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Published on March 19, 2014

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Rubicon Venture Capital overview

1 Premiere Venture Capital Fund with an Elite Global Angel Co-Investment Group RUBICON VENTURE CAPITAL (FORMERLY GEORGETOWN ANGELS) rebranding soon as LE G A L D ISC LA IM E R 2 Under no circumstances should any material in this presentation be used or considered as an offer to sell or a solicitation of any offer to buy an interest in any individual company or investment fund managed by Georgetown Angels (Rubicon Venture Capital LLC and Georgetown Angels Fund I DBA Rubicon Venture Capital). Any such offer or solicitation will be separately made only by means of the Confidential Private Offering Memorandum relating to the particular fund to persons who, among other requirements, meet certain qualifications under federal securities laws and generally are sophisticated in financial matters, such that they are capable of evaluating the merits and risks of prospective investments. Copyright © 2014 All rights Reserved Georgetown Angels & Rubicon Venture Capital. This Confidential Investor Presentation has been prepared for discussion purposes only. It is being delivered on a confidential basis to specified parties solely to assist them in deciding whether to proceed with their investigation of Rubicon Venture Capital (the “Company”). This Investor Presentation does not purport to contain all of the information that may be required or relevant to a recipient’s evaluation of the Company. The distribution and use by each recipient of the information contained herein and any other information provided may not be distributed, reproduced or used without the express consent of the Company or for any purpose other than the evaluation of the Company. Neither the Company or any of its affiliates or representatives makes any representation, warranty or guaranty of any kind, express or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness or reasonableness of the information contained herein or any other written or oral communication transmitted or made available to the recipient. The Company and its affiliates and representatives expressly disclaim any and all liability based on or arising from, in whole or in part, such information, errors therein or omissions therefrom. This Investor Presentation includes forward-looking statements and projections provided by the Company. Such projections and forward-looking statements reflect various assumptions of management concerning the future performance of the Company, and are subject to significant business, economic and competitive uncertainties and contingencies, which are beyond the control of the Company. Actual results may materially vary from anticipated results. No representations or warranties are made as to the accuracy or reasonableness of such assumptions or the projections or forward-looking statements based thereon. Only those representations and warranties that are made in a definitive written agreement relating to a transaction, when and if executed, and subject to any limitations and restrictions as may be specified in such definitive agreement, shall have any legal effect. Each recipient should make an independent assessment of the merits of pursuing a transaction and should consult its own professional advisors. The delivery of this Investor Presentation should not imply that there has been no change in the business and affairs of the Company since the date of the Investor Presentation. Neither the Company nor its affiliates or representatives undertakes any obligation to update any of the information contained herein. The Company is free to conduct the process for the transaction as it determines in its sole discretion (including without limitation, ceasing to proceed with any transaction, terminating further participation in the process by any party, and entering into an agreement with respect to a transaction without prior notice to you or any other person) and any procedures relating to such transaction may be changed at any time without prior notice to you or any other person.

