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Published on November 26, 2007

Author: Mikhail


Transmission Systems Prototyping based on Stateflow/Simulink Models:  N. Papandreou1, M. Varsamou1 and T. Antonakopoulos2 1Computer Technology Institute - CTI, Patras, Greece 2University of Patras, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Greece {varsamou,theodore} Transmission Systems Prototyping based on Stateflow/Simulink Models Outline:  Outline Introduction The design methodology Stateflow/Simulink modeling Prototyping procedure Hardware Architecture Simulation Model – Hardware Communication ADSL communication system Conclusions Introduction:  Introduction Prototyping of data transmission systems from high-level model to actual prototype Data transmission systems incorporate multi-domain operations physical layer circuits communication protocol units Simulink/Stateflow facilitate the development of complex models data and signal processing functions protocol state-machines powerful verification capabilities We present…:  We present… An efficient methodology for rapid prototyping of data transmission systems High-level model of a complete functional system in Simulink/Stateflow Progressive mapping of model blocks into architectural blocks of a prototype system Custom data exchange and synchronization interface between Matlab workspace and the circuits modules Use of the high-performance Matlab testing tools throughout all steps of integration The design methodology:  The design methodology Features: Top-down Process from high-level simulation model to SW/HW prototype Gradual implementation of the final prototype optimization through both simulation results and low-level testing Mixed-level but complete functional system high-level testbenches are reused Stateflow/Simulink modeling:  Stateflow/Simulink modeling Development of a complete multi-domain system is feasible Stateflow supports modeling of event-driven systems using FSMs Stateflow charts can be used as control units for signal processing & data-pump units implemented in Simulink Special interface between Stateflow – Simulink units: Timing and synchronization events Circuit control events System signals Prototyping procedure:  Prototyping procedure Matlab supports automated code generation for selected families of Texas Instruments, Motorola and Xilinx devices Custom implementations are also needed Translated blocks are replaced by special functions interfacing with the respective HW/SW implementations through the PCMCIA interface Special data exchange and synchronization protocols between Matlab workspace and processors Hardware Architecture:  Hardware Architecture Simulation Model – Hardware Communication:  Simulation Model – Hardware Communication DPRAM mapped on the PCMCIA Host I/O space Flexible interface via three registers (DPRAM address, data in, data out) Appropriate I/O access driver & C libraries provide DPRAM access Custom C S-functions: associate workspace variables with DPRAM locations implement synchronization & data transfer protocols with processors Application : ADSL Modem:  Application : ADSL Modem DSL is the industry solution to the last mile problem to deliver broadband services to the customers via the telephone lines. The ADSL data-pump incorporates advanced signal processing and coding techniques. The establishment of the link between two far-end ADSL transceivers includes initialization procedures and is determined by a signaling protocol ADSL communication system:  ADSL communication system DPRAM interface:  DPRAM interface Conclusions:  Conclusions Efficient methodology for prototyping data transmission systems using multi-domain Stateflow/Simulink models Integration of a high-level simulation model with a hardware development platform through a flexible PCMCIA interface Mixed-level system consists a complete testing environment reuse of testbenches evaluation of separate modules or the complete system under normal as well as corner cases

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