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Published on October 12, 2007

Author: Lassie

Source: authorstream.com

TETRA - radios for harmonised disaster communications:  TETRA - radios for harmonised disaster communications Risto Toikkanen Nokia & TETRA MoU Association 2nd Tampere Conference on Disaster Communications Contents:  Contents Open European standard - becoming global Technology for Public Safety radiocommunications Public Safety radio networks built to serve multiple organisations Building interoperable equipment Harmonised radio spectrum allows international cooperation Terrestrial Trunked Radio - TETRA:  Terrestrial Trunked Radio - TETRA Open digital trunked radio standard created in ETSI Strong contribution of Public Safety radio users functionality to match the mission critical user needs - for voice, dispatch & data Initiated the shared nationwide Public safety & Security radio network projects within Europe cooperation of forces during incidents cross-border cooperation Today practically the whole Europe building or planning Now getting global acceptance from Asia to Americas Core TETRA Standards & Interfaces:  Core TETRA Standards & Interfaces Voice plus data (V+D) Packet Data Optimised (PDO) Direct Mode Operation (DMO) Conformance Testing TETRA Speech Codec Air Interface (AI) Inter-System Interface (ISI) Peripheral Equipment Interface (PEI) Line Station (LS) Voice Communication Services:  Voice Communication Services Excellent voice quality Fast call set-up Individual (one-to-one) calls Express calls (push & talk) Group communication Group calls Broadcast groups Scanning of groups Dynamic regrouping Group area Open channel Emergency calls Direct Mode Supplementary services Extensive security: Authentication of radios Encryption of voice, data & signalling Data Communication Services:  Data Communication Services Status service efficient, real time Short Data service, SDS text messaging + application vehicle IP Packet Data opens the world of Internet connectivity Circuit Mode Data for specialised applications like video surveillance What makes TETRA unique:  What makes TETRA unique Unique group communication package in total Fast call set-up time Direct Mode (DMO) Queuing of channel resources Signalling during voice call Pre-emptive priorities, ambience listening Multiple security schemes & algorithms authentication of radios (& networks) air interface & end-to-end encryption disabling of stolen radios (Brings harmonised PMR spectrum to Europe) TETRA network contracts worldwide:  TETRA network contracts worldwide In total over 60 contracts, valued 2 500 MUSD (source: www.tetramou.com) European shared Public Safety Projects:  European shared Public Safety Projects Most European countries have started a project to build a nationwide shared TETRA network for Public Safety Law enforcement + emergecy response + others Operating on common 380 - 400 MHz frequencies Typically X0 000 to X00 000 users Belgium, Finland, Holland: some 50 000 users UK: 150 000 users Germany: close to 500 000 users Total base 1.5 to 2 million users Finnish Public Safety Network - Virve:  1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 Finnish Public Safety Network - Virve Planned for 60 000 users: police, fire brigades, ambulances, civil defense, frontier guards, defense forces, customs, prison administration, social & health services, ... total approx 1000 base stations and 16 switches in complete network (380-400 MHz) Network bought by ministry from Nokia Terminals bought by users from approved suppliers O&M services outsourced Interoperability of TETRA equipment:  Interoperability of TETRA equipment Interoperability testing ETSI Standardisation Process User & regulatory requirements Manufacturers implementations Technology development MARKET Slide12:  Interoperability in Practice TETRA interoperability demonstration at TETRA World Congress, 16.-18.11.1999, Amsterdam Today we have wide participation in the interoperability work Common spectrum allows cooperation:  Common spectrum allows cooperation In Europe harmonised allocation was created by agreement with NATO and ERC Decision (96)01 for "emergency services" (Public Safety) on 380 to 400 MHz cross-border operation Civil TETRA mainly on 410 to 430 MHz in Europe, 800 MHz becoming major allocation outside Europe The availability of 380 to 400 MHz outside Europe is still country dependent, encouraging examples in Asia Disaster relief would benefit from common allocations Thank you:  Thank you For more information see www.tetramou.com 14 © NOKIA CDC2001Tetra.ppt/ 23.5.2001 / RTo

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