OVERVIEW rebranding soon as www.rubicon.vc4 SIZE OF FUND $25M FUND ALLOCATION # OF DEALS AVERAGE INVESTMENT SIZE OF ROUND Later stage seed / pre-VC 20% $5m 50 $100k (+Sidecar funds investment) $750k - $2.5m Co-invest with VC (Series A, B, C & beyond) 80% $20m 15 $1.33m (+Sidecar funds investment) $3m - $15m •  VC fund and angel/family office sidecar fund based on an elite and accomplished network of executives and angels providing improved economics •  LP investors and portfolio companies become part of a “network” of powerful members that source and vet high quality proprietary deals and assist in the success of the startup •  Our investors are very successful entrepreneurs, senior execs at titan technology companies, senior executives of media companies, venture capitalists (investing as individuals, from their general partnership or from their funds for radar and a feeder fund), entertainment executives, investment bankers, lawyers and other members of the technology ecosystem •  Our fund is designed for high net worth individuals, family offices and progressive traditional Limited Partners that want access to opportunities through our sidecar model •  Minimum investment of $50k per person paid upfront / min $1m per LP commitment for capital commitment with capital calls •  $25m VC fund •  Rubicon Venture Capital Fund I not expected to exceed a maximum of $50M R U B IC ON V E N T U R E C A P IT A L P R OF ILE & F OC U S rebranding soon as www.rubicon.vc5 Rubicon’ focus is EARLY STAGE TECH and also deploys capital into LATER STAGE GROWTH companies •  Later stage seed means companies should have already raised a minimum of $500k in external funding before Rubicon will consider an investment •  80% of fund dollars targeting Series A, B and later rounds co-investing with tier I VCs •  Rubicon’s strong value added investor network enables us to reach out to the best recently funded companies to successfuly top up their rounds getting our fund into hard to get into startup financing rounds •  Rubicon provides liquidity to angels/family offices in sidecar funds •  Geographical Focus With offices in Silicon Valley & New York City Rubicon focuses on the US, but will consider investments anywhere, especially when introduced by investors in our fund •  Rubicon may lead, but typically invests as part of a syndicate; Key strength of Rubicon is our network relationships Rubicon attracts a high volume of high quality deal flow from reputable angels, VCs, entrepreneurs & other members of the startup ecosystem STAGE, GEOGR APHY & CO-IN VESTM EN T THESIS rebranding soon as www.rubicon.vc6 •  Mobility / Mobile Apps •  Consumer Internet •  Commerce •  Social •  Enterprise / B2B Technology •  SaaS / IaaS •  Cloud / Big Data •  Advertising Technology •  Media Technology •  Financial Technology •  Education Technology •  Human Resource Tech •  Marketplaces •  New Service Models •  Healthcare IT •  Transformational businesses Focus on INTERNET & SOFTWARE P R I M A R Y I N V E S T M E N T T H E M E S rebranding soon as www.rubicon.vc7 1)  Angels & family offices may hear the pitch, meet the company, conduct their own due diligence and co- invest under the same terms and conditions via Rubicon Sidecar Fund 2)  Pre-emptive pro rata equity co-investment rights of the VC Fund and sidecar funds, enable Rubicon to invest in lower risk / high reward future investment rounds putting an accelerator on value of Rubicon’s pro-rata equity rights (right to protect ownership percentage with right to invest in future financing rounds). We expect this to be very attractive to family offices and angels with unique access to pre-IPO financings 3)  Angel / family office members may continue to co-invest in Series A, B, C & later rounds via the Rubicon Sidecar Funds in large or small amounts A N G E L N E T W OR K M A Y C O- IN V E S T IN E V E R Y D E A L Co-Invest in EVERY DEAL

