Running Pearson's Correlation on SPSS

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Information about Running Pearson's Correlation on SPSS

Published on June 15, 2016

Author: drtamil


1. Running Pearson’s Correlation on SPSS sga-ttest-youtube.sav

2. © 2016 Factors Affecting SGA SGA (Y/N) (Birth weight) Mother’s Nutrition (BMI/Obesity) •Weight •Height Smoking Hypertension

3. © 2016 Dependent Outcome  Birth weight of the babies  Small for gestational age i.e. less than 2.7kg for term babies – Y/N By Yehudamalul - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

4. © 2016 What test to use?  Conduct the appropriate statistical test to test the strength of relationship between MOTHERS’ BODY MASS INDEX (in kg) and BIRTH WEIGHT (in kg).

5. © 2016 Factors Affecting SGA Birth weight (in kg) Proxy for Mother’s Nutrition; Body Mass Index in kg/m2 Smoking (Y/N) Hypertension (Y/N)

6. © 2016 What test to use?  Birth weight – interval/continuous data.  Body Mass Index – interval/continuous data.  The aim here to show the strength and direction of the relationship.  Assuming both BMI & birth weight are normally distributed, most suitable test is Pearson’s Correlation.

7. © 2016 Relationship of BMI & Birth weight

8. Running Pearson’s Correlation on SPSS sga-ttest-youtube.sav

9. © 2016 Results Correlation coefficient; r = 0.432 This indicate that there is a positive and fair association between mothers’ BMI and birth weight.

10. © 2016 Conclusion  There is a positive and fair association between mothers’ BMI and birth weight.  As the mothers’ BMI increases, the birth weight of the babies also increases.  Mother with BMI of 41, had a child of 4.72 kg.  Mother with BMI of 17, had child of 1.92 kg.  “Big Mothers Get Big Babies!”

11. © 2016 Exercise  Repeat the same statistical test between; ◦ Mothers’ Age and Birth Weight ◦ Mothers’ Weight and Birth Weight ◦ Mothers’ Height and Birth Weight

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