Russian market. Is it an important target group for your business?

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Information about Russian market. Is it an important target group for your business?
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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: toimelias



Learn important facts about Russian customers and the way to reach them!

Is the Russian market an important target group for your business? Mediatalo Toimelias Ltd 14.3.2014 Mediatalo Toimelias Ltd 1

+ Starting points 1) How do your business utilize the most famous Russian Internet channels? 2) How do Russian customers get information about your products or services? 3) What ways do Russians use to make purchases? 14.3.2014 2

+ Starting points Was your answer "Yes" to the title and "I don't know" to the questions asked before? Then you should continue studying this presentation! 14.3.2014 3

+ Important facts Nowadays Russian markets are the fastest growing in Europe! For example, in 2013 Russian tourists spent more than 1 billion euro in Finland and made around 5 million trips there. 14.3.2014 4

+ Important facts Russian markets have a huge potential! More than 86 million of Russians are Internet users (59% penetration): • 50.1 million of Russians above the age of 18 (or 43 percent of the country’s total adult population) surf the Internet daily; • 64.4 million adults (55 percent) browse the Web at least once a month. 14.3.2014 5

+ How to reach Russian customers? The most cost-effective way to market to Russia is Internet marketing. Though in Russia it is something different! • Market your services and products in Russian! →Tip: Russian language is not the easiest one, so it would be better to acquire marketing services from native speakers. • When social media is becoming more and more important, the demand for customer service in Russian is also increasing. 14.3.2014 6

+ • Use Cyrillic alphabets! →Tip: The texts written in Roman letters never reach the top of the search results if they compete with Cyrillic ones. • Acquire Russian domains! →Tip: Search engines also favour Russian domains such as .RU and .RF. • is not enough! Is the most used search engine in Russia! →Tip: Yandex is not just a search engine. It is the channel that offers a variety of interesting and useful services as well. 14.3.2014 7

+ • Remember that Russia has its own social media channels! Consumers use them as a source of information and search for product references. →Tip: The social aspect of shopping is much higher in Russia than in many other countries. According to statistics, over 70 % of consumers in Russia state that the recommendation from friends or relatives is the most important factor in purchase decision-making process. 14.3.2014 8

+ When to start? Is it too late to start an Internet marketing campaign in Russia? The answer is “No”! Right now will be the perfect time to start your marketing activities in the Russian market, because the launch of any E-marketing campaign is a fast process. At best your campaign will be online even on the same day! 14.3.2014 9

+ Take the first step! Have you become interested in the Russian market and Internet marketing there? Are you still thinking how to reach Russian customers? We will help you to find the right way to achieve it. Our aim is not only to increase your company’s visibility on the Russian Internet, but also to take care of your conversion rate. Our mission is to make Russian markets be yours! 14.3.2014 10

+ Contact us! Mediatalo Toimelias Ltd Laserkatu 6 53850 Lappeenranta Finland Teemu Hakolahti Tel. +358 50 355 1370 14.3.2014 11

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