HOW IT WORKS rebranding soon as www.rubicon.vc9 RUBICON FUND I $25m Rubicon Technology Fund I invests in portfolio startups (later stage seed and VC series A and B) Minimum investment of $50k per HNWI / $1m per family office or LP *10% of carry from sidecar funds will be shared equally among all “closings” of Rubicon Venture Capital Fund I & Rubicon Qualified Purchaser Fund I. 10% Carry Invests Invests Investors in Rubicon VC Fund may co-invest via sidecar fund on a deal-by-deal basis Sidecar funds have 20% carry on profits and pay 10% of this carry to the investors of Rubicon Venture Capital Fund I* generating higher returns V C F U N D – A N G E L G R O U P C O - I N V E S T M E N T M O D E L SIDECAR FUND Portfolio Startup rebranding soon as www.rubicon.vc10 RUBICON VC FUND •  Ability to invest quickly and take deals “off the table” •  Commit significant amount of capital towards company’s long-term prospects •  Management fee provides budget for high quality tested and proven deal flow evaluation, due diligence process, post investment coverage and reporting RUBICON SIDECAR FUND •  Angel network and family offices may co-invest with Rubicon Fund I in any deal on a deal-by-deal basis •  Rubicon Sidecar Funds may invest in later rounds beyond the scope of Rubicon Fund I •  Rubicon VC Fund may offer liquidity to sidecar participants •  Collective value add network for portfolio companies •  Unique access to invest in VC opportunities Strengths of Each Fund ANGEL NETWORK •  Extensive global group of investors entrepreneurs and executives •  Source high quality, proprietary and strategic deals with superior DD efforts •  Diversity of angels brings teamwork and combined Rolodex post investment value add to portfolio C OM B IN E D P OW E R OF V C F U N D A N D A N G E L G R OU P rebranding soon as www.rubicon.vc11 •  Rubicon has cultivated a strategic class of initial investors as Venture Partners •  Rubicon Venture Partners play a key role and may from time to time: o  Join board of directors, board of advisors or take CEO roles at our portfolio companies o  Recruit institutional and accredited angel investors to become members of the VC / angel network o  Source investment opportunities in their geographical or domain area o  Add value to portfolio companies post investment o  Listing names & headshots of Venture Partners & key angels makes powerful statement for startups seeking best in class capital and resources •  Rubicon Venture Partners share economics •  When Rubicon Fund and sidecar funds invest large amounts of money we may take board seats •  Rubicon Venture Partners play a key role in taking on these roles as board members or providing simple time efficient advice R U B IC ON V E N T U R E P A R T N E R & A N G E L N E T W OR K rebranding soon as www.rubicon.vc12 •  Rubicon Fund provides angels / family offices that invest in the sidecar funds the option to sell their position to the Rubicon VC Fund in cases where Rubicon Fund sees the transaction as an attractive direct secondary investment •  Liquidity provides a timely opportunity to ”Exit” •  This also provides unique access to low risk / high return investment opportunities EXAMPLE Angel/Family Office invests $100k of a $750k seed financing round at a $5m enterprise valuation via sidecar fund. Three years later, that same startup is raising funding at a $25m valuation. Rubicon VC Fund may purchase some or all of the shares from the Sidecar Fund (“the angel’s investment”) at a nominal valuation and thereby provide liquidity (“Early Exit”). F U N D P R OV ID E S LIQU ID IT Y T O A N G E LS

13 Purpose: Generate returns at the top quartile of the venture capital asset class by leveraging a significant angel and family office network and superior deal flow Size: $25 million (USD)* *(Fund not expected to exceed $50m and will have multiple closings. $50k to $1m size investments into fund per investor paid up front. $1m+ size investments into fund may invest via capital commitments with capital calls) GP Commitment: 1.00% Commitment Period: Six years from the initial close date Term: Ten years Carried Interest 20% after Limited Partner paid-in-capital has been returned Management Fee 2.5% of aggregate commitments, reduced to minimum amount needed to cover audit and reporting costs after Six years from the Initial Investment Date     Side Car Funds Carry Kicker 10% of the carry from sidecar funds will be distributed to LPs in Rubicon Fund I R U B IC ON F U N D - SU M M A R Y OF T E R M S SUMMARY OF TERMS rebranding soon as www.rubicon.vc14 Purpose: Generate returns at the top quartile of the venture capital asset class by leveraging a vast national and international angel network and provide unique access to select deals Size: Angel investors & family offices Invest on a deal-by-deal basis Term: Sidecar investments mature upon startup exit, secondary sale and/or purchase by Rubicon Venture Capital Fund I Deal-By-Deal Carried Interest: Rubicon GP receives 20% carried interest from each profitable sidecar investment and pays 10% of that (2%) as a distribution to owners of Rubicon Fund I. Carry is only