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Published on October 7, 2008

Author: k9ruby


Slide 1: Under £5 £5-£10 £10-£20 £20-£30 £40+ £30-£40 Under £2 WHAT NOT TO GET! WHAT NOT TO GET!!! Other stuff Slide 2: Under £2 Rubys wishlist anything from Slide 3: Under £5 Rubys wishlist Around £5 Slide 4: £5-£10 Rubys wishlist Slide 5: £10-£20 Rubys wishlist Around £5 (8gb memory stick) Slide 6: £20-£30 Rubys wishlist Slide 7: £30-£40 Rubys wishlist Slide 8: £40+ Rubys wishlist Creative live cam optia AF 500GB Emprex Digital Multimedia Recorder£129.99 Nintendo DS Lite around £90 (white  ) Slide 9: other stuff Rubys wishlist The simpsons dvds Family guy dvds Futurama DVDs South Park DVDs Slide 10: WHAT NOT TO GET ME!!! Rubys wishlist What NOT to get me. The blacklist: Picture Frames (I get loads of these from my mates every year) Calenders. My computer does that for me. Diaries (ditto) Address books(ditto) Stationary/folders (our Sixthform is paperless so this is a pointless exercise) Jewelry (not my thing) I do prefer Money or amazon vouchers over vouchers anything with nuts in (for obvious reasons!!!)

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