Rugby World Cup: 2012 Ticketing Professionals Conference - Clare Wolfesohn

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Information about Rugby World Cup: 2012 Ticketing Professionals Conference - Clare Wolfesohn

Published on February 1, 2014

Author: TicketingProfessionals



Rugby World Cup in NZ 2011

The Challenge:
• Sell 1.35 million tickets (NZ$ 268.5 million)
• Target 85% of total capacity
• 11 x 2005 British & Irish Lions tour
• 70% sold to domestic audience
• Target 95,000 international visitors
• No customer data from RWC 2007
• No international marketing budget

Here is the Case Study of how they succeeded, presented by Clare Wolfensohn at the 2012 Ticketng Professionals Conference.

MAKING RUGBY SOCIAL @clarewolfensohn Photo: Getty Images

OVERVIEW • • • • Ticketing challenge Social media approach Key lessons Future opportunities Photo: Julien Behal PA

The Challenge • • • • • • • Sell 1.35 million tickets (NZ$ 268.5 million) Target 85% of total capacity 11 x 2005 British & Irish Lions tour 70% sold to domestic audience Target 95,000 international visitors No customer data from RWC 2007 No international marketing budget Photo: Getty Images

The Solution • • • • Multi-platform global online community Social media strategy aligned with ticket sales International brand awareness Online customer service Photo: Getty Images

The Results • Largest online community for an international sports event to date • Reached ticket sales target with 2 matches to go • 99% of ticket applications received electronically • Facebook was the # 1 traffic driver to ticket website outside search engines Photo: RNZ 2011

STATS • • • • • • • 17 million unique users to the website 3.5 million downloads of the official app 1.46 million Facebook page ‘likes’ 114,000 Twitter followers 250,000 photo views on Flickr 4.5 million video views via official YouTube page Over 4.1 million tweets during the tournament Photo: 6

SOCIAL MEDIA APPROACH Phase 1: Building community Phase 2: Engagement Phase 3: Ticket sales Phase 4: Tournament time Phase 5: Legacy Photo: Getty Images 7


MULTI_PLATFORM Photo: Getty Images 9


INTERNAL PROMOTION Photo: Getty Images 11

Facebook ads • • • • Tap into multiple audience groups Experiment with targeted ads Utilise reach blocks Cost effective: Sticky + Viral Photo: Getty Images 12

ADVERTISING IMPACT Reach Block Reach Block Photo: Getty Images 13


PHASE 2: ENGAGEMENT Photo: Getty Images

Target engagement Credit: Brian Carter (May 17, 2011) Photo: Getty Images 16

EMPHASIS ON ENGAGEMENT • • • • • • Ask questions and invite feedback Encourage questions/discussion Promote interaction between fans Understand your audience and what they want Be authentic and avoid spin Balance commercial goals with long term fans Photo: Getty Images

Content planning • • • • • News (qualification, tickets, volunteers) Video and photos Trivia and polls Discussion board Facebook only offers, sponsor promos  Multiple audiences, multiple interests Photo: Getty Images 18

Online/Offline • • • • • • • Partnership with TVNZ Breakfast Invited fans via social media Photos on Flickr (tagging, sharing) Weekly video highlights on YouTube 27 towns in 30 days (July 2011) 20,000 visitors Over 40,000 image views Photo: RNZ 2011 19

Measurement Fan Focus Ticket design sneak peak Video Video Video + Focus on Wellington One million fans Fan Focus Photo: Dave Lintott / Photosport 20

Phase 3: TICKET SALES Photo: Northland Regional Council

SOCIAL MEDIA APPS • Reinforced key ticket sales phases • Created interest, awareness and virality • Sales messages integrated with engagement • The World’s Biggest Scrum • Fan Personality Test • Spot the Ball

EMAIL • • • • • Remains crucial part of marketing mix Ticketing database of over 160,000 fans EDM at every point in process Pre-sales, announcements, follow up Targeted offers (by region, by team) • Crisis management via email and social Photo: Getty Images

CHRISTCHURCH • September 22, 2010 a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit the city of Christchurch • Infrastructure damage had significant impact on hosting RWC 2011 • Important to keep customers updated at every step to avoid misinformation and show concern • Customers informed at the same time as the media via email and social media Photo: Otago Daily Times

CUSTOMER SERVICE • Create opportunities for dialogue • Opportunity for customers who are experiencing the same issues to connect • Community helps each other Photo: Getty Images

RESULTS • • • • • Recouped majority of lost sales A smooth customer experience Very positive feedback Went beyond the pure ticketing relationship Keeping Christchurch involved Photo: Getty Images

Crisis 2.0 • • • • • • • • Monitored social and traditional media Responded to every query Keep customers informed e.g. Christchurch Real time response Your story, your words, your message Clears misconceptions and shows you care Create opportunities for dialogue Allows you to prioritise issues Photo: Getty Images

PHASE 4: TOURNAMENT TIME Photo: Anthony Au-Yeung / Photosport

Tournament CONTENT • • • • • • • Team of four (NZ/UK) Provided 24 hour coverage + publishing Integrated with editorial news service Tailored publication via Facebook Daily video package via YouTube + website Live updates via Twitter Daily photo galleries Photo: Getty Images 32

Real time coverage

MOBILE Photo: Getty Images

Mobile • iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows 7 + iPad, RIM Playbook • Over 3.5 million app downloads and 350 million page views • Page impressions via mobile outnumbered website 3:1 Photo: Getty Images

KUDOS • Largest online community for an international sports event to date • Ranked 40th top sports property for social media audience size ( • Selected as a Best Practice case study by Facebook international in 2010 • Joint winner of “Best Event” in the SportBusiness Digital Sports Awards 2011 Photo: Getty Images

PHASE 5: LEGACY Photo: Billy Stickland / NPHO

ENGLAND 2015 • • • • • • Transfer ownership to England 2015/RWCL Branding update across all sites Maintain and grow existing fan base Four year build up to next tournament New audience towards RWC 2019 in Japan Next generation of rugby fans Photo: Ella Brockelsby / Photosport

LESSONS FROM RWC 2011 • • • • • • • Have a long term vision Understand your audience Create engaging and varied content Cater for multiple audiences Value customer service Integrate and cross promote Don’t ignore mobile and email Photo: Getty Images

TICKETING opportunities • • • • • • Integration with call centre/helpdesk Dynamic ticket pricing based on demand Increased knowledge of preferences of fans Tap into friend data Integration with other events Updates about events in an area Photo: ABOVE Ground

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