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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: zootrock



Tutorial for understanding and finding RSS feeds for websites.

RSS Feeds Get them. Find them. Use them.

What is an RSS feed? RSS stands for Rich Site Summary Its an XML format for delivering regularly changing web content

Why do I need it? ZootRock uses RSS feeds in your Custom Streams to get the latest blog posts and articles from your favorite sites. So for each custom stream feed we need the RSS feed to provide you with that content.

When looking for your RSS Feeds... Do Do Not Use Safari! It is important that you do not use Safari This is because Safari shows RSS feeds in a different format than what we need.

How do I find a RSS Feed? Sometimes finding an RSS feed is as easy as clicking on a link provided by the site: This will take you to a page that looks like...

No ? No Problem! Go the the navigation or address bar at the top of your browser: Try adding /rss or /feed at the end of the url: Then type enter. This should take you to a page that looks like...

Still can’t find the RSS feed? Don’t worry! There is one last thing you can try... How you do this depends on the browser you are using

Chrome Click on “View” > “Developer” > “View Source” This will take you to a page that looks like this:

Chrome Press “ctrl-F” and search the page for “RSS” or “Feed” It will look something like:

Firefox Click on “Tools” > “Web Developer” > “Page Source” This will open a window that looks like:

Firefox Press “Ctrl-F” and search the page for “RSS” or “Feed” It will look something like:

Got it ? Now that you have the link to the RSS feed, copy and paste it into your ZootRock Custom Streams window:

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