paid after angel investor Limited Partner (LLC Member) paid-in-capital has been returned Management Fee: One time management fee of 10% (2% annual management fee x 5 years). When an angel/family office invests for example $100k into side car fund, 10% ($10k) remains in the LLC to cover expenses and 90% ($90k) is wired to the startup aggregated with funds from other angels that invest in any single sidecar investment Access: Only investors in Rubicon Venture Capital Fund I may invest in sidecar funds SIDECAR CO-IN VESTM EN T F U N DS SUMMARY OF TERMS rebranding soon as www.rubicon.vc15 Rubicon Venture Capital has long standing relationships with preeminent angels, angel groups and venture capitalists with a proven track record sharing deal flow and co-investing V A LU A B LE E XI S T I N G V C R E LA T I O N S H I P S DEAL PARTNERSHIPS ADDITIONAL RELATIONSHIPS rebranding soon as www.rubicon.vc16 Rubicon leverages an extensive GLOBAL contact network and collective set of experience to help portfolio companies: o  Get new customers – business development o  Staffing key senior management hires, board members, advisors and technical developers and partners of all levels o  Access more capital from seed stage and growth stage investors ranging from angles to VCs to family offices and private equity o  M&A and IPO exit advice and a direct network with corp dev buyers o  Other strategic advice Unlike many VCs Rubicon has a culture of being on the same side of the table as entrepreneurs supporting fellow entrepreneurs with a culture of constant respect for the risks entrepreneurs take and the important work they do H O W R U B I C O N A D D S V A LU E B E Y O N D J U S T C A P I T A L rebranding soon as www.rubicon.vc17 Rubicon is perfectly situated to source deal flow to support this investment strategy o  Andrew Romans 2k+ deals per annum. Joshua Siegel sees all angel group deal flow. Designated associate actively attends multiple events per week in San Francisco o  McGraw Hill published book Entrepreneurial Bible to Venture Capital & book tour o  Popular VC blog on Linkedin groups reaches 2m+ entrepreneurs weekly o  Venture Partners send proprietary deal flow from key tech corridors in the US, Europe and globally. Other investors in the fund source deal flow o  Relationships with VCs going back 15 years in some cases in US, Europe & Israel o  Relationships with active angel groups and angel investors o  Coverage of demo days of Y Combinator, TechStars, 500Startups, etc. o  Steady pace of events and public speaking including TV (msnbc & CNBC) o  Portfolio CEOs and founders know other entrepreneurs and source deals Current Deal flow is sufficient to support the investment strategy P R O P R I E T A R Y D E A L F LO W rebranding soon as www.rubicon.vc18 Now is time for a SMALL VC FUND to make a strong 4x+ CASH ON CASH RETURN Today $500k funding achieves what required $5m of funding 12 years ago, but most VC funds raised larger not smaller funds post 2001 and 2008 economic crashes •  3bn people online, proliferation of mobile web via smartphones •  Amazon AWS hosting – no need to buy servers & Oracle licenses •  OpenSource code & lower cost offshore development, developers everywhere •  Platforms to acquire users cheaply & quickly (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, Android, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, etc) •  Lean Startup dynamics (cheaper, faster, 3-90 day product development cycles, measure, learn, iterate, pivot) C H A N G E S T O V E N T U R E C A P IT A L LA N D S C A P E 1/2 rebranding soon as www.rubicon.vc19 LATER STAGE SEED (investing after first $500k funding) IS THE NEW SERIES A •  Proliferation of 1,000’s of accelerators like Y Combinator & TechStars seeding startup experiments, active angels, seed funds & Angel List invest first $500k •  200+ accelerators active in the SF Bay Area, accelerators EVERYWHERE, founders want to move to SF Bay Area, New York & Los Angeles where Rubicon is positioned to support winning startups •  It has never been easier or cheaper to launch a startup •  Big brand VCs (Sequoia, Benchmark, NEA) funding revenue generative companies making Series A more private equity than venture capital •  Most tech startups are acquired for less than $100m, many for $30m to $50m where Rubicon can make a 10x return, but big funds can not move the needle without 1 or 2 $1bn+ exits – that’s risky! Investing in later stage seed positions Rubicon to muscle into top choice Series A, B & C deals where 80% of fund is expected to be deployed C H A N G E S T O V E N T U R E C A P IT A L LA N D S C A P E 2 /2

