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Published on March 19, 2014

Author: andrewromans



Rubicon Venture Capital (we are rebanding from Georgetown Angels to

    Rubicon  Venture  Capital  Fund  I   Silicon  Valley  &  New  York  City   www.Georgetown-­‐  (  coming  soon)                                   +1  (650)  475-­‐6877                                                Rubicon  Venture  Capital  /  Georgetown  Angels  LLC  |  Confidential       Rubicon  Venture  Capital  Fund  I  Executive  Summary     OPPORTUNITY   Premiere   venture   capital   fund   working   in   concert     with   an   elite   global   angel   and   family   office   network.   Generate   outsized  returns,  as  investors  in  Rubicon  Fund  I  receive  carry  from   angel   &   family   office   co-­‐investment   funds.   Fund   designed   for   high   net  worth  individual  accredited  investors  &  family  offices.         FUND  SIZE   $25,000,000  (Fund  not  expected  to  exceed  $50,000,000)     KEY  TERMS       SIDECAR  FUNDS  EQUITY  KICKER   GENERATE  OUTSIZED  RETURNS       MIN  /  MAX  COMMITMENT           TARGET  INVESTMENT  PROFILE   2.5%  management  fee  declining  to  minimum  starting  in  year  6;  20%   carried  interest  after  investor  paid-­‐in-­‐capital  has  been  returned.     10%  of  carry  from  sidecar  funds  is  paid  to  the  investors  of  Rubicon   Venture  Capital  Fund  I  generating  outsized  returns.  This  is  in  addition   to  classic  LP  investor  economics.     Minimum   investment   of   $50k   per   person   cash   paid   up   front.   Minimum   investment   of   $1m   per   person   or   institution   for   LP   commitment   with   capital   calls.   All   investors   have   the   right   to   co-­‐ invest  in  every  deal.     Technology  focused  companies  that  have  typically  raised  a  minimum   of  $500k  in  outside  funding  or  co-­‐investing  with  tier  I  VCs  in  A  &  B   rounds   (some   later   investments   where   we   have   unique   access).   Rubicon  may  lead,  but  never  invests  alone  –  always  co-­‐invests  with   syndicate.     STAGE  INVESTMENT  FOCUS     20%  of  fund  dollars  invested  in  later  stage  seed  rounds.  70%  of  fund   dollars  invested  mainly  in  Series  A  &  B  rounds  co-­‐investing  with  tier  I   VCs.   Roughly   10%   of   fund   dollars   provide   liquidity   to   investors   in   sidecar   co-­‐investment   funds.   Fund   may   make   some   later   stage   investments  with  unique  access  to  investment  opportunities.     UNIQUE  VC  FUND  –  ANGEL  /   FAMILY  OFFICE  NETWORK  CO-­‐ INVESTMENT  MODEL   LPs  (angels  &  family  offices)  in  the  fund  can  co-­‐invest  in  every  deal.   Each  sidecar  fund  has  deal-­‐by-­‐deal  carry.  Pre-­‐emptive  pro-­‐rata  equity   rights,   enable   Rubicon   to   invest   in   lower   risk   high   reward   future   investment  rounds  NOT  available  to  other  VC  funds  (right  to  protect   ownership  percentage  with  right  to  invest  in  future  financing  rounds).      

