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Published on May 5, 2014

Author: devdin2



Ruby Presentation by Shane Cao, Dinesh Devkota, Robert Laurence for Computer Science.

Introduction to Ruby Shane Cao Dinesh Devkota Robert Laurent

What is Ruby? •A Cross-Platform, interpreted and object-oriented language •Designed on the Principle of Least Surprise

History of Ruby •Created by a Japanese developer by the name of Yukihiro Matsumoto in 1993 (known in online communities as ‘Matz’)

• “I wanted to minimize my frustration during programming, so I want to minimize my effort in programming. That was my primary goal in designing Ruby.” - Matz • Was influenced mainly by Perl and Python. Matz wanted a genuine object-oriented, easy- to-use scripting language. Since he could find one, he decided to make it himself.

• In 2004, there was a massive surge of interest in Ruby, with the introduction of the Ruby on Rails Web application framework. • Open Source (Free) – This means that it’s in the budget! • Ported to run on many different computer platforms and architectures.

Cool Features of Ruby • Common Gateway Interface (CGI Scripts) • Can be embedded in HTML • Used to develop Internet and Intranet Apps • Syntax is clean and easy to understand • Problems are scalable and easy to maintain

Downloading Ruby Available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux 32-bit and 64-bit versions available

• Editing Ruby Files – Can be done with a plain-text editor • Notepad • VI • As long as it is not a word processor – Any folder can be used to store your files

• Getting Started – After installing Ruby • ruby.exe can be used at a command prompt (DOS shell) • rubyw.exe can be used to launch a GUI

Things to Know Before Coding with Ruby • All Ruby files must end with a .rb extension – For example: foo.rb • White spaces and tabs are ignored – Except when they appear in strings • Operations at the end indicate a continuation of a statement

Thing to Know (Continued) • Identifiers are names of variables, constants, and methods • Variable names are case sensitive – foo and FOO are two different identifiers • Identifier names may consist of alphanumeric characters and an underscore (_)

Syntax •Covering Ruby in comparison with other languages. – May assist users that are new to Ruby learn it easier.

Variables •You don’t need end a statement with a semicolon (LIKE PYTHON)! – my_num = 25 – my_boolean = true – my_string = "Ruby“ Variable is similar to PhP/Javascript/C#

type declaration • No need to define the data type when declaring a variable • Ruby is looser about types than Java – – The data type of the variable can change throughout the program. i=2 →2 i=“hello” →“hello”

Differences • Java – There is a maximum value for integers – There is a maximum value for long • Ruby – There is no maximum! – X=2341132451345123451345141143254135124….32 Which is valid!

What does it do in console? Arithmetic Operators. 9/3 2+3 2**5 2*5 →3 →5 →32 →15 • "I love espresso".length → 15 • "Eric".reverse →"cirE“ • puts "dinesh".upcase →DINESH • # I'm a full line comment! • =begin I'm a comment! I don't need any # symbols. =end

Printing and retrieving • Want to print something on screen? •Need to get something from the console? text = gets.chomp #same as scanner object in Java • It stores values from the console to the variable text.

String Manipulation in Ruby • Strings can be multiplied by integers – Concatenates string repeatedly –“hello ”*3 → “hello hello hello “ BUT “hello”+3 → “TypeError: Can’t convert fixnum into String … blah blah “

Loops •Like for loop While loop! Catch!

IF Statements Catch!

Logical Operators •Logical Operators work the same as in Java •== != >= <= < > Valid • One More Operator which are not in other languages .  <=>

Constant in Ruby • Ruby Doesn’t Have Constants! – So a user can define a variable on the top of program and it will accessible everywhere.  CMPS_CONSTANT =“ROCKS!” o Trying to change it generates warning but one can change it. (BAD ABOUT RUBY)

• Ruby doesn’t have a Main Method • No parenthesis! Unlike many other languages! • Define method with “def”

How to run Ruby • Array count • Uses for loop to display all numbers in array


Another way to display Array’s • Calling array using a block. • Blocks are just chunks of code that you can pick up an drop into another method as an input.

Building an Array from scratch

More Resources Ruby in Twenty Minutes: Ruby on Rails Tutorial Try Ruby within your browser!

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