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Published on June 28, 2007

Author: johnb



At the Melbourne Ruby users group we held a session to introduce people to Ruby and Rails. This is my presentation which gave the rough overview of Rails.

Ruby on Rails From Zero to Hero

Who am I? John Barton, Web Developer

Zero to Hero?

What I really mean is the transition between knowing nothing about Rails to having deployed a full application into the wild

I thought about putting some hippie slide about learning Rails being a “journey” not a destination and so on. Thankfully I thought better of it and skipped it

What is Rails? Why should I learn Rails? How does this “journey” thing go?

Rails is... opinionated web framework


ActiveRecord takes care of everything you are sick of doing over and over and over again




what if I can’t use Rails in production?

you will learn best practice via the path of least resistance then apply it at your day job then get annoyed at why your co-workers don’t get it


Get hands on! Watch the 10 minute blog video Build an app!


It won’t take long before you hit a wall this wall is called “the Rails way” most things are easy done the Rails way, but it takes a while to grok it

Everyone in the Ruby and Rails community has had to go through this transition We want to do everything we can to help you

Who am I, again? John Barton, Web Developer

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