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Published on December 13, 2009

Author: marymg


Route Map of My Place : Route Map of My Place Ogliastra Tortolì-Arbatax Ogliastra : Ogliastra We’re going to draw a “route map” of our place! A map key is a group of pictures or symbols that Show what is in the area. It helps the reader understand the features on the map. flashcards : flashcards Activities: Look at the pictures and say their names Read the words and guess Spell these words : sea-beach-lighthouse-harbour- Fish pond-red rocks- town-shop- pinewood-church GUESS BEACH OR CHURCH? : GUESS BEACH OR CHURCH? SEA OR HARBOUR? GUESS GUESS : GUESS LIGHTHOUSE OR TOWN ? FISH POND OR HARBOUR? GUESS : GUESS TOWN OR CHURCH? PINEWOOD OR BEACH? GUESS : GUESS SHOP OR TOWN? HARBOUR OR SEA? GUESS : GUESS RED ROCKS OR SEA? SHOP OR CHURCH? Pictures or symbols : Pictures or symbols Words : Words Final Test : Final Test THE END : THE END BY MARINA MIGALI and RITA BENEDETTI

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