20 André Jaeggi, Member of the Advisory Board and Lead Limited Partner / Venture Parter in Rubicon Venture Capital Fund I Founder Ji Portfolio Services Managing Director Adveq, $5.5 billion venture capital fund of funds Completed 270 investments in VC & PE funds Chairman of the board of trustees of Swiss pension funds ASCOOP and ALVOSO LLB PhD, Fluent in English, German, and French (mother tongue) and masters Italian Andrew Romans, General Partner, San Francisco Cofounder of Georgetown Angels rebranding as Rubicon Venture Capital Author of McGraw Hill published book THE ENTREPRENEURIAL BIBLE TO VENTURE CAPITAL, Inside Secretes from Leaders in the Startup Game (40 VCs contributed stories and advice to this book) Founding general partner of The Founders Club (42 VCs on the advisory board) Founder & President of The Global TeleExchange (The GTX), a $50M venture-backed telecom VoIP venture Managing Partner Georgetown Venture Partners, venture capital & M&A corporate finance boutique Frequent expert venture capital speaker on MSNBC, CNBC & conferences. Frequent speaker on sponsored VC book tour series in the US & Europe growing the Rubicon network of angels, entrepreneurs & VCs in key tech corridors Professional network in Europe, Israel & China Fluent in English, German & French, conversant in Czech & Slovak BA University of Vermont, Duke University, FU Berlin, MBA in Finance from Georgetown University on scholarship LinkedIn - (San Francisco-based associate ready to join with 2-weeks notice) Joshua Siegel , General Partner, New York Cofounder of Georgetown Angels rebranding as Rubicon Venture Capital Board Member & Venture Partner of The Founders Club Active angel investor & board advisor in New York with interests in tech, real estate, digital media & consumer products Frequent speaker at entrepreneurship, angel investor & venture capital events Manager Eastern European Banking Systems at Citibank , Director of Market Intelligence at Citicorp Debt Capital Markets Professional network in the US, Europe and Asia with most active angel groups and seed venture capital firms BA Boston University and MBA in Entrepreneurship & Finance Georgetown University LinkedIn - T E A M

21 Applying the best qualities of VC FIRMS and ANGEL GROUPS •  Unique fund/sidecar model provides high quality/high value proprietary deal-flow coverage, subject matter expert DD & maximum value add to startups •  10% of Sidecar fund carry is paid to Rubicon Venture Capital Fund I owners •  Building a powerful network of angels covering key geographies and sectors enabling superior deal flow coverage & maximum value add to portfolio companies •  Apply best practices in due diligence, term sheets, valuations, approach and exit mechanisms •  Our culture animates the network while providing balanced value to our LPs, angels and portfolio companies •  Liquidity to sidecar co-investment funds makes the VC asset class more suitable to individual accredited investors and boosts returns for LPs in Rubicon VC Fund •  Investors in Rubicon VC Fund may co-invest large or small amounts at same valuation as the Fund The Rubicon team is perfectly suited to execute this vision SU M M AR Y

22 Andrew C. Romans, General Partner +1 650 475 6877 5050 El Camino Real, Suite 104 Los Altos (Silicon Valley), California 94022 Joshua B. Siegel, General Partner +1 917 805 8540 One Little West Twelfth Street New York, New York 10014 C ON T A C T

23 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION rebranding soon as www.rubicon.vc24 A Rubicon Venture Capital Portfolio Company Backplane unites people around interests, affinities and movements. This is a big data company founded by Silicon Valley elite including the founders of Palantir, Gunnars, UNX as well as the first employee of Palantir. Backplane has raised over $12 Million in funding to date and is experiencing strong revenue growth providing big brands like Lady Gaga, Coke, Cirque de Soliel, Nike and many others with an entire social media / Facebook type of world for their consumer users. This technology is fully operational on the fixed and mobile web and provides Backplane with zero cost rapid user growth and enterprise reoccurring revenue and scale. Brands benefit from animating their fans and gain an insight into their users. The same founders and engineers that made big data at Palantir are now making big data optics and decisions