Ruby Concurrency Realities

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Information about Ruby Concurrency Realities

Published on November 10, 2011

Author: subelsky



Mike Subelsky presents the basics of Ruby's various concurrency models

Ruby ConcurrencySlides & links posted to

Goal = Efficiency

At the Expense of

What Is Inefficient? CPU Idling While You

What Is Inefficient? Not Using All of Your

Types of Ruby•Processes•Threads•Actors•Fibers•Events

Completely Hadoop

Completely Hadoop

Forked Processes Ruby subprocess

Forked Processes Ruby subprocess

forkoff gem

Many Ways to Startsystem, exec, IO.popen,

Complex Fork Spork, Unicorn,

Copy-on-Write Rubinius, Enterprise

Copy-on-Write Rubinius, Enterprise

Process Concurrency•Simple•Easy to debug

Process Concurrency•Requires you to start/monitor each process•Requires some type of RPC (dRb, Resque, etc)•Can’t share resources (like connection pools)•Memory inefficient w/o copy-on-write•One process per core

Thread Concurrency Concurrency within a

Thread Concurrency Concurrency within a

Concurrent vs Parallel

Concurrent vs Parallel

Simple Thread Example

Complex Thread Mongrel

Green Threads•VM-managed•Lightweight•1 per core•Blocking I/O blocks all threads

Native Threads•Scheduled by OS•Do not block other threads during I/O•Can run on multiple cores*

*Global Interpreter Lock•Only allows one thread to run at a time•Ruby C code not threadsafe•Released during I/O

Released During I/O

Rubies without GIL

Thread Safety

Thread Safety

Thread Safety ruby thread.rb = 200000 jruby thread.rb = 1067198

Thread Safety

Thread Safety Queue, SizedQueue,

Thread Pros•More intuitive than fibers/events•Sans GIL: most efficient/performant* technique•Single process to monitor•Shared resources, no RPC•Fine-grained control of thread lifecycle *

Thread Cons•Increased complexity (vs processes)•Notoriously hard to debug•Potential for deadlocks and race conditions Text

Actor Concurrency Message passing vs.

Actor Concurrency Message passing vs.

Actor Concurrency “Threads that don’t

Actor Concurrency girl_friday

Where You Can Get•JRuby and Rubinius Actor API•celluloid gem Text

Fiber Concurrency Manually scheduled

Fiber Concurrency•Code blocks that can be paused/resumed•Lighter than threads, cannot be preempted•Scheduled by programmer•Can share data without mutexes Manually scheduled

Simple Fiber Example

Complex Fiber ExampleGoliath, em-synchrony,

Complex Fiber ExampleGoliath, em-synchrony,

Fiber Pros•Much lighter memory use than threads•Faster to start vs threads•Can share data without mutex•Can simplify asynchronous APIs (em-synchrony) Text

Fiber Cons•Limited to one CPU core•Nonintuitive•Syntax can get confusing•Need to use fiber-aware libraries for I/O Text

Event Concurrency Single-thread w/

Event Concurrency Single-thread w/


EventMachine Pros•Performs well under heavy network I/O•Zero overhead•Can still use threads via EM.defer

EventMachine Cons•Inversion of control can be confusing•Hard to test•Nested callbacks can lead to spaghetti code•Threads can still beat events (all apps willeventually become CPU bound)

General Advice: MRI Threads/Actors Threads/Actors Events Threads/Actors Forks/Processes Fibers (synchrony)

General Advice: JRuby/ Threads/Actors Threads/Actors Threads/Actors Events

Links on Questions? @subelsky

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