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Published on February 21, 2009

Author: ndahl

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Creative Brief for Renewing The Countryside


Contents 1.....................................overview 2..........................................design 3.......................................anaylsis 4...................................objectives 5..................................style guide 6.................................user profile 7.................................user profile 8..................................case study 9..................................style guide 10.............................mood board 11........................................design 12......................................contact

OVERVIEW Goals and Objectives Background Renewing the Countryside’s initial fund raising goal is to Renewing the Countryside is an organization focused raise 15,000 dollars within each of the Twin Cities eight on fostering sustainable, diverse, healthy and prosperous Co-ops. MCAD’s Green Consultants will provide RTC rural communities; since 1998 RTC has been building up with a document that outlines the best practices to and showcasing the stories of communities and individu- execute RTC’s objectives in the To Grow a Young Farmer als who have been living the rural and sustainable lifestyle Fellowship program. The information provided in this with purpose. RTC has approached MCAD for a consul- document will be based on quantitative field research tation on furthering the promotion and funding of their conducted by the MCAD Green Consultants team. The To Grow a Young Farmer Fellowship program. document will also include an outline of future steps to implement their fund raising campaign. Business Justification (Methodology) The MCAD Green Consultants will provide Renewing the Countryside with an outline of strategic fund rais- Solution Justification ing and design recommendations that will increase the Our solution meets the needs of the client as defined by growth and success of the To Grow a Young Farmer Fel- the client, which is to provide Renewing the Country- lowship program. side with the materials necessary to further execute a promotional fund raising campaign. The client asked for Opportunity Statement printed material, which is the format in which we will The Farmer Fellowship program, through RTC, is in need provide our recommendations. Renewing the Country- of funding and promotional materials in order to make side has agreed that our solution is appropriate. Through it an overall success.Young and aspiring individuals will client communication, we have agreed that the original need to be trained and outfitted in an area where they project plan, which was to provide RTC with a co-op can learn their trade and grow as farmers. The student stakeholder promotional presentation, is unnecessary team, MCAD Green Consultants, will provide RTC with because the goal of Co-op stakeholder support is a goal an outline of project research, knowledge, suggestions, that RTC has already accomplished. and designs to help get the Farmer Fellowship program released in Co-ops to ultimately gain the funding needed, through in-store consumer donations. 1

DESIGN Design Strategy There are several design strategies to be Executed with this tactic: Considerations for the project design components were developed by carefully maintaining the current brand - Branded T-shirts- each farmer or volunteer aesthetic, but also developing a consistent recognizable working for RTC will be branded with a signature identity. Currently, RTC does not have a consistent design green T-shirt. strategy, so our team saw the importance of developing - In-store signage- The participating co-op will be a cohesive design and style guide to be used in all future outfitted with signage to create awareness among marketing and branding materials. shoppers and explain the purpose of the organiza tion and the farmer’s participation Renewing the Countryside understands that they need - Donation box- branded with the RTC logo and to develop a new logo identity. Because of our time mission limits, we are not responsible for creating and developing - Seed packets- as a take-away to give to people the logo itself. It is our responsibility to give design, style, who donate to the farmers, the seed packets will color, and aesthetic advice based on our research and the be customized with the RTC logo and web site. consumers’ response to our marketing tactic. One marketing tactic we are suggesting to RTC involves Colors and Design having a local farmer be positioned at a local co-op where he/she will give samples of their own locally The color palate we have chosen consists of neutral and grown produce. Once a month, a new farmer will circu- organic colors. These are the colors that will appear on late through the co-ops spreading local buzz about what all marketing and branding materials. Through research they do. Consumers will be engaged by the personal and investigation, bright and obnoxious colors tend to interaction with a local farmer and feel more inclined to turn potential donators off. Our target customer re- donate to RTC to support such local farmers. sponds best to earthy and organic design, with modest text, and emotional imagery. This can include warm and friendly photography with hints of subtle floral or earthy graphics. Elements to avoid in our design strategy would be harsh, overpowering, bold text, bright reds or yellows, and photography without an immediate emotional at- 2 tachment to agriculture and the like.

