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Published on April 17, 2014

Author: Codemotion



Le slide di Vittorio Amos Ziparo presentate a Codemotion Roma 2014

Vittorio Amos Ziparo Robots for Exploration, Digital Preservation, and Visualization of Archeological Sites

What do archeologist do? Exploration, Monitoring and Documentation

State of the Art Expensive and slow

The ROVINA promise

Goal A better survey and monitoring tool  Faster: perform surveys in much less time  Better: bigger, more accurate and richer models  Safer: no danger for human operators

Case Studies Catacombs of Rome and Naples  Huge and rich  Collapse hazard  Radon hazard

Mission Control Interface Adaptive interface

Cloud-based archive Time machine and virtual archeological site 1. General Public: high fidelity 3D interactive experience 2. Historians: semantically rich digital archive 3. Engineers: advanced measurement and diagnosis tool

Autonomous digitization

Mobility is a major challenge! Narrow corridors on rough terrain

Many hardware challenges IP specs, Sensors, Cooling and Power Systems

Need to take it easy or data will be too shaky!

Mobility and autonomy Probabilistic, information theoretic and semantic • Autonomous exploration • Autonomous navigation • Automated sensor deployment

The 3D model’s skeleton

Point Cloud Reconstruction Ocular Robotics RE05 Lidar

Point Clouds must be aligned Point Cloud Registration

Why alignment matters PWN, beyond Generalized ICP

We need more for global consistency Data association is key

Obtain consistency with optimization Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)

Example: RGB-D Camera map Catacombs of Santa Priscilla in Rome

Adding the flesh!

Structure from motion Reconstruction from pictures

Example ARC-3D reconstruction of Mogao Cave

Learning materials Embedding reflectance information

Removing light effects Walls and ceilings

Example 1: Learning reflectance Pig tablet

Example 2: Learning Reflectance Buddha statue

And so much more is coming!

Conclusions Digitalization and exploration of archeological sites  Robotics and AI for process automation  Fast, safe and cheap digitization of archeological sites Accurate maps of previously unexplored sites  Appealing 3D models for analysis or online fruition We need MANY alpha testers, stay in touch!  follow us on:


Design through simulations Device layout and sensor coverage

32 Hardware needs iterations too! Housing, power system, microcontrollers and more …

Camera array Sensors need prototyping too

Example1 Materials for extra realistic renderings

Learning semantics Better renderings, navigation and classification  Learn shape and materials  Learn traversability  Automated classification of  objects  areas

Learning semantics Better renderings, navigation and classification

Case study on semantics Getting people out of the way

38 Robot design (and demo!) We need to house, protect and power many devices!

State of the Art it can be a dangerous job too!

Robot Mobile base, Sensors, Cooling and Power Systems

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