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Published on March 6, 2008

Author: Isab

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  Six Geographical Regions Study Area Slide3:  Geographic area and distribution (in hectare) Slide4:  LANDUSE District Landuse Slide5:  Irrigated Area Slide6:  Land type Slide7:  Soil type of agriculture land Slide8:  Rainfall and Temperature Slide9:  Area and Population Slide10:  Landholding Slide11:  Households having Slide12:  Household with Small Scale Non-agriculture Activities Slide13:  Infrastructure Slide14:  Other indicators Slide15:  Primary production Land Ownership National average 40% Slide16:  Primary production Major crop Source of livelihood Slide17:  Primary production Seed used Slide18:  Primary production Source of hybrid seeds Slide19:  Primary production Managing local seeds Slide20:  Primary production Fertilizer use Slide21:  Fertilizer source Primary production Slide22:  Chemical fertilizer distribution Primary production Slide23:  Production trend Primary production Slide24:  Food sufficiency Primary production Slide25:  Place of selling surplus Processing and packaging:  Processing and packaging Raw material from local market No secondary product is sold by farmers Profit is trader based 128 food processing industries (rice, oil, flour mills; biscuits, noodles, pulses, dalmoth, bread etc.) Activities Processing and packaging:  Processing and packaging Determinants No government regulation Adequate roads for transportation Technology is primitive at the village level, but modern in the mills Consumer demand is mostly for unprocessed food Distribution and Retailers:  Distribution and Retailers Government policy ineffective due to falling surplus Trade pattern : more export Food Corporation distributes food Food For Work is also implemented Population distribution is fairly uniform (villages within few kilometers) Slide29:  Import and export Distribution Slide30:  Farm labor Land preparation Labor Arsenic exposure:  Arsenic exposure Health Slide32:  Diseases Reported cases Health Slide33:  Dietary habit Preference Slide34:  Food preference Daily Meals Preference Slide35:  Vegetable consumption Preference Other vegetables include Potato, Onion, Beans etc. Slide36:  Source of Vegetable Market place Preference Slide37:  Tiffin (snacks) Preference Slide38:  Fruit consumption Preference Slide39:  Cereals Production Availability Slide40:  Availability Pulses Production Slide41:  Availability Vegetable Production Slide42:  Availability Oil seeds Production Slide43:  Availability Fruits Production Slide44:  Availability Crop wise production trend (% hh) Slide45:  Food Sufficiency Distribution Slide46:  Food Insufficiency Period Surplus food Distribution Slide47:  Preference to store Distribution Slide48:  Storage facility Distribution Slide49:  Storage of major seeds at home (% hh) Distribution Slide50:  Household reporting immediate sale Distribution Slide51:  Coping food deficit (Ministry) Distribution Survey Slide52:  Reason for low production 60 23.3 ------6.7------ Cash crop 10.0 According to the Ag. Ministry Slide53:  Flood and soil erosion impact Exchange:  Pulses, 4.5 mt exported, 49.5 mt imported Food export and import into the villages Exchange Slide55:  Mode of Payment Exchange Affordability:  Affordability Pricing policy : Ineffective committee, market based Seasonal variation : Difficult in rainy season Food preparation : Simple, affordable Distribution and retailers:  Distribution and retailers Transport : Bicycle, Rikshaw, Jeep, Bus Advertising (radio) : Some impact Delivery to consumers : Commercial food by retailers Haat bazar : Main source of market Pricing : Fixed by traders Allocation

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