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Published on October 1, 2007

Author: Callia


Accessible E-Learning Demonstrations Using IMS Accessibility Specifications:  Accessible E-Learning Demonstrations Using IMS Accessibility Specifications Madeleine Rothberg WGBH National Center for Accessible Media Jutta Treviranus University of Toronto Adaptive Technology Resource Centre ATIA 2006 Accessibility Standards Efforts:  Accessibility Standards Efforts IMS Guidelines for Developing Accessible Learning Applications IMS Access For All Specifications New! ISO JTC1 SC36 Standard in progress (IMS/DC/LOM) Each Learner Learns Differently:  Each Learner Learns Differently Varies even for the same learner: with context and discipline The major value added by on-line learning is the ability to personalize learning On-line learning gives us the ability to scale the individualized learning experience to a large group of learners Disability in Learning Context:  Disability in Learning Context Disability= Mismatch between learner needs and education offered Not a personal trait but an artifact of relationship between the learner and the learning environment or education delivery Accessibility= The ability of the learning environment to adjust to the needs of all learners Environment includes AT tools Two Approaches to Meeting Accessibility Commitments:  Two Approaches to Meeting Accessibility Commitments One compliant resource for everyone Rejection of valuable resources that are not compliant Time and expertise required of all resource creators “Accessible for everyone but optimal for no-one” Two resource versions and maintenance neglect (diversity of people with disabilities) A transformable, flexible resource system Cumulative authoring Matching resources Resource re-aggregation Providing tools needed by each learner Accessibility =:  Accessibility = Flexibility of education environment, curriculum and delivery Availability of adequate alternative-but-equivalent content and activities Access to AT Serving…:  Serving… Learners with disabilities Learners with diverse learning approaches Learners with diverse hardware and software Learners in disabling environments Learners with diverse cultural or linguistic requirements Anyone who diverges from the hypothetical norm Any context, including commerce, government, publishing Must avoid…:  Must avoid… Stereotypes and assumptions of requirements Labeling or classifying users/learners in politically sensitive ways Collecting irrelevant private information Take advantage of ability to::  Take advantage of ability to: Transform user interface of resource (display and control) Re-aggregate learning resources Configure tools to meet user needs Advances Response to Equal Access Requirements:  Advances Response to Equal Access Requirements Addresses legislative and regulatory requirements Does not compromise the experience of the student majority Does not unduly burden education provider Facilitates cumulative and collaborative authoring Respects unique individual requirements (learner-centric) AccessForAll Standard:  AccessForAll Standard A description of the learner’s or user’s personal needs and preferences (IMS AccLIP, ISO PNP) A description of a digital resource (IMS AccMD, ISO DRD) Can be used with or without other personal profiles and other resource metadata Personal Needs and Preferences:  Personal Needs and Preferences IMS Accessibility for Learner Information Package or AccLIP ISO PNP How do I want/need things to be displayed? How do I want/need things to be controlled? (includes AT information) What content alternatives, equivalents or helpful tools do I want/need? In what context? Context:  Context When I’m tired When I’m using my portable When I’m at work... Accessibility Metadata:  Accessibility Metadata IMS Access For All Metadata or AccMD ISO Digital Resource Description or DRD Information about 1. The Original Resource Can the display be transformed, is the method of control flexible? Does it require hearing, sight, tactile sensation, or text literacy? What are the locations of any known equivalents? Accessibility Metadata:  Accessibility Metadata Information about: 2. The Alternative Pointer to the primary resource this is an equivalent for A detailed description that parallels the content requirements of AccLIP/PNP Implementations:  Implementations Web-4-All TILE CWIS ANGEL Others Web-4-All:  Web-4-All Developed for Industry Canada to ensure seniors, new Canadians, and people with disabilities or literacy challenges have computer access to services & information on the Internet. Each user can select, save, and deploy their own interface preferences using personal smart card technology that automatically configures a suite of assistive software & hardware. Makes public internet access locations accessible to those requiring "non-standard" computer technology. Developed by University of Toronto & Canadian partners Web-4-All:  Web-4-All Web-4-All:  Web-4-All Web-4-All:  Web-4-All Web-4-All:  Web-4-All TILE:  TILE E-learning environment that enables learner-centric transformation of learning content and delivery Authoring support for transformable content and for metadata Browser Learning Object Repository Learner Preference System CWIS: ACCLIP/ACCMD in Practice:  CWIS: ACCLIP/ACCMD in Practice CWIS = “collection in a box” portal software package developed for NSDL by the Internet Scout Project CWIS is open source web software implemented using PHP and MySQL CWIS is a turnkey package with a low technology barrier to entry ACCLIP with a Malleable User Interface:  ACCLIP with a Malleable User Interface CWIS supports multiple user interfaces and multiple user interface themes Interfaces are intended to be readily customizable by the portal implementer Interfaces are “cascading” so portal implementers only need to add or change what is necessary to add a new interface ACCLIP and the CWIS UI:  ACCLIP and the CWIS UI Added “mini-wizard” to CWIS to solicit AccLIP values from users CWIS UI is CSS-based AccLIP values (visual settings) are used to customize user interface via dynamic modification of CSS ACCMD and Finding Resources in CWIS:  ACCMD and Finding Resources in CWIS Added AccMD fields to standard metadata schema used to describe resources Results are flagged based on matching AccMD metadata fields with AccLIP user settings when browsing resources Results can be filtered based on AccLIP user settings when searching resources Looking at CWIS:  Looking at CWIS Software is free and downloadable at: (live demo also online there) CWIS requires PHP 4 and MySQL and is intended to run on a Linux or OS X web server CWIS 1.4.0 includes mini-wizard and UI modifications based on AccLIP settings, AccMD fields and resource flagging/filtering ANGEL Learning:  ANGEL Learning Commercial course management system Accessibility pilot in partnership with Penn State University Adapting UI to AccLIP settings Importing a content package with AccMD metadata and assigning appropriate resources to learners More Information:  More Information Visit: to find all the documents and links to implementations Contact us at: Thank you! :  Thank you! Thank you for attending this session and the ATIA 2006 Conference in Orlando, Florida. Please help us improve the quality of our conference by completing your session evaluation form. Completed evaluation forms should be submitted to the room monitor as you exit or to staff at the registration desk.

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