Ruby gemstone vs sapphire stone

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Information about Ruby gemstone vs sapphire stone

Published on July 8, 2016

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2.  The color of ruby gemstone is red  The color of sapphire stone is blue, yellow. White etc.. Ruby Gemstone Sapphire stone

3.  The ruby gemstone displays the red color due to the presence of chromium in stone.  Sapphire displays diverse range of colors due to the presence of traces of iron, titanium and chromium. Ruby Gemstone Sapphire Gemstone

4.  Rubies are rare, so they are more expensive especially dark red color ruby gemstone  Sapphires are common than rubies, so they are less expensive than rubies. Ruby Gemstone Sapphire Gemstone

5.  Ruby Gemstone belongs to the planet Sun.  Sapphire is attached with the planet Saturn. Ruby Gemstone Sapphire Gemstone

6.  The high quality rubies are found in Burma and Myanmar  High quality Sapphires are found in Sri Lanka. Ruby Gemstone Sapphire Gemstone

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