, It was not my fault. I have worked hard at being in control but know sometimes it gets in the way of relationships or joy in my life. Now I see that I am learning a new way of being, it can feel scary but it is helpful to see that this has worked for others. Prepare For It!: Prepare For I t! Intention Self awareness Reality check Support Allow for set backs Compassion and self acceptance will help you integrate the change. 2013 Svava Brooks, educate4change.com 2/19/2014 PowerPoint Presentation: 2013 Svava Brooks, educate4change.com Something to Live B y 2/19/2014 http://sexualabusesupport.onehealth.com Feeling overwhelmed?: Feeling overwhelmed? Find help from someone that has been through it Life Coach can help identify the necessary steps Help set health goals and steps to reach them Empower you to take charge of your life I have been healing myself and helping others for many years now It would be an honor and a privilege to support you on your journey Please email me to see if Life C oaching is right for you. Svava@edcuate4change.com 2013 Svava Brooks, educate4change.com 2/19/2014 Resources: Resources Survivor Support and Resources siawso.org malesurvivor.org Call 211 OneHealth.com acestudy.org thelamplighters.org 1in6.org psychologytoday.com educate4change.com Justtell.org jaimeromo.com Taalk.org survivormanual.com survivingspirit.com connectionssp.org 2013 Svava Brooks, educate4change.com The healing begins with you and the suffering can end with you. --Svava Brooks Great Books for survivors: The Courage to Heal – Ellen Bass Breaking the Cycle – Sandra Riggins Repair Your Life – Marjorie McKinnon 2/19/2014

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