available to brands while providing the users a rich technology social experience. The business generates enterprise revenue from the brands and shares advertising revenue with the brands. The first and lead angel in the company was Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google. Other investors include Joe Lonsdale, cofounder and chairman of Backplane and founder and CEO of Palantir (valued today around $8bn with Peter Thiel as chairman). In addition to Rubicon Venture Capital other investors include SV Angel (Ron Conway), Sequoia Capital, Founders Fund, Google Ventures, TomorrowVentures, Menlo Ventures, i/o Ventures, Battery Ventures, Greylock Partners & Formation 8. C U R R E N T P OR T F OLIO rebranding soon as www.rubicon.vc25 A Rubicon Venture Capital Portfolio Company Tackk allows anyone, to create anything, and share it anywhere. There is no software to download, no login required, nothing to join + no special design or development skills needed. In fact, those who have used Tackk, literally call it “ridiculously simple.” And we agree. Simply visit the Tackk home page and start typing. Tackk about that bike you have for sale. Tackk about your engagement or your new baby. Tackk about your band’s upcoming gig. Tackk about your vacation. You can Tackk about anything. Tackk just closed an oversubscribed round with participation of Rubicon Venture Capital, ff Venture Capital, Red Sea Venture Partners, 10Xeleratorm, Hatch Partners, Drummond Road Capital and other angel investors. The company has raised $2.7m in funding to date. C U R R E N T P OR T F OLIO rebranding soon as www.rubicon.vc26 A Rubicon Venture Capital Portfolio Company Dealflicks is Priceline/Hotwire (yield management) for movie tickets. $40 billion dollars are spent every year on movie tickets, popcorn, and soda, but 88% of movie theater seats are empty. Dealflicks partners with theaters to fill these empty seats by selling movie tickets, popcorn, and soda for up to 60% off. Dealflicks is on target to generate over $1 Million in sales for 2014 and has beaten every metric to date for sales, scale, and execution. Since launching in July 2012, Dealflicks has raised over $1.8 Million and has been featured in CNBC, The New York Times, TechCrunch, NBC, CBS, PandoDaily, Film Journal, and more. Our iPhone app was featured 3x by Apple, first as "New and Noteworthy", second as "What's Hot", and again as "Apps for Movie Lovers". Google recently featured our new Android app at Google I/O 2013.  Dealflicks is part of Warner Brothers' Mediacamp program and is a 500 Startups accelerator company. The company is backed by 28 angel groups and angel investors including Dave McLure, Paul Singh and other reputable investors. C U R R E N T P OR T F OLIO rebranding soon as www.rubicon.vc27 A Rubicon Venture Capital Portfolio Company TrustEgg is the simplest way to save for a child's future. Parents can go online and set up a trust in minutes for free and then invite friends and family to contribute. TrustEgg has signed up a few thousand users through press and word of mouth. Massive distribution opportunity through municipalities and credit unions. The simple, social nature of TrustEgg will dramatically change the savings rate for the 70+ million children in the US. As a Y Combinator company backed by Harvard Business School Angels and a founder with 2 successful IPO’s the company is in revenue and raising funding to scale. TrustEgg has raised over $1 million and is backed by Y Combinator, Harvard Business School Angels, Wasabi Ventures, Tech Coast Angels, Start Fund, John Zdanowski and other reputable angel investors. C U R R E N T P OR T F OLIO rebranding soon as www.rubicon.vc28 A Rubicon Venture Capital Portfolio Company The One Page Company (dba 1-Page) is the Next Generation Enterprise platform based on co-founder Patrick Riley's "The One-Page Proposal" (NYT all-time best seller). 