Russian involvement in eastern Ukraine

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Information about Russian involvement in eastern Ukraine
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Published on April 23, 2014

Author: euractiv


Evidences of involvement of Russia’s special forces into developments in Eastern Ukraine To view this presentation PowerPoint 2010 with codecs allowing to play files flv and avi is required

Record of talks of a subversive group of the Main intelligence directorate of the Russian General Staff (Sloviansk, 13 April, 2014). Main elements – acknowledgement of arrival of the group from Russia, its composition both of Russian servicemen and Ukrainian citizens, taking responsibility for an ambush against Ukraine’s antiterrorist unit, coordination of further activities in Eastern Ukraine with Moscow and Crimea. Evidence 1 Radio talks intercepted among special forces military units

A lieutenant colonel of the RF Armed Forces presents himself before the personnel of a police office in Gorlivka, 14 April, 2014, confessing illegal crossing of border and instructing Ukraine’s police officers about further actions as a part of opposing strategy to current Ukraine’s authorities. Evidence 2 Personal confession by a coordinator of Ukrainian separatist of his relation to the RF Armed Forces

An officer of the RF Armed Forces, a commander of a group of 26 Ukrainian separatists (Sloviansk, 13 April 2014) confirms his arrival from Crimea with aim to support subversive activities in Eastern Ukraine Personal confession by a coordinator of Ukrainian separatist of his relation to the RF Armed ForcesEvidence 3

Disclosed agents of Russia’s special forcesEvidence 4 Serviceman of the Main intelligence directorate of the Russian General Staff , Russia’s citizen, Bannykh Roman Sergiovych, a coordinator of separatists in Donetsk region Career staff employee of the RF Federal Security Service, citizen of Russia, V.Makarov Citizen of Russia, Mariia Koleda, performed a task aimed at escalating situation in Kherson (Ukrainian city)

Disclosed agents of Russia’s special forcesEvidence 4 Russia’s Citizen V.Negriienko was a member of a group tasked to organize anti- state activities in Donetsk Leader of so called „People’s militia of Donbass” Pavlo Gubareev, was proclaimed as a “people’s governor of Donetsk region” at the meeting on 1 March 2014 Leader of the organization “Youth Guards”, a member of Lugansk regional council, Arsen Klinchaev Leader of the “Lugansk’s Guards” Oleksandr Kharytonov Leader of the “People’s Militia of Donbass” Mykhailo Chumachenko

A representative of the “People’s Militia of Donbass” armed with АК-100 rifles – a model used exclusively by Russian army and special-ops (defining features of АК- 100 rifles: muffler, tactical light, special type of gunsight and butt). Evidence 5 Unique Russian ammunition used by “People’s Militia of Donbass”

Representatives of the “People’s Militia of Donbass” who participated in assaults against regional police offices in Sloviansk and Kramatorsk Separatists wore combat boots made by the Russian enterprise “Butex”. A great number of these combat boots (model “Mangust”) was bought by Russia’s security agencies in the past. Evidence 6 Unique Russian uniform used by “People’s Militia of Donbass”

Evidence 7 Uniform and ammunition used by Russia’s special forces and self- defense in Eastern Ukraine are identical For comparison: ammunition of a combatant of Russia’s special forces (on the left) and a representative of “People’s Militia of Donbass” (on the right), Sloviansk, 13 April, 2014

Kramatorsk, 13 April, 2014. One of the combatants uses a word “porebrik” (curb) that is typical only for certain regions of Russia, in particular St. Petersburg. Furthermore, this combatant has clear Russian accent. Доказ 8 Russian accent and using of phrases by so called self-defense that are not typical for locals

“Self-defense” in Sloviansk, 13 April, 2014, (atop) and in Krasnii Lyman, 13 April, 2014, (adown) wears identical uniform and ammunition that are the kind of equipment carried out by regular military units not by paramilitaries like as “people’s militia” Evidence 9 Using of identical uniform and ammunition

Behavior of the representatives of the “People’s militia of Donbass” (Kramatorsk, 13 April 2014) is consistent with special tactical training of the RF special forces (way of targeting of buildings, control over territory, individual actions of each combatant, coordinated acting of military unit). Evidence 10 Special training of participants of assault

Self-proclaimed major of Sloviansk V.Ponomariov confirms that he acts according to external orders, talking over phone with his “supervisors” (Sloviansk, 13 April 2014). Evidence 11 Confession by separatist of dependence of his actions

Financing separatists groups via Russian banks in Ukraine The Security Service of Ukraine has established that separatist groups operating in Eastern Ukraine are being financed by using funds of a Russian bank (Sberbank, according to the Prosecutor General’s Office). A criminal proceeding was initiated against mentioned bank (para 3 of Article 285-5 of Criminal Code of Ukraine) due to the fact of financing of terrorist groups that are operating in Eastern Ukraine under pro-Russian separatist slogans. It was established that participants of such groups received 200-500 USD on their bank cards on daily basis. By doing so, the bank violated provisions of the law of Ukraine On Preventing Money Laundering or Financing Terrorism.

Expert’s opinion. Phil Breedlove, NATO, Supreme Allied Commander, Europe • The pro-Russian "activists” in eastern Ukraine exhibit tell-tale military training and equipment and work together in a way that is consistent with troops who are part of a long-standing unit, not spontaneously stood up from a local militia. • The weapon handling discipline and professional behavior of these forces is consistent with a trained military force. Rifle muzzles are pointed down, fingers not on triggers, but rather laid across trigger mechanisms. • Coordinated use of tear gas and stun grenades against targeted buildings indicates a level of training that exceeds a recently formed militia. • Video of these forces at checkpoints shows they are attentive, on their feet, focused on their security tasks, and under control of an apparent leader. This contrasts with typical militia or mob checkpoints, where it’s common to see people sitting, smoking, and so forth. • The way these forces target government buildings, hit them in coordinated strikes and quickly secure the surrounding area with roadblocks and barricades is similar to what we have seen in Crimea. Again, indicative of a professional military force, acting under direction and leadership, not a spontaneous militia. • Finally, the weapons and equipment they carry are primarily Russian army issue. This is not the kind of equipment that civilians would be likely to be able to get their hands on in large numbers.

Similar elements of tactic used in different eastern Ukrainian towns • simultaneous and professionally coordinated takeover of government administration buildings and security headquarters in multiple locations in eastern Ukraine (Donetsk, Slavyansk, Krasnyi Liman, Kramatorsk, Chervonoarmiysk, and Druzhkovka); • seizure of weapons in the targeted buildings, forced removal of local officials; • rapid establishment of roadblocks and barricades; • attacks against communications towers; • deployment of well-organized forces; • usage of local population, mostly women and children, to create human shield in front of seized buildings

Unpopularity of separatists movements in eastern Ukraine • a large majority of Donetsk residents (65.7 percent) want to live in a united Ukraine and reject unification with Russia, according to public opinion polls conducted at the end of March by the Donetsk-based Institute of Social Research and Policy Analysis. • pro-Russian demonstrations in eastern Ukraine have been modest in size, especially compared with Maidan protests in these same cities in December. • a small number of separatists have seized several government buildings in eastern cities like Donetsk, Luhansk, and Slovyansk, but they have failed to attract any significant popular support. • these incidents were reported by international actors including OSCE to be very localized. • a “People’s Republic of Donetsk” was declared by the small number of separatists occupying the regional administration building.

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