    Rubicon  Venture  Capital  Fund  I   Silicon  Valley  &  New  York  City   www.Georgetown-­‐  (  coming  soon)                                   +1  (650)  475-­‐6877                                                Rubicon  Venture  Capital  /  Georgetown  Angels  LLC  |  Confidential       COMBINE  STRENGTHS  OF  VC  FUND   WITH  ANGEL  NETWORK   Angels   &   Family   Offices   source   more   deals,   conduct   more   DD   and   deliver  more  value  to  portfolio  companies  than  a  group  of  full  time  VC   partners  can.  VC  fund  can  move  quickly  to  take  deals  off  the  table  and   commit  more  capital  over  long  term  increasing  quality  of  investments.     SECONDARY  LIQUIDITY  FOR  ANGELS   &  FAMILY  OFFICES  IN  SIDECAR  CO-­‐ INVESTMENT  FUNDS   Rubicon  Venture  Capital  Fund  I  provides  angels  and  family  offices  that   invest   in   the   sidecar   funds   the   option   to   sell   their   position   to   the   Rubicon  Fund  in  cases  where  Rubicon  Fund  sees  the  transaction  as  an   attractive  direct  secondary  investment  opportunity.  Liquidity  provides   an  attractive  option  for  angels  and  family  offices  to  cash  out  any  time   if  Rubicon  Fund  finds  the  pricing  to  be  attractive.  This  also  provides   unique  access  to  lower  risk  /  high  return  investment  opportunities  for   Rubicon  Fund.     VENTURE  PARTNER  &  ANGEL   NETWORK   Venture   Partners   play   a   valuable   role   in   the   network:   take   board   seats,   advisory   and   CEO   roles   at   portfolio   companies,   recruit   institutional  &  accredited  angel  investors  to  become  active  members   of   the   VC   /   angel   /   family   office   network,   source   investment   opportunities  in  their  geographical  or  domain  area  and  add  value  to   portfolio  companies  post  investment.  Listing  names  &  headshots  of   Venture  Partners  &  key  angels  makes  powerful  statement  attracting   the  best  deal  flow.  Rubicon  Venture  Partners  share  economics.     PORTFOLIO  &  TRACK  RECORD   Rubicon  Venture  Capital  has  invested  in  6  companies  since  April  2013   co-­‐investing   with   elite   angel   and   venture   capital   investors   including   Eric  Schmidt,  executive  chairman  of  Google,  Dave  McLure,  founder  of   500Startups,   Peter   Thiel,   cofounder   of   PayPal   &   early   investor   in   Facebook,  Joe  Lonsdale,  founder  and  CEO  of  Palantir,  a  privately  held   software  company  valued  today  around  $9bn,  SV  Angel  (Ron  Conway),   Y   Combinator,   Sequoia   Capital,   Founders   Fund,   Google   Ventures,   TomorrowVentures,  Menlo  Ventures,  i/o  Ventures,  Battery  Ventures,   Greylock   Partners,   Blumberg   Capital,   ff   Venture   Capital,   Red   Sea   Ventures,  TMT  Investments,  Harvard  Business  School  Angels,  Sand  Hill   Angels,   Formation   8   and   many   more.   Rubicon   is   currently   at   an   advanced   stage   of   completing   investments   into   3   new   startups   alongside  elite  investors.     EVENTS  &  NETWORK  CREATES   UNIQUE  SCALE       Rubicon  organizes  periodic  events,  dinners  and  cocktail  receptions  that   facilitate  interaction  and  relationship  development  among  its  growing   investor   community   and   startup   executives   and   serve   to   grow   and  

    Rubicon  Venture  Capital  Fund  I   Silicon  Valley  &  New  York  City   www.Georgetown-­‐  (  coming  soon)                                   +1  (650)  475-­‐6877                                                Rubicon  Venture  Capital  /  Georgetown  Angels  LLC  |  Confidential           LEGAL,  ACCOUNTING  &  BANKING       LEADERSHIP  TEAM   animate  the  network.     Wilson  Sonsini  Goodrich  &  Rosati  (WSGR),  CohnReznick,  Silicon  Valley   Bank  (SVB)     Andrew  C.  Romans,  General  Partner,  Silicon  Valley,  author  of  McGraw   Hill   published   book   THE   ENTREPRENEURIAL   BIBLE   TO   VENTURE   CAPITAL,  Inside  Secrets  from  Leaders  in  the  Startup  Game  (currently   being  translated  into  Chinese  language).    Founding  general  partner  of   The  Founders  Club.  Founder  &  President  of  The  Global  TeleExchange   (The  GTX),  a  $50M  venture-­‐backed  telecom  VoIP  venture.  Managing   Partner   Georgetown   Venture   Partners,   venture   capital   &   M&A   corporate  finance  boutique.  Frequent  expert  venture  capital  speaker   on   television   shows   MSNBC,   CNBC   &   conferences.   Frequent   speaker   on  sponsored  VC  book  tour  series  in  the  US  &  Europe  growing  the  GA   network   of   angels,   family   offices,   entrepreneurs   &   VCs   in   key   tech   corridors.   Professional   network   in   Europe,   Israel   &   China.   Fluent   in   English,  German  &  French,  conversant  in  Czech  &  Slovak.  BA  University   of   Vermont,   Duke   University,   FU   Berlin,   MBA   in   Finance   from   Georgetown   University   on   scholarship.   Romans   resides   in   Silicon   Valley  with  his  wife  and  2  sons.       Joshua   B.   Siegel,   General   Partner,   New   York,   board   Member   &   Venture  Partner  of  The  Founders  Club.  Active  angel  investor  &  board   advisor  in  New  York  with  interests  in  tech,  real  estate,  digital  media  &   consumer   products.   Frequent   speaker   at   entrepreneurship,   angel   investor  &  venture  capital  events.  Manager  Eastern  European  Banking   Systems   at   Citibank,   Director   of   Market   Intelligence   at   Citicorp   Debt   Capital  Markets.  Professional  network  in  the  US,  Europe  and  Asia  with   most  active  angel  groups  and  seed  venture  capital  firms.  Co-­‐investor   and  co-­‐board  member  with  Romans  in  multiple  startups  over  15  years.   BA   Boston   University   and   MBA   in   Entrepreneurship   &   Finance   Georgetown  University.  Siegel  resides  in  New  York  City  with  his  wife   and  son.      

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