ANALYSIS Analysis Activities and Results Online is the place for people to get the larger amounts In order to grasp the current state of in-store of information they need in order to feel educated about marketing and fund raising tactics we, as a group, have a program or charity organization before donating. By gone to multiple Co-ops and Whole Foods location in directing people to a web site via prints on the back of order to observe and assess methods and strategies recipes, take-away cards, or just making the web site already in place. known on in-store marketing placements, concerned consumers can get the information they need in order We concluded that although donation boxes are widely to better decide how, when and where to potentially used, they are not the most effective strategy to collect donate. If people receive too much visual information large cash donations. Instead, having the cashier ask if the in-store or on display it is often over looked because it is remaining change on the final ring up would like to be simply too wordy to be looked at in depth when people donated towards the charity of choice is much more are on the move. It is an ineffective space consuming way compelling to customers, since small change seems min- to inform potential donors. iscule and verbal questions trigger a more thoughtful consumer response. Through talking with frequent Co-op customers, cashiers, and people in related non-profit organization fund rais- Marketing tactics in stores seem to be lacking, but could ers, we’ve made some research conclusions as to how potentially present a creative canvas to intrigue and in- we plan to approach marketing and donation drive. Keep- volve Co-op shoppers. ing it simple, reinforcing importance and personal rel- evance, introducing farmers to create a local connection Taking into consideration marketing strategies in place keeps the program fresh and productive. We hope to elsewhere such as freezer clings, hanging signs and small present a well rounded campaign to help a worthy cause. posters and placing floor stickers attracts customers eyes from every angle and gives them a repetitive feed of information that leads to an involuntary curiosity that can be reinforced upon check-out by the cashier. 3

OBJECTIVES Project objectives Create a basic presentation that will be presented to the In order for client to be met, we need to create an un- Co-ops to implement involvement in the Farmer Fellow- derstanding and elicit support with the group of Co-ops ship program. This presentation will include the informa- in the Twin-cities are. tion listed above, as well a campaign overview. 1)Complete instruction manual/guide to execute the cre- We intend to present a folder of research to support the ative aspect of the marketing campaign and RTC informa- presentation that also instructs how to implement the tive. This manual will include in-store set up. Research may or may not include: budget- A. Research Findings ing estimates, logo suggestions, design and printing costs, B. Style Guide brochure content and design, in order to reach potential I. Product donors, a solid communication and set up is required ii. Pricing with the co-ops: we want to make a project navigation iii. Fronts system that will provide our client with valuable informa- iv. Colors tion to help their goals become a reality. v. Dimensions vi. Die Lines vii. Layout viii. Included RTC educational information C. Prototype: i. Signs ii. Donation Box D. Campaign time line E. Proceed Reference and Tracking Guide F. How to track the success of the campaign 4

STYLE GUIDE Target Audience Co-op Members: -Demographics: 25+, mixed gender Create a basic presentation that will be presented to the -Psychographics: Decision maker (health conscious par Co-ops to implement involvement in the Farmer Fellow- ents, green supporters, etc) who are organically con- ship program. This presentation will include the informa- scious and are supportive of farms and the economy. tion listed above, as well a campaign overview. Co-op Managers: We intend to present a folder of research to support the -Demographics: 45+, mixed gender presentation that also instructs how to implement the -Psychographics: Decision maker (business profession- in-store set up. Research may or may not include: budget- als) concerned primarily with business and organization ing estimates, logo suggestions, design and printing costs, but is still conscious of local economy and wants to be brochure content and design, in order to reach potential involved and supportive donors, a solid communication and set up is required with the co-ops: we want to make a project navigation Co-op Shoppers: system that will provide our client with valuable informa- -Demographics: 20-55, mixed gender tion to help their goals become a reality. -Psychographics: Decision influence (local shoppers, working class) looking for guidance and advice when making co-op purchases. 5

USER PROFILES Bill Bearskin January/12/1968 Age: 41 587321 County Rd. Chippewa Falls, WI Education Story Completed high school and graduated from college with Grew up living on family owned farm, then decided to a degree in agriculture go to school to get an education dealing with farming and have the knowledge to kept family farm running and growing. Took over the farm five years ago and still works Occupation with his father on harvesting and planting the fields. Family owed and operated farm Context Now The term farmer usually applies to a person who grows Working 365 days a year to keep farm up to standards field crops, and/or manages orchards or vineyards, or and keep the money and produce coming in. Has a wife raises livestock or poultry. Their products are usually and four kids, how he hopes to someday take over the sold in a market or, in a subsistence economy, consumed family farm and keep it running. by the family or pooled by the community. Next Steps Personal Goals Take farm from old traditional style to a new trend of or- Sustainable family farm that will stay family owned for the ganic farming and stainability. He wants to educate other next 100 years. Change over to all organic grown in the 6 farmers about this new style of growing plants, to better next two years. off the environment.

