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Published on January 19, 2018

Author: royalseascruises


Slide 1: Royal Seas Cruises Cruise Reviews Slide 2: 5 Reasons Now Is the Right Time to Book Your Seas Cruise   Are you thinking about booking a vacation with Royal Seas Cruises? Whether you are looking for a fun family trip, planning a romantic getaway for two, or flying solo on a much-needed break from work, our cruises are a perfect choice. If you need more proof, spend some time reading Royal Seas Cruises cruise reviews from our 2017 passengers. Slide 3: Better yet, give yourself each of these five reasons to book today:   Affordable Prices : If you’ve always wanted to see the world but have been discouraged by the prices of exciting and exotic vacations, then Royal Seas Cruises is perfect for you. We offer a range of affordable packages, depending on the type of trip you want to take. Our standard cruise travels from Palm Beach to the Bahamas and lasts 2 nights. You can take a long weekend, enjoy incredible relaxation, and be back in the office for work on Monday morning. We also offer bonus destinations and longer cruises. Across the board, though, we do what we can to keep our prices affordable, making our cruises the kind of budget vacation that never feels like a budget vacation. Slide 4: A Variety Of Destinations : As we mentioned above, Royal Seas Cruises offers multiple “bonus destinations,” depending on where you want to go. Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Miami, Grand Bahama Beach, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and even Las Vegas are all on the list. Whether you want to stay close to home or travel far and wide, we have a vacation for you. Slide 5: On And Off-Ship Fun : Some travelers like the idea of cruises, but worry that they would never get off the ship and explore. When you book with Royal Seas Cruises, you can expect plentiful fun whether you stay onboard or not. On the vessel, we have a kid’s club, a casino, multiple restaurants, vibrant nightlife opportunities, and daily/nightly entertainment . When you get off the ship, though, there is plenty of time to spend the day at a beach in the Bahamas, visit the theme parks in Orlando, drive up and down the coast of Florida, and more. Slide 6: All-Inclusive Packages : Travel packages with Royal Seas Cruises are flexible. We don’t want you to have to worry about money when you are on the ship or even when you go ashore. Instead, we work with our passengers to design appropriate packages to meet their needs. All the entertainment and meals are included on board. Do you want a rental car for when before and after the cruise? We can make the arrangements for you. Do you need theme park tickets for the entire family? Just ask! We want to design the perfect all-inclusive vacation for you. That way, once you’re with us, you can just focus on having an unforgettable time. Slide 7: Terrific customer reviews: We think Royal Seas Cruises are excellent value, but don’t take our word for it! Instead, visit our website’s testimonials page to check out the latest Royal Seas Cruises cruise reviews from 2017. Across four videos, you will see just a few of our recent passengers raving about their experiences. Click here to check it out!   Are you interested in booking a cruise with Royal Seas Cruises? Give us a call at 844.313.4816 to get started! You can also follow us on Twitter to get the latest Royal Seas news .

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