1-Page completely transforms & gamifies the entire talent acquisition & idea management process for companies of 500+ employees. Candidates solve company’s real challenges & strategic objectives on 1-Page Proposals. Solution leverages Social Intelligence, Big Data Analytics and Natural Process Learning delivered on the cloud for predictive content analytics and full scoring automation. •  6 process patents covering the lifecycle of proposals to transactions. •  Proprietary algorithms for writing, sourcing and scoring proposals. Customer results: •  Time to hire reduced from 13 weeks to 4 weeks •  Retention improved by 70% •  Cost-per-hire reduced by 75% The One page company has raised over $1 Million. Investors include Blumberg Capital, TMT Investments and other notable angels. C U R R E N T P OR T F OLIO rebranding soon as www.rubicon.vc29 A Rubicon Venture Capital Portfolio Company NephoScale has the highest performing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) public cloud services platform, and the best price/ performance combination of any IaaS platform. Our on-demand cloud services include Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, Object-based Cloud Storage, and Private Clouds, and Managed Services. We are the first cloud provider to develop and deploy software defined networking, an automation build language for the cloud, server images that run on both virtual and dedicated servers, and on-demand private cloud. With automated on-demand dedicated bare metal servers customers can deploy on-demand VMware, OpenStack, or CloudStack private clouds using NephoScale's CloudScript. NephoScale is one of few companies in the world that has built its entire cloud stack top to bottom. NephoScale does not rely on any vendor for licensed technology. The technology developed in-house for the NephoScale platform includes the REST API, CloudScript build language, bare metal server provisioning, virtual server provisioning, billing, ticketing, object-based storage, software-defined-networking (SDN), virtual/bare metal server images, bare metal scalable PaaS, automated NephOS, VMware, OpenStack, and Cloud Foundry private clouds. NeophoScale has over $3m+ in annual reoccurring revenues. NephoScale has recently raised over $600K and is backed by a strong group of angel investors including senior executives at Cisco Systems and VMware. C U R R E N T P OR T F OLIO rebranding soon as www.rubicon.vc30 Rubicon Venture Capital hosts quarterly Pitch Events in various geographies to introduce new investment opportunities to our angel network. •  San Francisco – January 14 J.P. Morgan @ WSGR: Startup pitches & VC Panel •  Austin – March 8 SXSW @ The Capital Factory: Startup Challenge event with VC panel •  Austin – March 10 SXSW @ DLA Piper: Top 3 startup pitches with VC panel •  Stockholm– June 2 & 3 @ SUP46: VC Panel and Private Dinner •  London– June 12 & 13 @ Startupbootcamp FinTech: VC Panel and Private Dinner •  New York – September 9 @ Goodwin Proctor: Startup pitches & VC panel •  San Francisco – November 11 @ Orrick: Startup pitches & VC Panel •  Silicon Valley – November 12 @ Orrick: Startup pitches & VC Panel •  Frequent private VIP dinners for existing and prospective investors and portfolio founders R U B IC ON V E N T U R E C A P IT A L 2 0 14 E V E N T S rebranding soon as www.rubicon.vc31 New York – March 19, 2013 @ Duane Morris: Launch event Keynote Speaker Brian Cohen, Chairman of New York Angels, Startup pitches San Francisco – June 12, 2013 @ RocketSpace: Startup pitches & VC panel Silicon Valley – June 13, 2013 @ Orrick: Startup pitches & VC panel New York - July 23, 2013 @ Dream Downtown: GA (Rubicon) & New York Angels Summer Party Washington DC - September 24, 2013 @ 1776: Startup pitches & VC panel New York – September 26, 2013 @ Goodwin Proctor: Startup pitches & VC panel San Francisco – November 12, 2013 @ Orrick: Startup pitches & VC Fireside Chat with Tony Conrad founder of True Ventures ($800m VC) & founder Silicon Valley – November 12, 2013 @ Orrick: Startup pitches & VC Fireside Chat with Jon Kraft founding CEO of Pandora Internet Radio R U B IC ON V E N T U R E C A P IT A L / G A 2 0 13 E V E N T S

32 V C P A N E LI S T S & S P E A K E R S A T R E C E N T G A /R U B I C O N E V E N T S

33 Andrew Romans is the author of an acclaimed book about venture capital published by McGraw Hill and has been invited to speak round the world and host Roundtable & VC Bible Book Tour Events In addition to developing the Venture Partner and angel network these events serve to enhance relationships with other active VC & angel investors and generate deal flow 2014 TOUR LOCATIONS Los Angeles – Oct 3 @ Cross Campus San Diego – Oct 5 @ Jones Day Silicon Valley – Oct 22 @ Devil’s Canyon Brewery Austin – Dec 3 @ DLA Piper Chicago – Dec 5 @ 1871 Boston London New York Paris San Francisco Amsterdam Stockholm Moscow R OM A N S’ B OOK T OU R E V E N T S G R OW R U B IC ON N E T W OR K 2013 BOOK TOUR BOOK TOUR SPONSORS rebranding soon as www.rubicon.vc34 B OOK T OU R E V E N T S P E A K E R S


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