USER PROFILES Chris Barnyard June/13/1984 Age 23 Glen Ridge, New Jersey Education Story Associates degree in Journalism Grew up on the east coast and attended high school and college there. Moved to the midwest in 1995 for a teach- Occupation ing position. Moved into the city and started his family. Professor at st., Thomas college in the english depart- He loves to cook his own food and reading books. He ment. Also writes a column for the onion. has a ten year plan to retire and move out of the city and start his own small farm. Context Enjoys spending time with his family which consists of his Now wife, and two kids. Ones in second grade and the other a Working full time at the college. In his free time he read freshman in high school. He also commutes to work on and writes short stories. He like spending the weekends his bike and shops at the local co-op. biking around the lakes on the greenway. Personal Goals Next Steps Retire and live on a old farm house in the country where Chris will be retiring soon and pursuing his dream of liv- he will write a short novel about his experiences growing ing on a small farm in the country. He will for now be an up on the east cost. active community member by attending town hall meet- 7 ings and shopping locally.

CASE STUDY Program Name CAFF: Community Alliance with Family Farmers Program: Community Food Systems / Economic Options for Family Farmers Link: All information was found within the Community Alliance with Family Farmers web site www.caff.org. Dates: Founded in 1978 in Yolo County, California They are also implementing a campaign entitled “Buy Demographic: Fresh, Buy Local,” which is dedicated to media public- CAFF serves Independent farms and consumers within ity and public education techniques to distinguish local the state of California, it’s visitors, and surrounding areas. food from non-local food. This program considers issues within the communities food system and supports out- Background: reach efforts in food safety and variety through “’point of According to their web site, CAFF’s Community Food purchase’ information and advertising, community-wide Systems program exists to “expand market options for publicity efforts, educational campaigns helping people family farmers, educate communities about the power understand the limitations of a corporate controlled they have to make food choices that support local farm- consolidated food system and opportunities to support ers, develop viable alternative opportunities to support change,” and an online local food guide. CAFF has also a just and sustainable food and farming system, improve begun the “California Growers Collaborative” which sells access to locally produced food or under served com- family, farm-raised fruits and veggies to school, hospital, munities.” This program is implemented in a variety of and corporate cafeterias, which opens up distribution ways, including “direct market development,” which di- opportunities that are often unavailable to independent rects farmer interaction through farm tours for children, farms. farmer visits to schools, grower networks, educational programs for adults including hands-on learning, and dis- 8 tribution channels.

Font: Gill Sans STYLE GUIDE MOOD Board Renewing the Countryside’s FUTUREFARMER Headline: Variating between bold and regular Gill Sans font. FELLOWSHIP Tagline: Regular Gill Sans. P RO G R A M Body Copy: Always cream color with dark green box behind with a .07 pixel gaussian blur effect. Color Pallate: Always stay within range of these colors, with most materials predominately green with the provided texture. Use a thin dark brown line to outline photos, and avoid using yellows more than necessary to avoid looking too Planting the seeds of tomorrow today. youthful. Get involved today! hdgierhgioerhgioerhgo;erihgoihregiohrgioh rtogihr ;ightrio;ghr ;ihgihgiohgoihtg;ibhigbt;ig hrtih Illustrative Style: When enhancing materials with illustrations, use soft and simple illustrations Imagery: to avoid taking away from any photographs. You Young, happy, green plants, people having fun. Outline all do not want these to be the main focus- only photographs with a 1. pixel black border. sublte enhancements. 9


CONTACT Nick Dahl, Creative Developer Communication nicholas_dahl@mcad.edu MCAD Green Consultants focus on meeting at least phone: 715.492.0994 twice a week as a team, which has proven extremely suc- Layout, Printing, Documentation cessful in keeping us on goal with our time line and mile- stones. Aside from this, we have set up a blog for updates, Valerie Carpender, Designer statuses, research and other project information. valerie_carpender@mcad.edu phone: 612.298.3188 Style Guide, Documenation Aesthetics Meetings Design Research Mondays at 2:00pm in the Student Center & Tuesdays from 4:00 until 6:00pm in the Library Confer- Benjamin Kjos, Content Manager & Copyeditor ence room benjamin_kjos@mcad.edu phone: 701.340.1246 Problems that arise will be first dealt with through e-mail Team Writing, Proofing, Research amongst team members to decide the best course of action. If it is not an easy situation to fix via e-mail, they Lottie Anderson, Lead Researcher and Strategist will be taken care of during team meetings. Any problems lottie_anderson@mcad.edu that are not directly project related (i.e. team member phone: 651.246.3801 disputes) will try to be resolved on a group level before Research, Demographics seeking the assistance of the instructor. Krista Schatz, Alum Coach krista.schatz@space150.com Team Roles/Responsibilities Insight, Suggestion, Feedback & Guidance Paige Guggemos, Project Manager paige_guggemos@mcad.edu Brett Olson & Jan Joannides, Renewing the phone : 612.205.7843 Countryside, Client Meeting Management, Client Contact, brett@rtcinfo.org 651.293.1172 Information Organization jan@rtcinfo.org 612.251.7304 12 Provide any necessary feedback, expectations, and mis- sion of the organization

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